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2006 MacBook Pro User Reports/Tests
Reports/Notes Last Updated: 8/10/2007 (bowed keyboard no SR MBP)

NOTE: This page is from 2006/2007, many links are no longer functional, including apple docs/SW updates.

This page is a catch-all for reader reports on the original/early model MacBook Pros. (For 2006 MacBook/Pro user reports on using BootCamp/WinXP, there's a separate page of Apple BootCamp User Reports, Tips, Docs.)

MacBook Pro Owner Reports: (most recent first)
I welcome other MacBook Pro user reports/performance tests, etc. - let me know (news at xlr8yourmac) your experience and system details. (If you're having any problems please note if you installed any 3rd party RAM or if the seller did. Also welcome reports from those with no problems, performance tests, etc.) Thanks.
(See bottom of page for other MacBook Pro related articles/tips, etc.)

Bowed Keyboard on some new MacBook Pros (follow-up mail from a reader that had mentioned his new MacBook Pro keyboard wasn't flat)

"Mike - Thought I'd let you know that indeed the keyboard on my new (2 day old) MacBook Pro 15" 2.2GHz was bowed and was dipping in the middle of the keyboard. When I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store here in Schaumburg, IL last night, the tech noticed it immediately & just gave me an exchange new MacBook Pro!! I was thrilled.
He did mention that him and a few other techs at that store already have given replacements for a scattered few, with the same exact issue. Notably only the newer 2.2 & 2.4GHZ w/15" displays.
Just thought I'd let you know and might want to post this somewhere on your MacBook Pro owner feedback page.
Take care, Mike "

MacBook Pro Software Update 1.1 (8/9/2007 - for new "Santa Rosa" macbook pros)

" MacBook Pro Software Update 1.1
This update provides important bug fixes and improves stability with Motion 2 and Motion 3. It is recommended for all 2.2/2.4GHz MacBook Pro models."

The previous 1.0 release had some problems with Motion.
(Ref: Motion unexpectedly quits after MBP Software Update 1.0.)

Express34 Card Reports: I've created a separate page of Express34 Card Feedback (SATA, FW800, Firewire/USB, Modems) from MacBook Pro owners (updated several times).

Apple Posts Battery (Firmware) Update 1.2 (4/27/2007)

" Battery Update 1.2 updates battery firmware and improves battery functionality.

After Battery Update has been installed, each battery you insert into your MacBook or MacBook Pro will be updated automatically. Your computer's power cord must be connected and plugged into a working power source.

For further information on this Update, please visit this website:
http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n305256 ("About Battery Update 1.2")

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later, MacBook/MacBook Pro"

Apple also has some updated Battery-related docs today: (links obsolete/disabled now)

More Swollen Batteries:

"on my MacBook Pro CD 2.0 (march 2006) i'm on my 3rd battery, the 1st was a swollen one, immediately replaced by apple, within 24h, the 2nd exchange wasn't swollen but lost power. after 4 months it only held 60% of it's original capacity.
-Frederic "

I have a friend with a brand new C2D MacBook (not Pro) discover his battery was wedged in (after noticing some odd charge reporting behavior) and had it replaced recently (battery could not be removed without damage to the case so he recd a new system). If you had repeated battery problems, the question in my mind is if this is a case of repeated bad batteries (battery fault, not properly reporting full charge, etc) or is it a problem with the notebook (where it's overcharging the battery/failing to recognize battery status, etc.) Normally the battery alone is the suspect, but with repeated failures I'd contact Apple support and have the notebook tested.

"Just a week ago I heard a pop under my MacBook Pro 17in purchased june 2006, followed soon thereafter by a lack of response from the trackpad and keyboard caused by the battery swelling. Got a replacement battery under warranty from the local applestore (without first noting the sn). It seemed like the machine had been running warmer for about a week in advance but the weather was also warmer during that period.

Had the power adapter replaced a couple months back as well due to failure of the strain relief.

I found out I could get the screen replaced because it's at the borderline of being too dim at max brightness. The illumination was also very uneven but changing the resolution and setting it back fixed that (as people on the apple discussion forums have found).
-Joel K."

" I have had the same problem on my 17" MacBook Pro. Battery swelled up and popped right out of the bottom of the machine. Scary.
I already turned it in so I can't give you any (serial) numbers. I bought the computer in July of last year, but it was refurbished.
-Leesa F. "

Last June here a MacBook Pro 17in user sent a photo of his battery that had swollen to where the casing had split. It's a good idea to check for any overcharging/swelling in the battery every so often. The first sign is often that you can't easily remove the battery. And although rare as far as I know, as mentioned in the news here a week or so ago one MacBook owner (bought in June 06 he said) had his MacBook battery burst into flames (from overcharging), almost burning down the house.

New MacBookPro 17" Core2 Duo GPU frequencies

(added 1/5/2007)
"I just wanted to let you know that Apple has changed the frequencies for the Radeon X1600 on the MacBook Pro 17" Core2 Duo (from . (An older post from an original 17in Core Duo MacBook Pro noted higher clocked X1600 (400+MHz, variable by load, etc.) than the original 15in model which was underclocked to appx 300/300 owners said. There's some related posts on OC'ing, etc. on the iMac/MacBook Pro X1600 Clock Speeds, Overclocking X1600 (using ATItool in WinXP) page.-Mike)

It still 'steps up' only when called upon (presumably by OpenGL or any other explicit request to the GPU).
I used Graphiccelerator's frequency reporting tool.

At rest, the frequencies are:
Core: 310.5MHz Mem: 297.0MHz

When called upon, they are:
Core: 472.5MHz Mem: 477.0MHz
(vs appx 423/450 max on 17in Core Duo MBP)

Also noteworthy is that when using the battery, and with no 3D app running, the frequencies go all the way down to: Core: 132.92MHz Mem: 135.0MHz

Note that they still goes up to 472.5/477.0 when the GPU is called upon when using the battery (although you can actually 'feel' the time it takes to ramp up the GPU and memory: OpenMark stayed at 1fps for about 2 seconds immediately after launch before going to the usual 510fps). I hope this helps, Thank you for your amazing publication, I read it religiously!
Be Well, Peter
PS: as an aside, the performance of this machine is simply jaw- dropping: I am an avid X-Plane user, and was using a 15" 2.0GHz MacBook Pro (the 256MB VRAM model), and I now get about 20fps more on average (!!!!!) This is mind-boggling (to me anyway). "

Bootable Firewire 800 and Firewire 400 Express/34 Cards:

"I just received the SIIG Firewire 400 ExpressCard. The card works in Mac OS X and it is actually bootable. The website lists Mac compatibility, but not in the included documentation. Here's the link:

Here is the link for the Firewire 800 Card:
Later on I may try this one. If the FW400 card supports booting, It would make sense the FW800 supports it as well. When I wrote to SIIG they told me they didn't test bootability on the FW800 card. I didn't ask about the FW400 card.
(I asked why he bought a FW400 card since the MacBook Pro has a FW400 port. (I assume he had an earlier model w/o FW800 port))
I have the first version of the MacBook Pro. It only has one Firewire 400 port and I wanted more. I have a lot of firewire peripherals that I want plugged in at the same time. I was tired of swapping cables every time I wanted to use a device. It does not have a FW800 port built in.
-Chris "

A reader replied to this post saying he'd tested the FW800 card and it was bootable:

" Hi Mike, I tested a SIIG FW800 ExpressCard on my MacBook Pro 1.83GHz (April 2006) and it does boot off an external enclosure. Tried using a FW800 9pin-9pin to an Oxford 924DSB enclosure and a 'bilingual' FW800 9pin-6pin cable to an older TI-based FW400 enclosure. Both works!

The drives were formatted using the "GUID Partition Table" scheme and cloned from the internal drive using Carbon Copy Cloner 2.3.
Regards, Eric "

Core2 Duo MacBook Pro Owner Reports:

(added 11/2/2006)
"Picked up a base model Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo last week and have been using it for 6 days. This one is totally quiet. Very low, almost inaudible fan noise (never hear it in a typical usage setting). No inverter whines, mooing, etc. The HD is very quiet.
In general usage the temperature idles at 115F. I believe you need to use BootCamp 1.1.2 if you want wireless working in Windows. Windows identifies the wireless card as Atheros AR5008 - which is a 802.11n draft-spec card. Interesting...
-Dick H. "

The Original models had an Atheros chip (different model I assume, the original models supported 802.11a/b/g). Some past reports on here mentioned using them with 108Mbps bases.

(added 11/1/2006)
"The MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.16Ghz model is awesome. I added 1GB RAM to bring it to 2GB total, and also to enable dual-channel memory.

I installed Boot Camp and Windows XP SP2, saw that the video card (mine has 128MB video RAM) is set to 419Mhz Core and 445Mhz memory - in the previous (15in) model it was about 300/300, which was pretty awful compared to other laptops using the x1600. (The 17in model was reported to have much higher X1600 clocks than the original 15in model, although he mentioned the speeds vary (system temperature control/load related I assume, as is the CPU speed.-Mike) This one runs Oblivion (Windows game) far better.

I'm attaching my Cinebench95 scores - it scored 3450 in the hardware OpenGL test (largely graphics card bound), my old 1.83Ghz MBP got a bit over 2700 after the 10.4.8 update - it's a big visual difference.

I put my old 512MB stick back into the 1.83Ghz (grand total of 1GB in that one) MacBook Pro so they both had dual-channel memory for the next test. (Although the older MBP had only 1GB total ram vs 2GB)

I put in an identical DVD movie into my 1.83Ghz MacBook Pro and this new 2.16Ghz MacBook Pro Core Duo, started up Handbrake, set them both up side by side with identical options and hit the start buttons at the same time. The 2.16 was consistently performing at least 30% faster, even though the clockspeed difference is only 18%. The Core 2 Duo is simply outstanding.

It runs very quietly, no problems, battery life seems to be at least 3 hours typical use, which is better than I was getting with the 1.83Ghz one. I'm really pleased with the huge and undocumented graphics upgrade - Apple really nerfed the x1600 in those 15.4" Core Duo MacBook Pros, but not in the new Core 2 Duo models. The Fujitsu 120GB hard drive is much faster than the Toshiba 80GB that came with my last MacBook Pro. The screen is a bit brighter too, which I didn't expect. All in all, it's an incredible deal at $1799 academically priced. =)
-Nick M."

BTW - not sure how it works on the Core2s but a reader said the previously mentioned CoolBook utility (registered version allows adjusting core voltages) helped prevent his Macbook from downclocking the CPU (I have a page to post with his screenshots - showed temperatures/fan speeds/CPU speeds, etc. - per his comments his Macbook 1.83Ghz downclocked to 1GHz before the end of a Cinebench 9.5 test with the stock voltage settings. That surprised me (that it would downclock that much so quickly) He used an appx 1V setting (and increased fan speeds) in the same test and per his screenshots, the CPU didn't downclock for the same test. (as well as running cooler, although I asked him to report back if the lower voltage settings ever caused a problem in long-term/heavy use.)

