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1/5/01 Friday's News: Story DetailReturn to News Page
Update from Toshiba SCSI DVD ROM Owner on Drivers/DVD Performance:
Last Updated: 1/5/2001, 10:18 AM
A reader that posted a Mac Drive Compatibility Database report on a Toshiba SM-1201 SCSI DVD ROM drive sent an update noting he's still not found a driver that works well with DVD playback.
" Mike,
Know you're busy, but you might find this info useful:

1. Several days ago, I posted a compatibility report to you regarding installing a Toshiba SD-M1201 DVD-ROM into a PowerMac 7500 w/ Powerlogix 350 G3 ZIF card.

2. I also reported that while I couldn't get Apple's proprietary CD/DVD driver (1.3.5 for OS 9.0.4) to work, I did use the Fantom driver successfully.

3. I finally reported that I was awaiting a RAGE 128 card to see if I could get DVD movies to play.

Here's the rest of the story:

1. Discovered early that the Fantom driver won't allow Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) from the Toshiba Drive. Everytime I tried (both with Toast 4.1.2 and with freeware track extraction software), I got a Error Code -50.

2. So, I took the plunge and bought the Intech 5.6 drivers. DAE now works, although only at 2x speed (disappointing for a new-fangled DVD-ROM drive!)

3. Got my Rage Orion 128 card today (used, but fully functional). Installed in PCI slot nearest power supply. Booted up and ran all normal video functions normally. Installed Apple DVD Player 2.2 software, and applied the widely available patch to allow older Macs to play DVD's.

4. BUT... I just can't get DVD movies to play reliably:

a. The best results I get is choppy, pixelated playback using Intech 5.6 drivers. But it usually hangs anyways after a few minutes.

b. I also tried CD/DVD Driver Tuneup 2.0.2 drivers from Software Architects... but the patched DVD software wouldn't play despite the fact that DVD's mount successfully.

c. Retried the Fantom driver, but got the same result as the Software Architects driver.


Post anything you think is useful to others, including updating my original entry in your compatibility database. Otherwise, any suggestions?

My fear is that I may have bought the wrong drive... but I've had such good luck with Toshiba stuff before. Maybe I need to go for a Pioneer drive...
Mike Nagata"

He later noted he was using RAMDoubler, so I asked him to disable that and test again.

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