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PowerMac G4 Gigabit Ethernet in a 9600 Case
Or Beige Is Beautiful!
By Robert C. Word
Published 9/22/2002

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I've been working on this project off and on this summer. Why put a G4 in a 9600 case? Two reasons really. The first is that I like my Beige G3's case and the 9600's case is even better! The second reason is that it wasn't going to be easy! I knew I was going to learn quite a bit during this project!

A couple of words of caution for anyone trying to build their own G4:

First, you are taking a great risk with such a project. What will you do if you can't get it working? I'm not saying you will fail, but you should be prepared for trouble.

Second, do not think you will save money! I had parts that I didn't need to buy so this Mac turned out a little less expensive than buying a used Dual G4 500. But not by much! I'm also without a complete warranty in case something doesn't work. I have included a budget for the project in this report.

G4 Gigabit in 9600 Case Article Contents:

Page 1: Introduction

Page 2: Parts and Budget

Page 3: Custom Parts

Page 4: Installing the Power Supply

Page 5: Installing the Logic Board

Page 6: The Final Product

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