(added 10/23/2006)
" I wanted to add to the Macbook Pro Performance page... I found this pretty interesting:
It seems like the MBP turns graphics performance down when it gets too hot. (Apple Macbook/MacBook Pros throttle CPU speed depending on temperatures - Apple has a little footnote/disclaimer on speeds on the apple store product page: "1. The MacBook Pro continuously monitors system thermal and power conditions, and may adjust processor speed as needed to maintain optimal system operation.")
So what I did is get me a program that can set the minimum fan speed (SMC Fan Control) and set that to max before starting WoW.
I had the problem of getting very low framerates in locations such as Southshore, which is ridiculous at 18-20. I also noticed that sometimes they were much higher. The soultion was to cool everything down, and the framerates stayed high.
-I. "

A reader also commented on the difference in Fan Control 1.1 vs smc FanControl v1.2, although there's been a 1.2.1 update to SMC fancontrol since then. 17in MBP models were also reported to vary the GPU (ATI X1600) clocks. See previous page on iMac/MacBook Pro X1600 Clock Speeds, Overclocking X1600 (using ATItool in WinXP)

Improved Cooling with MacBook/Pro Fan Control Utilities: See User notes on Fan Control 1.1 and smc FanControl v1.2 (fan speed control for MacBook/Pro, Mini) in Oct. 18th news page.

(added 8/24/2006)
"Thought I'd let you know about my experiences with my new 2.0 GHz MacBook Pro (15"). I got the standard config and ordered a 1 GB RAM upgrade from Crucial, for a total of 1.5 GB.

All-around performance is outstanding. I have a 20" CRT set up as an external monitor and it works great. I've been doing a bunch of work in InDesign CS2 and Photoshop CS2 and performance through Rosetta is perfectly adequate. In emulation, the Adobe apps are extremely RAM hungry. (the first MacBook Pro Rosetta/CS2 Apps user notes earlier this year mentioned this, recommending 2GB RAM-Mike) The machine immediately runs out of memory and starts to swap to the hard disk if I have more than two Adobe apps open. Kinda brings back memories of the "bad old days" when you had to quit one application to start up another. I wish I would've gone ahead and put in two full gigs...

I don't have any "mooing" or processor whine, but I do have the display inverter whine. (Some earlier owners mentioned they the inverter replaced) It's fine at full brightness, but when I dim the display, I get a buzzing noise that changes pitch with each level of brightness. It's not noticeable in a noisy office but clearly audible in a quiet room. I normally don't use LCDs at the maximum brightness, but this one's been at the max to avoid the buzzing -- kinda kills battery life. One annoying thing is if your hands cover up the ambient light sensors, the screen will dim automatically and generate the buzz. The solution to this is to cover up the sensors and then set the screen to max brightness.

According to CoreDuoTemp, it gets pretty hot (175+ °F) during use. I have to put it on a book if I want to use it as a "laptop." The fans ramp up slowly under heavy load but are not annoying -- much quieter than, say, a 12" PowerBook G4.

Aside from the whine, I haven't had any issues. It has been rock- solid (been up for six days of heavy use without a restart). I plan on sending it in to get the inverter replaced when I get some downtime.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Production Manager"

Latest Reports on Random Shutdowns, Repairs:

(added 8/16/2006)
"I've had my MacBook Pro 2.16GHz about 3 weeks now. It's a very recent build, W86250. I love it but I've come across the following issues:

* The Superdrive refuses to read any discs. They get ejected. After about 5 seconds.

* I've noticed a whine when the power adapter is plugged in. If the room is noisy I don't notice it, but when it's quiet it seems very loud. Also, if you scroll in a window it seems to "chirp" and is much more noticeable. When you unplug the adapter it's much quieter.

* The spacebar started squeaking when I hit it right under the N/M keys (which is where I always hit it). It sounds distinctly different from the other keys. It sounds like there's a mouse under there!

I received a box from Apple today and am sending it in.
-brennan "

(added 8/15/2006)
"I have also experienced in the last 2 weeks the random shutdown problem. It only seemed to happen when I was running any processor intensive activity, in my case Parallels which I need for running M$ Access and one other program.

I was advised to run the hardware test and this brought up the error: 4SNS/1/40000000: 'TCOP'
Apple then advised to send the MBP back.
I will keep you updated with developments.
Shetland, UK "

(added 8/14/2006)
"I bought a MacBook Pro on May 13th from Amazon along with a 1gb generic stick of ram. I installed the memory as soon as I got it and the MBP was running fine for months. About 3 weeks ago I had my first random shutdown. (I asked if it happened only on battery power or also with AC adapter used-Mike)
Both. It seemed to first start with battery power, but that must have just been coincidence because it soon started happening either way.

Up until a week ago, it only happened intermittently (about 1-2 times per week). Then it started crashing after 20 seconds or less from startup. I immediately removed my memory, but it continued. I called Apple and they had me ship it in. It is currently on the way to Apple and I will update when I hear back.

(he later wrote)
I received my MBP back on Friday. The "Service Detail" showed the following fixes:

-Battery (They said my serial qualified for the battery replacement)
-Hard Drive
-HDD ASSY (I assume this means hard "drive assembly")

Anyway, I started the machine up and within 2 minutes of turning it on, it shut down. I started it up again, and the same problem occurred. On Sat I called Apple support back and it happened while I was on the phone to them. The most frustrating part of this experience is how easily reproducible the problem is. Whoever "fixed" it clearly didn't test anything.

BTW - I purchased a stock 15" MBP with a 1.8 GHz processor. The serial number started with "W861".

Sounds like my luck lately...

Apple posts MacBook Pro ExpressCard Update 1.0 (8/10/2006) Brennan wrote that Apple has posted ExpressCard Update 1.0 for the MacBook Pro:

"The ExpressCard Update v1.0 resolves an issue that prevented the system from sleeping when some cards are inserted in the ExpressCard/34 slot.

System Requirements
- Mac OS X Version 10.4.7
- MacBook Pro"

Apple 15in MacBook Battery Exchange Program (7/31/2006) There were earlier posts (below) on a "silent recall" of some early 15in MacBook Pro Batteries. (Some readers had already had theirs exchanged at their local Apple store.) Apple has now posted a page with info on a 15-inch MacBook Pro Battery Exchange Program. See the page for full details but here's a clip on the affected battery model/serial numbers:

" ...The affected batteries have model number A1175 and a 12-digit serial number that ends with U7SA, U7SB or U7SC. To view the model and serial numbers located on the bottom of the battery, you must remove the battery from the computer. The battery serial number is located above the barcode....
Only batteries within the noted serial number ranges need to be exchanged. No other MacBook Pro or MacBook batteries are part of this program.
If you have recently purchased an extra battery for your 15-inch MacBook Pro, please check the battery's serial number to see if it needs to be exchanged.
Note: If your battery serial number does not match the requirements listed above, you do not have to exchange your battery. "

The linked page has a form/info on how to exchange the battery, although a reader with a refurbished MBP said he had to call:

" I just called last night and got one sent out. The web site wouldn't work for me, I have a refurb MBP and it didn't like my MBP serial number OR the battery number. 10 minutes on the phone got a battery sent out...

(in reply to yesterday's post on "Silent Recall of Early MacBook Pro Batteries?")

(added 7/27/2006)
" Battery Shutdown problem
I just got my MacBook Pro battery swapped out for a new one at an Apple Store, after showing exactly the symptoms William R. mentioned. (in yesterday's news)
No mention was made of a recall though, but it was replaced without any fuss. No bulging on the battery though.
-John D. "

A couple other readers later mentioned they had batteries exchanged at Apple stores also.

Silent MacBook Pro Battery Recall? (from the 7/26/2006 news page - see above for official Apple page)

" Mike, ... found this link indicating a silent recall on the most MacBook Pro's (Batteries) with the serial numbers up to W8608. If a person has a bad battery they will randomly shut down within minutes of running on battery. The onboard indicator will show a full charge and then randomly show different charge levels. Here is a link:
-William R. "

There's some past reports here (w/photo) of swollen/burst batteries from back in June.

Apple kbase doc on MacBook Pro Buzzing Noise (from the 7/27/2006 news page) Two readers sent a note that Apple has posted a kbase doc on the "Whine" (although Apple refers to it as a high-pitched "Buzzing" noise). See MacBook Pro with noise under the keyboard which says:

" If your 15-inch MacBook Pro emits a high-pitched buzzing sound, please contact AppleCare for service."

Latest MacBook Pro owner report on 'Whine' Logic Board Repair (from 7/13/2006 news page)

" 15in, 1.83GHz Macbook Pro Logic board "whine" repair
This is a report of a repair i had done on my 15" 1.83GHz Macbook Pro. I had called Apple Care about the Macbook Pro Logicboard "whine". Within 2 minutes of my first contact with a apple rep. a box was sent out for my Macbook Pro. It arrived two days after the call and I had my Macbook Pro shipped out on the third day. To my surprise it only took them 3 business days to get it back to me. When it arrived the screen was cleaned, and possibly the whole case. More importantly my whine was gone!
I realized my battery was about half full so i plugged it in and once it was fully charged the most annoying sound i have ever heard was back. For some reason it still whines when it has a full charge, is plugged in, and running. The Logicboard seems to be the same. (The serial number is the same), although they say they swapped it. Still at 1.83GHz. So if you still have the whine, I recommend sending it in, it makes a world of difference.
-Ryan "

Notes on another MacBook Pro 'Whine' fix:

"Mike, Whine Fix that worked for me:
(clip from an Apple forum post)

"I don't think I've ever been this excited about something, which might say something about what my activities (or lack thereof).
What I did was I installed the Mac OS X 10.4.5 8G1454 IOUSBFamily.kext 2.4.0 System Update for iMac with Intel Core Duo and MacBook Pro. The file can be found here:
(Note: There's a typo in that link URL (ubdebug.html should be usbdebug.html) - here's the OS X USB debug kits downloads that has the referenced file listed down the page.-Mike)
Download the 'v 240.4.3' file, run it, and install the package that DOES NOT have the '-log' ending. That is, run IOUSBFamily-240.4.3.pkg and NOT IOUSBFamily-240.4.3-log.pkg. Restart your computer, and the whine will be gone. You do not need to run photobooth or do any known workaround to quiet it down...
Also, I think you might need 10.4.7 installed first. It is not an installation requirement, but I believe it is a requirement for the fix to work. I have 10.4.7 installed on my 2.16 MBP 15".

It worked for me! (17in MacBook Pro) Thanks!
-William R."

A MacBook Pro (2.16GHz, "Week 14 build") owner replied to this post saying it didn't help on his system:

" Didn't work for me at all: MBP 2.16GHz, Week 14 build.
I'm using 10.4.7, then I applied the "old" USB drivers as your submitter did. Reboot, no change. So then I applied the latest USB drivers from the same page, to get me back to a "complete" 10.4.7.

