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Inside Photos of iMac G5 (iSight)
by Kurt Hanson
Posted: 12/2/2005
Last Updated: 12/9/2005 (notes on ATIcellerator II 1.06a support)

Here are three pictures I took of the internal of the new eyeMac G5 (iSight) 20". It differs from the eyeMac 17" considerably, as the HD is on the left hand side and the processor is in the center, being cooled by the center fan which draws its air from the back side vent. The 17" by comparison is just the opposite, and has the processor on the left hand side, and the HD in the center cooled by the fan with the backside vent. Other notes of interest, removing the front of the eyeMac is not that hard, but to get to any of the components, you must then remove the LCD screen which is sealed to the internals of the case by lots of foil tape, and several hard to reach torex screws. Once the tape and screws have been removed, you can lift up the screen, but must be careful to unhook the remaining power and video cables that run to the LCD. After removing the LCD you can then see what is in my main-board picture.


If you have made it this far, removing the HD is straight forward. Remove two screws on the left hand side of the drive to release the bracket, and the drive lifts out. Also, for those who like to over- clock, I included a shot of the Video Memory, in this case a Hynix chip that is rated at up to 350Mhz based on a search of the part number. Problem is, ATIccelerator II 1.0.6 does not work currently on the x600 based iMacs. (Note: On Dec. 9th, ATIccelerator II version 1.06a was released with support for the iMac G5 (iSight) X600 graphics-Mike)

HD pix

The Airport/Bluetooth card appears to be located under the right side speaker.

On an aside, My iMac Rev B 2.0Ghz with the Radeon 9600 graphics has Hynix Video Memory rated at 300Mhz, but is only clocked by Apple at 202Mhz by default.

Video ram chip

So there is the potential for an almost 50% boost in memory clock speed. I have used ATIccelerator on my Rev B and clocked the memory to 297Mhz and have no problems with heat, or artifacts. Usual disclaimers about over-clocking apply here...do at your own risk...yada yada yada.
Hope this helps.
(he later wrote)
Here is the link I found for the Hynix memory:
There were a least 2 chips, the one I photographed, and another only a couple of inches away. But I did not remove the entire motherboard to see if there were more on the back.
Looking back at the photos of the 17" eyeMac taken by Kodawarison
they show 2 chips on the front side, and 2 more chips partially obscured by a heat sink on the back side. They all appear to be Hynix memory modules, and from their location in proximity to the GPU, I would assume that they are all 4 memory chips, meaning each one is 32MB.
Just a note that I have read and enjoyed your site for years, and I'm just glad to be able to contribute something that your readers may find of use, or at least interesting.
Best, Kurt

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