The only whine I have is a pretty soft cpu/power source related one. Which goes away completely under XP via BootCamp. Which Apple denies is possible. ;-)
Cheers, Ben H. "

MacBook Pro 17in SMC Firmware Update (and first feedback) (6/27/2006) Apple has posted a MacBook Pro 17-inch SMC Firmware Update:

" MacBook Pro 17-inch SMC Firmware Update
This SMC Firmware Update adjusts fan behavior in the MacBook Pro 17-inch."

Here's the first MBP 17in owner feedback on it:

"Re: 17" MacBook Pro Firmware Update
I just wanted to let you know that the firmware update significantly decreased the temperature of my 17" MBP. It's now only warm - instead of blisteringly hot - to the touch. The fans are definitely coming on sooner.
-Joseph "

Another MBP 17in owner later wrote:

" ...10.4.7 and the 17" firmware (update) gave me the whine I got rid of. Trying to get rid of it again... Will keep you posted.
-William R. "

Latest Feedback on MacBook Pro Repairs (motherboard, fan, heatpipe, display inverter, bezel, battery)

(added 6/19/2006)
" Hey Mike..... Thought you might want to know about how a recent MCP (15in) repair went for me. In short: great.
I purchased a new 2.0GHz (1.8 at the time) on the day they were announced with an educational discount. Like most, I was ecstatic about using my Mac with the exception of the screen buzz (The screen would buzz very loudly when not on full brightness)

I phoned Apple within the first couple of weeks of use to inform them that I was having problems but would not be able to send in the unit for repairs until after the school semester. With the month wait until they shipped, this was about the end of Feb, beginning of March) The CSR was very polite and indicated that it would be no problem.

By the time I was able to send the unit in (now the beginning of June) There were three other problems that had developed: The battery was worthless for more than about 5 minutes, the unit would get very, very hot, and (apparently made more noticeable by the recent SMC firmware update) the right-side fans sounded like they were rubbing up against something on the inside of the case.

I sent the unit in Tuesday of last week (June 6th) and Wednesday, Apple (The Texas Service center, whatever) put the repair on hold to await parts. Today, I received it via overnight mail, 10 days after it was picked up. Overnight postage paid both ways by Apple.

The repair worked! Now the computer makes NO noise at all regardless of the brightness setting! The fans, when they come on, are fairly quiet (I played FEAR multiplayer under Windows/Bootcamp for about 1 hour tonight, rebooted and though the fans kicked in high on reboot, after the software to manage the temp loaded, the fans quieted down to a reasonable level (barely audible) especially considering the heat. In any event, it is now much more quiet than my 800Mhz TiBook gets when displaying Flash content web sites.

The list of repaired items is fairly long (I'll send you the actual part numbers with 'official' description if you want them)
- Motherboard replacement (I assume that is what PCBA 2.0 Ghz MBP215, 256 Vram (m1-FET) is)
- Heat pipe/sensor replacement
- Fan stack/sensor replacement
- Inverter replacement
- Display Bezel sub assembly replacement
- Battery replacement

All work was done free of charge under Apple Care.
Overall, I am very pleased and finally feel like I have the Mac that I paid handsomely for. The only negative that I can find is that the case seems to be slightly misshapen in that it no longer sits flat on a little wooden stand that I made. It does rest flat on a desk, however. I am going to have to spend a little more time with it as I am not sure if I am just being weird.I don't remember it being like that before.

Hopefully, other users will benefit from like repairs. If they can manage to be without their new machines for a bit.
Note that I do not think that I ever had the CPU version of the whine/ noise with my machine.
-Dave "

MacBook Pro Battery Swelled/Burst:

(added 6/13/2006)
"Hi Mike, I read with interest this morning the article regarding a burst MacBook Pro battery. (see previous report below)
Imagine my surprise when I got to work to find what seems to be another MacBook Pro battery with the very same problem!
Not much more to say at this time, but I have attached a photo of the damaged battery.
mbp battery

(That photo looks like someone pried up the cover so I asked him about that and if there was any info on when the system was bought, any battery date code/SN, etc.-Mike)
MacBook Pro 17" model.
No one has opened pried the battery at all! The cell on the end is so swollen that it is not possible to squeeze the battery together into any normal form.
The label side of the battery has also come away at the corner - the glue that holds the description plate has perished (probably due to extreme heat).
There seems to be no danger of the cell splitting and spilling any contents.

(From the picture it looks like the covers are so open that it couldn't have been in the macbook like that - so I wondered if someone opened it up more after removing it. (or maybe the covers sprang open after removing it.)-Mike)
You're right, the battery was not able to stay in the MacBook Pro with the covers open. It happened (according to the customer) overnight while he was encoding video. When he looked at the MBP in the morning, it had crashed and the battery was pushed out of the MBP. By this time both the MBP and the battery were stone cold, so no further swelling happened after it was discovered. The cell on the end that is the most open is very solidly swollen and can only be pushed back in a few mm.
Regards, Jeremy

Here's the earlier post on a swelled/burst battery:

(added 6/13/2006)
"Subject: Interesting MacBook Pro problem (15in model)
So my MacBook Pro battery exploded last week.
Bet that got your attention there lol. Well maybe exploded is a bit overkill, but I cant really describe it any other way than that.

The Story:
I had been having a weird battery problem for the week before the incident happened. Basically it would cut out before the battery was actually well depleted. So rather than suspect it was a bad battery i thought it was something OS related or worse (overheating MacBook Pro, not for nothing these things get H O T)

Week goes by and I completely redid the system to how I wanted it before but was too lazy to setup and I'm still having the problem. Then one day I feel it, the battery case is actually popping OPEN. At first it was just a little bit and I realized it was a bad cell and it needed to be replaced, but then the whole thing expanded within a matter of a hour. It had expanded so far it popped open the case at the top and jammed the battery INTO the case.

I got the battery out without damage and took a look at it (sorry no pictures) the cell (the battery is apparently split into three cells) was completely enlarged, nearly double the size of a normal cell and had forced the case open with so much force that it ripped apart the metal enclosure of the battery (not a easy feat since I couldn't open it up any further at all, that adhesive is TOUGH)

I took it to the Menlo Park Apple Store and needless to say the techs where shocked as hell. I got a replacement for it (as well as a replacement for my adapter since the connector was already falling off with 2 months of light usage compared to what I did to my iBook) Still I couldn't help to wonder what would have happened had the plastic holding the cells chemicals in burst. It could have easily splashed whatever the hell is in those things all over a desk or worse, possibly causing a fire.
-James T. "

Update - another reader said after seeing this post he checked a friend's 17in MBP battery and it also was swelled. A photo of the battery looked like Maybe there's a batch of bad batteries. Please check yours and let me know if you see anything like this. (If so include info on when you bought your MBP and if the battery has any S/N or date/lot code on it.) If there is a bad lot of these, Apple should issue a recall/notice on their web site (as has been done at times in the past).

Interal iSight problem/fix after using Firewire iSight

(added 6/13/2006)
"Subject: Internal iSight Camera DISAPPEARS on MacBook Pro
Defect?? Or Planned? A strange story....
I have the MacBook Pro 17". It has the INTERNAL iSight camera built-in. I am told this is connected via USB inside.
This week, I attached a Firewire EXTERNAL iSight camera (its aim is not fixed). Worked fine, and the internal iSight automatically was off, while I used the external one. Detached external iSight. Put MacBook to sleep overnight.

Next day, iChat showed that IT COULD NOT FIND any video camera. Another program also could not find ANY video camera. No light on internal iSight.

Called Apple support. He would not say if they heard of this problem before. Solution he had readily at hand:

  • Shut down.
  • Close lid.
  • Take out battery.
  • Disconnect powercord.
  • And -- with NOTHING connected, press and hold POWER ON button for 5 seconds.

    There is no sound or any indication this does anything. He said this resets the Power Management in the computer. (and maybe clears nvram?) I added back the power and battery. INTERNAL iSight works fine again.
    -David "

  • (added 6/12/2006)
    "Mike, MagSafe adapter melted. (recent post). (There was an another report like this earlier this year - also from a non-US user).
    From A post on Apple Discussions:
    "I was backing up some files unattendedly. As I came back my MagSafe adapter was melted down and the MacBookPro was extraordinary hot. I burned my fingers while moving it.
    Have a look at
    Unfortunately AppleCare Germany seems to treat that as a standard case or they have absolutely no authority on their own. (they have to confer with Apple engineering lab every time I am talking to them) They promised to send a new MagSafe Adapter and they offered to have a look at the MacBookPro itself to "fix" the issue. But apparently they have no clue what the cause is.
    No replacement, no apology.
    I am more than disappointed."

    Direct Link:
    -William R. "

    (added 6/5/2006)
    " I ordered a 2.0Ghz MacBook Pro the day they were announced. I've had the same issues as many others: heat, screen whine and battery issues. I sent it in last week to apple and they fixed it nicely. They replaced the Battery, Screen Inverter, motherboard and speaker assembly.

    As far as the heat is concerned, my machine was very hot. The small metal area above speakers would get so hot that I couldn't touch it for more than a few seconds. Since the repairs the machine is noticeably cooler and I can use it on my bare legs now without it burning me or being uncomfortable.
    Gregory S. "

    (added 6/5/2006)
    "I got my MBP 1.0 15inch with 120gb drive and 2gb ram, I have been running Parallels VM with XP Pro and the MBP runs so hot that you can burn your left wrist on the wrist support, the bottom of the MBP between the hinges also gets too hot to touch, the power brick also runs too hot to touch. So I visited with a Mac Genius at the Salt Lake Apple store and he confirmed that this was out of spec and to call Apple Care to get the machine fixed. The first call to Apple Care was a disappointment, the agent told me that MBP a portable computer and not a laptop and was not designed to be placed in your lap and it runs very hot and I should NOT return it for service. I hung up the phone and called back and got another agent who said that the other agent who said the first agent was WRONG and he processed the return for service. That was last Wednesday 10 days ago, the MBP was shipped to Apple care and it arrived Last Friday (one week ago) I received an email said that unit was defective and they were awaiting parts to repair it... no more news from Apple Care! This has not been a great experience with the MBP to date. More to come.
    President & CEO
    Cemaphore Systems, Inc. "

    (added 5/25/2006)
    "Mike, I was loaned a MacBook Pro dual core 2.0GHz (1st generation) for a week and I wanted to report my first impressions.
    1. I gotta get me one of these!
    2. Soon.
    Ok for real. I have tried the dual booting. Works flawlessly. So then I installed the RC of Parallels. It had a previous version which I deleted and installed the new 30 day client license on it. I was able to use the existing XP setup from the previous install, but also wanted to see about Linux since Boot Camp Beta doesn't support it natively.

    I downloaded on my G4 a copy of Ubuntu for PC, burned to CD and ran the install, about 20 minutes.
    Wow. All that while running processes in the Windows XP virtual machine and neither slowed down. Windows uses the Mac's network NAT, but so far, Linux has not found it. I'm attempting to configure the ethernet on Ubuntu now. It's a case of user error. I'm not that familiar with it.
    Did I mention I need one of these?
    Oh, and no whine to it at all. And better than average wireless capability, much better than PowerBook G4s.
    -John G."

    (added 5/25/2006)
    "I've been checking your site nearly daily for the past few years, and I ran into problem with my macbook pro and I was hoping to see if anyone had any advice.

    Well, I've had this 1.83ghz macbook pro for about a month, and it has been pretty trouble free. I've had about 2 kernel panics with it in the past 2 weeks, but other than that, smooth sailing. Today I went to school and left my macbook pro on my desk downloading files. When I got back, I saw that the screen was black, so I tried to move the mouse pointer and it didn't respond, the screen just stayed black.

    Well, I got annoyed and lifted up my macbook pro to put it on my bed so I can work on it from there and it was so hot I nearly dropped it. Now, 2 of my left fingers have a lingering stinging sensation, trademark of a burn. I'm pretty mad, because something similar happened to me before with a RevA 12" PowerBook G4, but I didn't really get burnt.

    So, what should I do? I'm afraid to send it to apple because I'm not sure if I can trust them with taking care of my macbook pro. It has been running okay after I pulled the power adapter and quickly removed the battery and let it cool down. I'm not sure what happened. Maybe the SMC failed or glitched.

    I asked if he had applied the MacBook Pro SMC firmware update Apple released last week, but didn't get a reply back yet. I've had a couple Powerbooks repaired by Apple in the past with no complaints and it's really the only option for warranty repairs.

    (added 5/25/2006)
    "I am currently using a new standard config MacBook Pro 17 inch - the one just before the glossy screen became an option.
    You know how you can now use the trackpad button as a right-click if you have two fingers on the trackpad? Don't know if this is also available on the new MacBooks, but all you'll need to do is to double tap the trackpad to bring up the control-click WITHOUT using the trackpad button.
    You will need to select the same option in the Keyboard & Mouse system preference.
    -Norton C. "

    (added 5/25/2006)
    "Just to let you know that I bought a MBP 2Ghz, with 2GB Ram (serial number W8609…-). It had the random shutdown problem; brought it back immediately. They changed the motherboard and it still had the same problem. After 2 weeks, I obtained from Apple an exchange. The new one is again W8609 and …it has the same random shutdown problem. Back in fight with Apple.
    Will let you know how it goes
    -Pr Jean-Daniel C. "

    Follow-up from an owner that had ram problems:

    (added 5/25/2006)
    "ok So i went through 2 sticks of bad ram (AZENRAM) before the retailer sent me some Corsair ram. all has been good since then as far as kernel panics. Not a single incident.
    While this was all going on I noticed that when I am using the 2 prong plus from power brick there is some kind of voltage leak through the case. You can feel the vibrating like electrical charge through your fingertips. It is definitely stronger feeling as you move your fingers towards the maglock port. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN when the 3 prong plug is used instead. Making me believe there is a GROUND issue. Needless to say i use the 3 prong plug at all times now.

    Also last night I was finished multi-tracking for a music project and sat down to relax with a little WoW. I was on for an hour when I started hearing this sound (http://www.icompositions.com/music/song.php?sid=37471 for those who might have same issue) that was much like the GPU fan coming off its bearing or hitting a wire or just plain breaking. I know some fans with broken blades make that sound. I suspect the excessive heat may have damaged the fan somehow. I sent the recording posted above to the place i bought the MacBook Pro and they recommended i bring it in immediately and stop using it. So I am backing up files onto external drive and getting ready to shut it down.
    -Coreen "

    (added 5/25/2006)
    "I have a new MacBook that's been working fine with one exception. I have been using a 300GB Maxtor OneTouch II for backup with my Dual 1GB G4, which has worked well. My new MacBook, however, does not mount the drive. It can see it through the bus, using either USB or Firewire connections, but Disk Utility does not recognize it, and it never mounts. Maxtor Support has suggested disconnecting from the Mac while running, shutting off the drive, and the restarting the drive 10 seconds later, then reconnecting to the laptop after waiting an additional 10 seconds. This has failed to make any difference, as did installing the most current OSX Maxtor driver (2003). I'm at a loss- any suggestions?
    Thanks, Dennis P. "

    Does Maxtor even say that driver is Intel Mac (and tiger) compatible? (I have an older 200GB Maxtor one-touch and never installed the 'driver' - as I did not care for the 'one touch' button feature (figured it would be polling the device) - I reformatted (was fat32) and never needed the Maxtor driver - but I do not have an Intel CPU Mac.

    More on MacBook Pro 17in ATI X1600 Clock speeds (Variations): (5/15/2006)

    " Mike, In Win XP with the ATITool .25 I get running at Core 418.5 and Memory 445.50 at startup. After reading the post on your site that speeds fluctuate, I have been retesting every 30 min and in various states. Here is what I have recorded; all speeds MHz.

    First I let the MBP run unattended for 2 hours no sleep:
    Core: 408.2
    Memory: 434.73

    2 pm:
    Core: 376.2
    Memory: 400.65

    2:30 pm
    Core: 353.9
    Memory: 376.90

    3 pm:
    Core: 357.8
    Memory: 381.06

    Playing QT HD 1080P in XP:
    Core: 422.8
    Memory: 450.30

    Playing Half Life 2:
    Core: 398.1
    Memory: 423.92

    Firefox running MLB.com video:
    Core: 372.3
    Memory: 396.50

    It looks like the GPU can change clock rate with system performance. I can not get the ATItool to report a constant value for periods longer than 45 Seconds roughly. When I tried to lock the Ram and Core to 450Mhz I got a warning stating something like "This video card does not support clock modification." I have a friend that will be getting his 17" MBP this afternoon from the Stonestown Apple Store and were going to bench them tomorrow. I'll shoot you an email once we get XP running. Are there any other Benchmarks you'd like us to run on XP or OSX? Also, as a final note, the 17" MBP runs very hot on the bar between the keyboard and the display. Too hot to touch. I know, I move big 2K Movie lights every day. I am starting to think it's running too hot... More later.
    (I asked if he had seen any problems, noticed any 'whine', etc.)
    I have no whine at all. I have tried to replicate to problem that I found on apple's support page but could not. However, the screen will not stay latched shut; 800-sos -appl said it was a simple tension problem (going in friday). I have never heard the fans turn on and I edit DVCPROHD all day long, but I have to keep my legs far apart to avoid getting cooked. I only have a instant read thermometer for turky, but I reads 155F, on the bar above the keyboard after 5 min of an HD export.
    Benchmarking 17MBP-2 tomorrow.
    -Adam "

    MacBook Pro 17in ATI X1600 Clocked Higher than 15in model? Yesterday's news had a MacBook Pro 17in owner's (Adam) comments on performance comparisons (see copy below) and I was curious if the 17in had a different core/memory clock speed on the ATI X1600 than the 15in (which was running much lower than the chip's spec/limits - due to thermal reasons I'm told which may have been related to too much thermal paste on the heatsink). I asked Adam since he mentioned having WinXP installed if he'd run ATITool to see what the 17in's X1600 core/memory clocks were:

    " ATITool .25 Beta 14 is running at Core 418.5 and Memory 445.50. (another Windows utility he later said) reports 400Mhz memory. kind of strange.
    -Adam "

    The powerstep/power saving feature can change CPU speeds and I think on some systems even the GPU speeds. (Update - see Adam's later report above.) Note that Apple has a footnote on MacBook Pro CPU Speeds saying "The MacBook Pro continuously monitors system thermal and power conditions, and may adjust processor speed as needed to maintain optimal system operation".
    The MBP 15in X1600 stock core/memory speeds were around 300MHz. There were some differences in reported stock speeds in the past on the MBP/intel iMac X1600 speeds/OC reports page here so I wrote a MBP 15in owner to ask he check the stock speeds using ATItool:

    " Here is what I got in XP from ATItools:
    On initial open Default Core: 310.50 Default Memory: 297.00
    Second open of program: Default Core: 313.00 Memory: 300.00
    (his OC results)
    Max Core: 353.70 Memory Max: 328.50 Fans Blowing!
    Left it all at default, that varies +-3.
    PS: looking for a 17" MBP to tear into to check the Thermal application of Paste. Missed one by 20 minutes.
    -William R."

    MacBook Pro 17in owner performance comparisons to his Dual 2.7GHz G5

    "Hi Mike, Just an update on my new 17" MBP 2GB 7200 100GB that came via FedEx this morning. First things first. Mac OS X performance and apps. Oh boy is this thing fast. My main computer is a G5 Dual 2.7GHz with 8GB ram and will be used as the comparison to the 17MBP.

    Boot time to desktop:
    Dual 2.7GHz G5: 36 sec
    MacBook Pro 17inch: 8-11 sec (not a typo)

    iDVD 30 min DV to DVD and burn:
    Dual 2.7GHz G5: 36 min
    MacBook Pro 17inch: 39 min

    1080P trailer playback 3 movies simultaneous 24 FPS:
    Dual 2.7GHz G5: 18 FPS
    MacBook Pro 17inch: 10.4 FPS (QT crashed twice, but ran the 3rd time).

    MS Word load 4000 pg document with photos 170MB: Dual 2.7GHz G5: 19.4 sec
    MacBook Pro 17inch: 32 sec

    Now onto windows and boot camp. The install was simple and took 24 minutes. I partitioned to 20GB for windows and loaded the mac (apple) drivers. My biggest selling point on the MBP was windows gaming. I am happy to report that this mac is faster than a similarly configured Dell XPS laptop that cost $4,800 (2.16 Core Duo, X1600 128MB, 2GB ram, 5400 RPM 120GB). I have been astounded with the quality of gaming that the MBP has to offer. Games tested: Half Life 2, Quake 3, UT 2004, Elder Scrolls Oblivion.
    As before I am going to benchmark against the G5 above and the Dell, as well as impressions vs the XBOX 360. All games on the MBP are running in WinXP DX9 and no change to the ATI card clock (400Mhz reported). All games are set to 100% quality and are running at 1280x768 (16:10), all figures FPS, no FSAA.

    Half Life 2 video test:
    MBP: 114
    XPS: 104
    G5: n/a

    Quake 3:
    MBP: 281
    XPS: 277
    G5: 364

    UT 2004:
    MBP: 95
    XPS: 86
    G5: 64

    Oblivion Impressions:
    MBP: Smooth as silk in the dungeons, outside a little choppy when looking into the distance (fog not working, odd shadows).
    XPS: Smooth but "chuggy" in dungeons, outside 10-15fps but playable (looks normal).
    G5: n/a
    Xbox 360: Silk 90% of the time, but outside battles with 8+ characters is just a little choppy (1080i to 65" rear projection).

    As you can tell, the MBP has more than enough power to play the latest PC games (in windows), and in universal apps are very close to the G5 in performance. Now, vs the dell, the MBP is both a better value ($3,500 vs $4,800) is two pounds lighter, has a higher res screen 1680 vs 1440, is faster by a good 10%, and (best of all) can run FCP and Logic 7. I can not recommend the 17" MBP enough. More to come over the next week.
    -Adam S. "

    Since Adam had XP installed, I asked if he could check the default core/memory clocks of the MBP 17in's X1600 using ATItools. (To add the stock clocks info to the previous page of info on MBP/intel iMac X1600 speeds/OC reports - see above for his later reports on this.)
    (FYI - It doesn't include info from a 17in MacBook Pro (2.16GHz), but William R. sent a link to a page with Graphs of Temperature Measurements on MacBook Pro (15in/2GHz and 1.83GHz models) that has some temperature graphs of stock setup and after (re)applying a (normal) amount using Arctic Silver. As mentioned before here, reportedly the fan control keys off the heatpipe temperature and with a proper amount of thermal paste, the heatpipe works more efficiently to draw heat off the CPU, Northbridge and ATI X1600 GPU.)

    MacBook Pro owner report on Addonics SATA Expresscard (5/10/2006) The reader that posted in the main news page awhile back about buying an Addonics SATA Expresscard for his MacBook Pro wrote it's working in Windows XP but not MacOS. (As I mentioned in that post - I'd rather buy one that listed Mac support)

    " Mike: Ok, the (Addonics) card work's great in my macbook pro running Windows, but no success on the OS X side. Here's the strange thing-When booted into OSX with the card inserted in the slot, I get an icon at the top, which when you click it shows the following:
    "Unknown Vendor
    Mass Storage Controller
    Power off Card"

    First two are grayed out. So the hardware is being recognized at some level, although the card is not recognized in the System Profiler.

    The card uses the Silicon Image 3132 chipset, which has OS X 10.4 drivers (available on the Silicon Image website). So, there must be some Addonics-only chipset in the card that requires a specific driver. Interestingly, on the Windows XP side of things, Addonics says that you can tell if the card is properly installed if under the device manager you see "Silicon Image SiI 3132 SATALink Controller" under 'SCSI and RAID Controllers.' So, I'm at a loss. In a curt email from Addonics, I was told: "We're sorry, we don't have MacOS driver for any SiI chipsets."

    Previous posts on SATA Expresscards that listed Mac OS support.

    "Hi Mike, I too placed and order for the 17" MacBook Pro the day it was announced. It made it from Shanghai, China on Friday to Lima, Ohio on Monday morning at 10:35 am. (Pretty good for free shipping!)
    I have loaded it with lots of software, networked it with by MMD 1.25 and it just hums!!!!!
    The MacBook Pro replaces a 14" iBook 1.42. Along with surfing the web, I use it generally to update my business website, tweak brochures, etc. in the evenings while I watch the boob tube.

    It has rested on my lap for two evenings now for about three hours each evening. I am thrilled to report, that it runs quite cool! I notice no additional heat over the iBook.
    -Diane P. "

    Several readers wondered if the "excess thermal paste" on the heatsinks/heatpipe in some 15in MacBook Pros would be present in the 17in model. If any reader with a MBP 17in opens it up to check for this let me know.

    MacBook Pro 17in:

    "Mike, Just wanted you to know that I ordered a 17 inch MacBook Pro as soon as it was announced. I had it custom configured with the 100GB 7200RPM drive and upgraded the RAM to 2GB. I know I can get RAM for way cheaper and that is what I usually do but decided I did not want to mess around with the laptop once it got here.
    It was shipped from Shanghai on Friday, Arrived in Anchorage on Sat, got to Oakland on Sunday and I received it today (Santa Cruz, California), Monday.

    It is very, very nice. Have only had it for an hour or so but it is so much faster and snappier than my 15 inch Aluminum PowerBook. The screen is very sharp and bright and it sounds good too. I will let you know if I encounter any problems. Take care and thanks again for the great site,
    -Mark "

    Thanks. (I asked Mark to report back after using it a few days.) Another reader (Kename) wrote his MBP 17in had the ship date changed from May 11th to May 9th (today).

    Speedit kernel extension for MacBook Pro (w/CPU temp reporting) (from 5/3/2006 news page - also see SpeedIt update notes in 5/8 news page)
    (Update: On May 5th Marcel posted v3.6 of Temperature Monitor and Hardware Monitor which includes support for the speedit extension.)

    " ...you can get the information of the CPU temp and other information, please check http://www.increw.org/speedit.html
    P.D. I'm the author of this little tool "

    That page also links to http://speedit.increw.org which has info and notes on MBP CPU whine also. A reader with a MacBook Pro also wrote about the "Speedit" kext:

    " Here is a link to a 'kext' file to place in ones home directory to check the temps of the MacBook Pro. Run the command lines from the Terminal. It will peg the CPU and then you can check your maximum temp and also just let your MBP sit idle and will give you your idle temp.
    My Idle temp is 56C and pegged out is 65C. So the "surgery" seems to have worked out for the better (re-applying the thermal paste with Artic Silver 5). Readers can refer to this link for the file:
    (page seems to require a user acct/login but see speedit main site links above)
    And this one for the Apple Discussion's and the readings people are getting:
    - William R. "

    The above was in reply to the May 3rd xlr8yourmac news page post with Hardware/Temperature Monitor Author's comments on Intel Based Mac support. I sent him the above info and he later wrote that Temperature/Hardware Monitor updates will use SpeedIt extension for Intel CPU Mac temperature reporting.

    More on MacBook Pro Heatpipe thermal paste, before/after tests (from 5/1/2006 news page) Another follow-up to past posts on too-thick a layer of thermal compound on some MacBook Pro heatpipe/heatsinks (With too thick a thermal paste layer the heatpipe efficiency is greatly reduced - reducing heat transfer from the CPU/GPUs to the heatpipe.) BTW - a reader lamented the fact nobody posted pictures of what a proper application of thermal paste was in any of the articles so far. I sent him a link to the Arctic Silver application instructions page as an example.

    "from a post on the Apple Discussions: I tried it! Seems to work!
    -William R.
    (Copy of post removed - see links below)"

    The author of the post asked I link to the Apple and SA forum threads directly, rather than posting the copy that William sent.

    I've wondered if this could have been related the problem some MBP owners reported on sudden shutdown/restarts... as well as why some MBP owners couldn't OC their X1600 nearly as much as others. (The heatpipe is also used for the X1600.)

    Some MacBook Pro owners report Apple Keyboard Update 1.0 makes 'whine' worse (April 28th, 2006 news page item.)

    Photos of excess thermal paste on MacBook Pros CPUs (from 4/26/2006 news page)

    " ... found this on the Apple discussions concerning the use of too much thermal paste as a possible cause of the heat problems in the MacBook Pro.
    Have two links:
    http://home.sc.rr.com/mixedbag/MBP/Photos.html (no longer online)
    http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/85/images_large/44.jpg (no longer online)
    -William R."

    He later wrote:

    " Mike, Here is a very detailed pictorial on re-applying the thermal compound on the MacBook Pro. The post indicates a drop in temps. It's too bad there are no temp monitoring programs for the MacBook Pro or the Intel Mac Mini to see if reapplication does help, a before and after. Interesting reading. I noticed that when I had my logic board replaced it ran much cooler than before. They probably applied the thermal compound correctly.
    -William R. "

    Robert J. (of Powerlogix) wrote his MacBook Pro didn't have the (huge) amount of thermal paste shown in the photos yesterday:

    " Mike, My MacBook runs cool and didn't have the excess compound.
    Powerlogix had a major problem on some upgrade cards that related to thermal compound. Some cards that cannot be installed with a pre-attached heatsink (i.e., the end user would have to apply paste) such as Pismo upgrades and ZIF upgrades, would commonly come back to PL with incredible amounts of excess compound. People seem to think 'more is better' instead of understanding that it is used simply to allow the two surfaces to mate better ensuring good thermal transfer...and this means just a little is necessary.
    It happened frequently, even though our manuals showed the proper amount with photos.
    We ended up taking close up photos of 'too much', 'too little' and 'just right' and posting them on the web as a reference for support calls where people were complaining about heat.
    You had a recent post about dust making a PL card run hot; excess compound obviously can do the same thing, so you might want to mention this when users install CPUs that require application of compound by the end user.
    I'm surprised that this happened with an Apple product...
    -Robert "

    As I've mentioned before (going back years, with links to pages like artic silver's application guide) - Normally all you want is a very thin layer to just fill in any imperfections in the two mating surfaces (not create a "gasket") . You also want to make sure the mating surfaces are very clean. (And with no oils from your fingers.) I was shocked at the huge amounts shown in that photo gallery yesterday. Too thick a layer of thermal compound reduces the efficiency of the heatpipe (making the cpu run hotter). I'd still expect many fast notebooks to get "hot" in heavy use though. I wonder if the macbook pro owners that noted random shutdown/restarts had systems with very thick layers of thermal compound. (And that may be why some MBP owners couldn't OC their X1600 very much as the heatpipe is used for it also.)

    (added 4/17/2006 from 4/15 mail)
    "Hi Mike, I am testing a Macbook Pro 2ghz with 2GB RAM, one stick from OWC (Macsales). I have BootCamp and XP S2 Home edition on it.

    Ran America's Army great under XP. Smooth as butter. Though the games default screen sizes cause the chat text to look small and hard to read (somewhat pixelated since they are not at the screens optimal resolution).

    I am also a World War II Online player, so I installed the latest build of that game under XP as well. Annoyingly, at first, the game has an issue where it resets the rotation of the screen 180 degrees upside down. The Windows keycombo to reset the screen (naturally) doesn't work on the Macbook, so there was no way to reset the screen at first. I ended up downloading custom ATI drivers from www.omegadrivers.net. These gamer oriented drivers include the rotation tab, so I was able to use that to reset the screen. Works like a charm! Plus the drivers have many cool options not offered by the regular control panel.

    Note on installing the Omegadrivers, you need to uninstall the ATI control panel that was installed by the BootCamp driver disk. Make sure to read the instructions for the Omega drivers carefully as it causes some XP notices to come up during install.

    World War II online seemed to play at full acceleration (such as it is, this game is notoriously resource hungry), except for a slight redraw pause every once in a while. I've never seen that in the OS X version, so I am not sure what is causing that. It resembles the frame stutter you get when you exceed a video file's buffer and it takes a fractional moment to catch up.

    Just like a previous Macbook report, the machine I am using suddenly rebooted after some intensive play, most likely due to the heat. Aggravating that these Macbooks seem vulnerable to overheating. Otherwise, the unit is perfect, no dead pixels, even screen brightness, no loud whine or squealing (a very slight whine, probably from that infamous capacitor if I put my ear right next to the computer). If it keeps up the sudden restarts, I guess I'll try running it without the extra Ram stick to see what happens.

    (added 4/12/2006 from 4/11 mail)
    "Mike, I thought you might find this reply from Apple regarding my contacting them with a noise issue with the MacBook Pro. I noticed that if I were to disable a processor core the noise immediately stopped and this is Apple's reply.

    Begin forwarded message:
    "Hi Eric, I heard back from engineering and was informed that this normal behavior for the MacBook Pro. When the processors are idle a capacitor on the logic board will take on additional power loads causing the capacitor to vibrate, thus creating the noise. Turning off the second processor and/or using better energy saver settings reduces the load on the capacitor causing the noise not to occur.
    For more information check out http://www.apple.com/support/macbookpro/. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions..."

    Several replies to this mentioned the capacitor should be replaced if it's actually the source of this vibration. (And questioned the capacitor's rating if it was vibrating.)

    (added 4/12/2006 from 4/11 mail)
    "Hello again Mike, As I've reported previously my 1.83 Ghz MBP (W861142EVJ0) had squealing noise eminating from just about everywhere (a very hungry mouse?), including crackly, buzzing and a bad right fan. I sent it to Apple and have been using my trusty Rev A. PB 12" with rubber stool-pads where the feet used to be.

    Back to the story, Apple called today and were so impressed by the number of things wrong, they decided to keep my MBP and send me a brand-spanking new one. Apparently the Apple engineers want to study it, throw darts at it and laugh. So it's ok to show the full SN as I have above.
    -Scott S."

    (added 4/11/2006 from 4/7 mail)
    "Hi Mike,
    I have a MacBook Pro 2GHZ, 2GB RAM (3rd party RAM) everything else is standard stock config.

    1. Boot Camp
    I originally partitioned my drives in anticipation for Windows XP getting installed (as per instructions at www.onmac.net), mistake #1. Even after its formatted as the first partition, XP could not recognise any of my 25GB partition (you actually have to set up an MBR since OS X uses a different partitioning scheme - can't just format a Fat32 volume) and just gave me one big 93Gig "unknown".
    So I had to re-partition everything and start from scratch. XP works as expected - amazingly too, I've tried out Call of Duty 2 on the Mac Book Pro - not as fast as I had hoped it would be - default settings (COD2) but screen res bumped to 1024x768 frame rate dropped drastically ~15 FPS - probably need to turn down details - you basically need to choose "optimal settings" for acceptable frame rate - otherwise there is lag when you use scoped weapons, i.e. 800x600 res ouch.
    Other than that - I'm impressed that Apple was able to do all this quite elegantly... I mean it even partitioned my hard drive (and can reclaim it) without formatting and repartitioning for free! that's amazing.

    2. Parallel Workstation
    This is what I initially used to install XP - it works and reminds me of VirtualPC, I couldn't get Apple's XP drivers to load using Virtualisation, so I couldn't really test it out as much (no video card drivers for the games).. Booting up was astonishingly fast - I would say faster than the dual boot config I have at the moment which is weird. (reader FYI - there's a separate page here with User Reports/Tips/Tests of Parallels Workstation 2.1b and a page of Apple BootCamp User reports and Tips, although I'm behind on adding new reports right now.-Mike)

    3. Random Restarts.
    I don't know exactly what is going on here, but I can say that it reboots both in Mac OS X (with the Mac Book Pro firmware patch) and Windows XP! I believe it may have something to do with the video card or when the ProBook is under strain. I've noted three occasions when it has happened:
    1. Playing a high res movie file (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars) using Quicktime (OSX)
    2. Playing Unreal Tournament 2004 (intel builds) - it happened twice (OSX) and
    3. playing Call of Duty 2 (XP).

    I'm suspecting it maybe (over)heating issues - cause I've had the same thing happened with my badly ventilated homebrew athlon pc.
    It was actually quite embarrasing, I'm showing off the new MacBook Pro at work when it randomly reboots... most of the PC Guys at work were goin'.. meh... Bug!! Bug!! The ProBook is on a flat desk and there is ventilation around it, but it does get pretty hot near the speakers.. so I'm thinking overheating. Kinda scary since my last PowerBook (12" 1.33Ghz) - its video card died because of getting stuck in those OpenGL screen savers and overheating thus frying the video card. Awesome $2600 AU paper weight (atleast it looks cool!)

    Oh yeah. Just for good time stakes, Quake 3 Arena (intel build) All details with r_smp 1 and com_hunkmegs 256 blazes at 350 FPS native OS X, almost like desktop performance.

    Macbook Pro talking at 108Mbps with Netgear WGT624 and D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless Routers (from 4/10/2006 news page)

    " subject: Macbook Pro and Netgear Router talking at 108Mbps
    Ok, did the boot camp thing on my Macbook Pro. Well checking my internet connection (under XP SP2), the driver on the Macbook is reporting 108mbps connection to my router. My router is a Netgear with the 108Mbps compatibility option (I asked for the model number - i.e. a Model DG834GT?-Mike)
    It's a WGT624
    however it requires the compatible Netgear PCI or PC cards to reach those speeds. But my Macbook is hitting those speeds... interesting...
    I think the 108 mbps is some sort of compression that each of the different manufactures use, but it works with my netgear just fine.
    -Katana "

    There was a note earlier this year about 802.11a support in the intel based Macs, but that's still 54mbps.
    Another MacBook Pro owner running Win XP with a D-Link DGL-4300 replied:

    " MacBook Pro 2.0Ghz + 7200RPM HDD running Windows XP SP2 (via BootCamp) is reporting a 108Mbps connection to my D-Link DGL-4300 wireless gaming router.
    I thought it was a fluke, but when I saw your post on a user's 108Mbps router connection, I thought I'd let you know.
    -J "

    " I read about Macbook Pro owners noting 108Mbps compatability with their 108Mbps routers.. I think i might have an explanation?
    I noticed when i booted into XP on my MacbookPro that it actually showed it as an "Atheros" chipset and not Intel Pro Wireless or whatever ... perhaps Intel just licenses chips from Atheros for their Centrino chipsets?
    Anyway, both the Netgear and D-Link routers mentioned previously use an Atheros chip, so perhaps that's why it's allowing the higher proprietary speed?
    -Vasu "

    Yes. BTW- the FAQ's Networking section has an item from fall 2004 on Atheros chipset drivers for OS X from orangeware and sourceforge (free/open source) but not sure if they've been updated for Tiger.

    Tip for MacBook Pro users if Firmware Updater says 'not needed' (4/7/2006) A MacBook Pro owner (Greg) with an earlier model (S/N W8607xxxx) and bootrom version MBP11.0044.B02 (per Apple System Profiler) sent a screenshot of the recent MBP Firmware Updater Alert saying "This computer does not need this update". I know many applied the firmware update, which Apple said was required to use "BootCamp". Another MBP owner that saw the same thing wrote with a tip he said helped.

    " This also happened with me, and i solved it by creating a new user and installing from there.
    I'm not sure what is wrong, but i have to check my main account (which was imported from a PB12" rev. A). (Greg had also imported his user acct. from a previous Mac - see his reply below-Mike)
    Also, when i try to install the additional applications (or whatever it is called) from the install DVD, it says i am not allowed...
    -Daniel "

    I asked if his user acct had Admin privileges and he said "Yes". Not sure why it helped if the user was an Admin already. (I've seen corrupted user prefs before but the updater should be primarily looking at the existing system info/bootrom version I'd think) but I wrote Greg a note about this to see if it would help on his system. He replied that he also had done an import:

    " I also imported my FileValuted user account from a 1Ghz TiBook. I tried using the firmware updater in the Root account and had no problems. Very strange.
    -Gregory "

    Since both with this problem imported their user accts from a previous Mac, could some carried over prefs or info file have caused the updater to think it wasn't running on a MacBook Pro? (But why wouldn't the updater use the same check that Apple System Profiler does?)

    MacBook Pro user notes on Firmware Update and CPU related Whine/buzz (updated with more replies)

    (added 4/11/2006)
    "Mike, I did not really know I still had the CPU noise, though not as noticeable as the "inverter" whine. It seems when I am off AC it makes some slight whine and crackle. This can only be heard with my ear to the keyboard, since I don't use my ears to type I think I can accept this as normal.

    I called Apple and they actually had a recording of both the CPU whine//buzz/crackle and also the inverter whine/buzz. They put me on hold and told me it is "normal".

    They said they could replace the logic board if the noise was too loud. It's not. Just have an issue with the right speaker distortion, I will have this repaired locally. Seems this is a known issue with some people.

    Someone on the Apple Discussions pointed to a program called Bresink's System Load. This application will actually load the processors and create a musical tone by altering the load in a musical fashion. So it is the amount of load that causes or reduces the CPU whine, that's why the Mirror Widget and Photo Booth relieve the whine, they load the processors enough to diminish the whine. Here it the link:
    Oh, well it's a lot quieter than before!
    -William R."

    His comments from last week follow:

    (added 4/6/2006 - see his later report above that the whine still happens at times)
    "Mike, As I have may have mentioned, I recently sent in my MacBook Pro for replacement of the screen related whine associated with what I felt was a bad display inverter per my findings on the Apple Discussions.

    I received the MBP back yesterday morning. We were having severe rain and thunder and we lost power most of the day so I could not check out the status of the repaired MBP. Power finally came back and I was able to do some diagnostics on the MBP. The display whine is GONE! I had the inverter replaced with part number 612-0020 ASSY,INVERTER, NCC,MBPRO15 as indicated on a previous post here.

    To my surprise, I now had the CPU whine/hiss. I restored all my data via a firewire backup source, applied the new firmware for the MBP (see Apple releases firmware updates for All Intel CPU Macs in yesterday's news) and the whine/hiss is GONE!

    All I can hear now is the fans and the drive access, normal for me when compared to my PB 1.67 pre-hi res 15in as the noise attributes are now similar, almost null.

    I am VERY HAPPY now! Just had to send it in 4 times and tell them what to replace.
    Per my experiences, I have determined that the MBP's, having noise issues, one must determine the source of the noise. Display or CPU related. If both are present the logic board and display inverter must be replaced.
    One thing I find puzzling, is that the CPU noise was NOT present after the initial replacement of the logic board but then presented itself with the inverter replacement. Strange... Also the MBP runs much cooler than before. Also, on a last note. I had the spontaneous re-boot problem and I solved it replacing a suspected bad SODIMM.
    -William R."

    I asked if he heard the noise again in the future to report back. (It did - see his later report above.) If anyone else finds the fimware update helps let me know. Here's two other replies - one said it helped, the other not.

    (added 4/7/2006)
    "after reading some user feedback i installed the new firmware that apple released. very happy to say... as of last night... no more whining... for now... my 1.83 MBP is finally annoying free.

    (added 4/7/2006)
    "Well, I installed the firmware update yesterday and set up Win XP on my 1.83 MacBook Pro. Overall very worthwhile... The slight buzzing sound seems to have gone away, as others have reported. As well, the bottom of the laptop ~seems~ to be cooler. Prior to the update, I couldn't keep my laptop on my bare legs due to the heat... Now it's bearable.

    As for Win XP - it seems to run pretty flawlessly. I ran a few benchmarks:

    • 3DMark06 - 1103
    • PCMark05 - 3465

    Decent scores for a mobile. I installed Battlefield 2 and was pleasantly surprised that it ran perfectly fine. Graphical details were pretty much set to minimum, but it ran smoothly and was certainly playable. I'll have to experiment a bit with increased detail settings and some other games/apps.
    I doubt I'll use WinXP a whole lot, but it's nice to have the capability to run at native speeds.

    (added 4/6/2006)
    " My 2ghz Macbook Pro Serial # W8612 (rev D motherboard) had that low CPU whine that would only go away if I used Photo-booth or the Mirror Widget. After the Firmware upgrade he noise is gone!!!!
    My Macbook Pro is only 2 weeks old, so now I'm very happy!
    -Jerry M. "

    Some other MBP owners said the update didn't help:

    (added 4/7/2006)
    " I got my 1.83 MBP just this week and it has the CPU hiss. Firmware and/or 10.4.6 didn't make a difference. Still need to use the hidden Photo Booth trick to keep it quiet when running off the battery. Don't have any of the other noises but I do have a low volume level.
    -S "

    The owner below seems to have some other problems also:

    (added 4/6/2006)
    " William R. reported that the firmware update fixed his noise problems. That's great, I hoped it would do the same for me, but alas it did not. I have a noisy and over-heating MBP 1.83GHz. When I say over-heating I mean it is hotter than my 12" Rev A PB. A real lap-scorcher.

    I'm getting squealing noise from the left speaker area and some also from the right. There is also a quieter crackling noise. The right fan "moos" when running the CPU up. It gets real hot when the mooing is heaviest. Sounds like the fan is off axis or something, but doesn't vibrate the machine.
    I think I got a few problems.
    I shipped the MBP to Apple this morning. Will follow-up on return.
    It's a Rev D (W8611...) model, BTW.
    Got my trusty PB 12" though. Too bad I can't run it off my MBP's cloned external drive. Kernel Panic right away! Yikes.
    -Scott S. "

    (added 4/6/2006 from 4/4 mail)
    "Received my MBP on 3/29 - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, S/N W8612. Separately purchased 1GB RAM from OWC, which I initially left out. All the posts worried me so I listened for the whine, watched for random restarts and other problems. Must report that none of those issues cropped up with the stock parts. Installed the extra RAM this weekend and still none of those issues.

    In fact, the only two things I've dealt with is no backlight after waking from sleep (happened twice since I received it), which was fixed by simply moving the screen a little, and for some reason the stock desktop picture gets random artifacts at different times (not dead pixels).
    I admit I'm not a heavy user but it has been on for a significant number of hours with no real issues. Count me one very happy owner.
    -Eric B. "

    I asked if he tried the MBP firmware update to see if that helped with the backlight. (may not but just curious)

    (added 4/5/2006)
    " I have a Macbook Pro 2.16 with 1 GB and the 7200rpm drive. I've added 1 GB of OWC memory and I'm having none of the problems that have been mentioned, by anyone. My machine is a W8612. (revision D motherboard)

    As for the temps, It doesn't feel too hot for bare legs with just web browsing and the like. If I do anything quite a bit more intensive it does heat up and get too hot for a bare lap but seemed ok with jeans or a neoprene Tucano sleeve sitting under it.

    I'm pretty happy with it but the lack of Universal Binary applications (Proteus, iphoto2gallery, etc..) is a bit of a pain. Rosetta seems really nice as Black & White seems to play rather fast.
    -Russell "

    (added 4/5/2006)
    "I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but I've noticed that once in a while, even though I have my sound volume muted on my MBP 2.0 GHz, some system sounds will play at full volume. I was surprised as I sat in a quiet classroom full of students and decided to play an MPEG file expecting only to see the video only, but the sound of the video came blaring out as well.

    Although this has occurred several times, I've not yet determined the set of circumstances that brings it about. I also have not seen it since updating the OS to 10.4.6 but that hasn't been too long so I'm afraid to say that the problem is cured.
    Thanks, Kevin B. "

    Apple released a firmware update for Macbook Pro's on 4/5, I'd try that to see if it helped.

    (added 4/4/2006)
    "Update (to earlier report on random shutdowns/ram):
    Macbook Pro 2.0 ghz
    recap- I bought it and bought some less espensive azenram 1 gig stick to bring my total to 2 gb. Almost immediately there were random reboot issues. Could barely boot WoW or my recording software before it would shut down. .. i removed the ram and all was good.

    update- after the post office lost my ram (actually lazy people just didn't look for it because I went down and found it immediately) I got home and installed it with no apparent ill effects. (the apple retailer just gave me a replacement stick from Azenram.) I am back at 2 gb of ram in the MacBook Pro and not one kernel panic in over 24 hours. I even play an unhealthy dose of WoW to work it out.
    no whine
    bit warm

    I asked if there was any difference in the replacement dimm chip mfr, marking, etc. (I'm wondering if the problem is due to trying to run dual channel access with a mixed pair of (same size) dimms.)

    (added 4/4/2006)
    "I just received my MBpro today. It's a stock 1.83 with 512MB of RAM. i've heard about the different buzzing noises and i decided to cross my fingers and purchase one. i'm still running on the original charge it shipped with waiting to calibrate the battery.

    bad news... the buzz is there. not the really bad one that people have (the inverter issue from what i heard it's called) but the other annoying one, the one that goes away once CPU usage is higher. if i turn on the isight it goes away or when i turn crunch through some processor intensive stuff. it also goes away in loud setting. i'm going to try and call apple and talk to a few geniuses i know about it to see if i can get it swapped. i don't want to believe that all of us spent a lot of money for an obviously defective machine.
    (I asked him if it was a "rev D" motherboard system (S/N W8611.... or later - see below)-Mike)
    mine is a w8613.

    i've read on other forums some machines aren't very hot... mine is very toasty thank you. i thought this was normal but i'm reading that some users are not experiencing the same thing. (in heavy use some others here have mentioned the heat, but that's also been seen with even older Powerbooks and other notebooks in the past.-Mike)

    what is normal for these machines? Will calling and whining about my whine do anything? are people getting machines fixed because of logic board/processor whines? do these sounds fall under Apple threshold of acceptability?
    -Mr. Sam"

    I don't know (don't own one) but personally I'd call (it can't hurt to talk to them about it.)

    Some MacBook Pro Issues fixed in revison D (from 4/3/2006 news page) William, a MacBook Pro owner that had some problems OOTB with his MacBook Pro sent a link to a story titled Apple Addresses MacBook Pro Issues in revison D (Serial numbers starting with W8611 and later the article says). Some issues like random restarts that readers with MacBook Pros reported here are not listed there and one reader previously said the display whine/buzz was fixed by replacing a display inverter. (The airport network reconnect issue mentioned there has been seen before by many of us in the past . - I have seen that with my PB G4 although rarely now.)

    (added 4/3/2006)
    "MacBook Pro Letters falling off Bezel ...per post on Apple Discussions
    -William R.

    This happened to me a while ago. I posted it when it happened about 10 days ago. I'm kind of glad to see that I'm not the only one.
    The "r" was the first one to fall off of mine too...then the P followed. I went ahead and just took off the "o" because it was partly coming off anyway. The "MacBook" part seems fine though... Here's how it looks.
    I called AppleCare about it when it first happened, and the only thing that they offered was to have me send it in. I wasn't going to send in my perfectly fine MBP for a cosmetic issue (no matter how bad it bugs me). They said they couldn't send me some "r"s so I could try putting them back on myself."

    I don't remember anyone else mentioning that problem.

    (added 4/1/2006)
    hey mike, just wanted to contribute to the macbook pro user experiences page. mine has worked well except for one thing— random restarts. it happens usually when watching movies, but also just in web browsing, etc. and sometimes it happens three times in an hour and sometimes i can go a week without an incident. after some digging i have found that i am not alone with this problem and the one commonality is all people who have this problem have added a third party 1GB stick of ram to the machine. i got mine from 18004memory, who i have ordered from a dozen times before, and been very happy... so, the question is, is it just bad ram, is it a defect in the ram slot, or is there problem in the hardware ram support in general? no one knows. we'll see if i can get an exchange but if the problem persists, then we won't really know much more. argh. when i called apple they just wanted me to set up a new user and see what happens, as if it was a software problem, so, basically, zero help. i'll keep you posted, but i just wanted others with this problem to know they aren't alone. thanks and keep up the excellent work on the site. "

    Normally suspect ram would cause other problems (boot error codes, freezes, kernel panics, etc.) but for those that had the problem many seemed to be adding a same size dimm as the OEM one (which should enable dual channel memory access if like pairs) - I wonder if the two dimms are not the same organization and instead of reverting to single channel access the system reboots. (the random restarts some have noted - a few said it was solved by removing a 3rd party sodimm). If anyone has this problem with a rev D motherboard (system S/N W8611... or later) let me know the details on your memory configuration.

    (added 3/30/2006)
    "Got our 2.16ghz, 1GB RAM MacBook Pro tonight and it did not power on out of the box. I followed the manual instructions to no avail. I will be taking it back tomorrow.

    More comments on MacBook Pro Buzzing Noise

    (added 3/29/2006)
    "Subject: Experiences with MacBook Pro buzz
    I'm the owner of a 1.83GHz MacBook Pro. I had the whine/buzz for about a week. It was only noticeable when in a very quiet room. It was a couple days before I noticed it at all. It can be very annoying and it comes and goes. One thing I noticed was that if I made no input for about a minute (did not time it) it would suddenly go away. It also went away when the camera was on. Some other programs seemed to make it go away as well, but only when in fore- front and it was intermittent. Now the noise is gone completely.
    I wish I could say that I did something specific, but all I can be sure of is that this thing is on 10-12 hours a day and running hot most of the time. Perhaps these MBPs need some burn-in time?
    -Scott S."

    I've never known of any system that did though. (Some earlier owner reports below commented on noises like this.)

    Display related Whine/Buzzing fixed by Replacing Display Inverter

    (added 3/28/2006)
    'Mike, For those having issues with the display related whine I found a post on the Apple Discussions describing the repair and part number used to replace the display inverter:

    "I received my MBP last week from Apple in Houston. I entered my service order on 10 Mar, they received my MBP on 14 Mar, waited for part 15 Mar, received part 17 Mar, shipped back to me 18 Mar, and 20 Mar I received it back. It looks good - I wanted to make sure no scratches etc.

    The problem I had was the screen buzzing which was eliminated by turning brightness 0 or 100%. The service description:

      Product was serviced by replacing the following
      612-0020 ASSY, INVERTED (Inverter?),NCC,MBPRO15"

    The bottom line is that it is FIXED! I never knew how quiet can be so soothing!
    Peace, Eug

    ... seems the CPU whine issue is gone with a replacement of the Logic board, the display whine with the inverter replacement, not part of the logic board...
    -William "

    (added 3/28/2006)
    "I've had my 2.0 GHz MacBook Pro for two weeks now and am still extremely happy with it. For about 10 days out of those two weeks it has had 2 GB of RAM; the extra SO-DIMM was purchased from Other World Computing and I've had absolutely no problems with the RAM. Thankfully, the machine has not exhibited any of the various noise issues that others have reported.

    The only flaw I've found thus far is a single dead/stuck pixel, but with the high resolution of the display, I don't notice it unless I'm looking for it or happen to be looking right at it. I don't have any ExpressCard/34 cards to try, but all the other ports work fine.

    A few days ago, I got out my 867 MHz 12" PowerBook to do some quick web surfing and was amazed as to how slow it was - painfully so. It has been relegated to my bedroom for those few times when I want to check something but don't want to get out of bed.
    -Alan S. "

    (added 3/28/2006)
    "Just wanted to give you a heads up. I have a MBP, 2.16, 7200rpm hdd, 1gb. I purchased an additional 1gb DIMM from OWC prior to my macbook arriving. When my macbook arrived, I slapped the dimm in, and would get weird lockups both in and out of WoW. The graphics would stop and my mouse would keep working.

    I sent the ram back to OWC and got a new stick. When I put the new stick in, I also get sporadic lockups or shutdowns. I'll be in WoW, and the screen goes black. I can hear that the machine is on, and if I hard power it down, it takes a few tries to get it to start back up again. If I remove the OWC ram, all is well. I'll be contacting OWC again today to see what happens.
    When my machine doesn't have the OWC ram in it, it is rock solid, no real complaints.

    A report above noted no problems with a 1GB sodimm from OWC in his 2GHz MacBook Pro, although removing 3rd party RAM has been reported to fix problems in some systems. (I asked for details on the sodimm like ram chip brand, etc. in case that's a factor - he replied the sodimms were Techworks, but no info on the ram chips.)

    (added 3/27/2006)
    "About 3 weeks ago I purchased a MacBook Pro at my "local (3 hours away)" Apple store. I had absolutely no problems with it (aside from the "usual", high pitch noise & screen flicker). Last Friday I noticed Safari & iChat taking an unusually long time to start, but just assumed it was network related. By Saturday, the MacBook was randomly locking up. Cursor wouldn't move, keyboard wouldn't respond. For about 5 hours manually restarting (holding down the power button for ~5 secs) would get it back up.
    Now, I rarely manage to get a boot sound & it just sits there with the light on. Occasionally I can get it back up to a desktop with a random combination of PMU & NVRAM resets, but it never runs for more than 5-10 minutes before locking up again. In the morning I'm taking it back to the Apple store & I'll try to send a followup email w/ what I find out...
    Specs: Stock 2.0GHz MacBook Pro, 1GB ram 80GB 5200RPM HD
    Looks like I'm back on my iBook for now...
    Thanks, Chad "

    More reports of Random Shutdowns:

    (added 3/27/2006)
    "I purchased a MacBook Pro 2.0 1.gig ram 5400 100gig hd and then I bought a stick of azenram 1 gig from the apple retailer. As soon as I installed the new stick of ram I immediately noticed the book randomly shutting down. Especially during heavily taxing operations. The worst offender was WoW. I was pretty sure from the get go It was the extra ram. I immediately removed it and the shutdowns stopped. Waiting on new stick. Deep down i have a suspicion that it was not the ram alone and possible a problem with the ram slot. We will find out soon enough when my new stick of ram arrives.
    -Coreen "

    See Coreen's later report dated 4/4/2006 above.

    (added 3/24/2006)
    "I have a MacBook Pro 2GHz/2GB/100GB 7200RPM, which suffers the random shutdown problem. The machine was bought from AppleStore Online Australia. RAM and HD were installed by Apple (built to order).

    Shutdowns occur whether MBP plugged in or not, and even during the "DVD check" phase of a HD reinstall. Duration between shutdowns variable -- minutes to hours. After a shutdown, it'll start back up on pressing the power button.

    I tried removing one DIMM. Also tried swapping DIMMs locations. (one earlier report said this helped with shutdown problems on their 2 samples, but I doubt RAM was the root cause.) I also tried reseting the power manager, and the PRAM. Hardware Test showed the 2GB memory was working. I also ran memtest (not in single user mode though) which didn't reveal problems.

    Apple Support by phone heard my story, and escalated to a senior tech. Then recommended I send it back to an Apple Authorised Centre; which I did 2 days ago. No news yet on duration of service.
    -Chuan "

    An earlier owner with OOB problems mentioned a possible bad batch of motherboards w/link to Apple forum thread, which Chaun later said he started.

    MacBook Pro owner Notes/Pix of Running Windows XP Here's the first report from a MacBook Pro user on the XP Boot Loader download (see above):

    (added 3/17/2006)
    "Hi Mike, Here are some shots of windows running on my wife's MacBook Pro 1.83GHz.
    Installation was fairly straightforward. Wireless, ethernet, firewire all work fine. Video drivers aren't working yet (lots of effort around it though). Included are some benchmarks ... this machine is fast :) but we already knew that.

    (I asked him for more info on the graphics issue - i.e. glitches/problems or just no acceleration (no driver?)-Mike)
    Re: Video: there's just no acceleration - it works fine for 2D use though (ClearType antialiasing looks good). It seems plenty responsive for general (non-gaming) use, and web pages scroll nicely.
    Turning off all video acceleration (under Video Properties => Advanced => Troubleshooting) helps significantly with this.
    (it's been a long time since I played with Windows notebooks and back then ATI driver releases were for desktop GPUs only (they referred you to the notebook vendor for mobile drivers so I used modified inf files edited for the mobile GPUs) but now ATI has driver downloads for mobile GPUs. As of today they had "Mobility Catalyst 6.3" at their support site, although the Mobility X800 was the latest GPU in the list. Update - see post below for a reader suggestion on modifying the desktop ATI drivers but Michael replied that didn't work.-Mike)

    There's been some debate about fans working properly, with reports of the MacBooks getting very hot. I have verified that they do work -- when performing the benchmarks I heard the speed increase, and you can definitely feel the heat being blown out the back. They're toasty, but then again they always are... I haven't measured the temp on the bottom, but it gets very hot.

    SpeedStep is working fine -- the system idles around 1GHz / .98V, and bumps to 1.83/ 1.26 as needed.

    (I also suggested he check windowsupdate.com to get the latest critical updates (frequently released) and asked what XP's device mgr reports on the Graphics chip.-Mike)
    Yep, it's all updated now (first thing I did, after drivers). Most drivers are able to find their hardware just fine.

    Sound only works through the headphone jack so far), but the graphics card is a big exception. The adapter section contains no information on it (just blank fields). I think this is an artifact of the way they got XP to boot (it was reportedly the hardest thing to manage the EFI conversion from, and so they used some sort of frame buffer mapping technique to give XP a basic level of control over it).
    -Michael F. "

    I asked Michael to keep in touch on any progress made. A reader suggested using Mobility Modder to modify the current ATI desktop Catalyst drivers from support.ati.com (requires cookies enabled in browser) but later said the current version of Mobility Modder does not have the Device ID for the X1600. I asked Michael to send that info from Apple System Profiler but that's already been tried he said.

    " That driver mod (and many more way-out-there ideas :)) have been tried. There are currently shipping drivers for the ATI X1600, but none of them work, and most usually have to be removed via the repair console or "last known good configuration" after an attempt, because after they're installed the machine fails to boot until they're removed.

    (he later wrote)
    Yep, the device ID is known:
    ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 has a device ID of ati2mtag_M56, PCI \VEN_1002&DEV_71C5&SUBSYS_00921025

    But that does not seem to be the problem. The card is actually properly detected by ATI Catalyst Mobility software here:
    www.station-drivers.com/telechargement/ati/ati-catalyst-5.13b- radeon-mobility-2kxp-whql.exe

    It installs fine. But a standard installation of the software breaks the system (work is ongoing to try and modify that installation to find the conflict). It's just not a normal card -- it's UGA.
    it's a unique situation -- though it's the same chipset, the card is said to be "UGA" vice "VGA" spec -- makes sense since it's running on an EFI system (see link below). Which means (especially if it lacks a legacy VGA bios) that a driver for it will be a different thing than what you find on a normal PC. At least until ATI releases one with UGA support...
    There's some good discussion about it here:
    http://wiki.onmac.net/index.php/Drivers This will give you an idea of some of the things that have been tried :)

    If anyone ever does get an ATI X1600 driver working, let me know. Thanks.

    Bad batch of Motherboards? After some earlier reports of problems out-of-the-box, we wondered if there could have been a suspect production run. One of the affected owners replied:

    (added 3/17/2006)
    "Mike from a post on the Apple Discussions:

    "I just got a call from Apple because I put up so much of a stink and made them call me when they had information.

    They actually had an issue with some of the motherboards themselves. They have them being flown in on Monday and we should receive our machines by mid next week.

    Also - they now come with an guarantee that they will not have motherboard issues further. So its kinda like free AppleCare cause even though you'd like to think AppleCare covers that screen when you break it .... it doesn't.

    You know once I get it back - I won't be so bitter. I've had way worse Apple machines and still am a total devotee. If you got to have a computer - you otta have a Mac and I love what I can do with mine."

    (I asked him for a link to that Apple forum thread-Mike)
    Here is the link:
    -William R "

    A reader posted a note there's also a recent page on a strange case of a MacBook Pro burned MagSafe connector. (Thankfully so far no other reports of that that I know of.)

    (added 3/15/2006)
    "i am now waiting for my replacement mac book pro. the machine ist great, but all the whining sounds it generates are really annoying.

    the display (when not all full brigthness) makes a horrible buzz, the harddisk makes noise and the left fan is always spinning.

    you can hear the sounds here:

    beside that the machine is running universal binaries at an awesome speed, playing wow is a dream, etc...
    -Christian K. "

    (added 3/15/2006)
    "MacBook Pro 1.83GHz stock, upgraded to 1.5GB RAM using Crucial memory:
    no whine
    no buzz
    no hum
    no white stripe
    speakers are fine
    no shutdowns


    (1) Very faint "tingle" from the case when plugged into the PSU (most noticeable when sliding a finger over the case). Not a problem - just an observation.

    (2) Wireless networking would not autoconnect after sleep until I had deleted the system keychain entries for the wireless points and recreated login keychain entries, and made a default "Home" profile. Now autoconnects fine.
    -George S. "

    (added 3/15/2006)
    "I recently upgraded from a revA PB17 (2G RAM, 100 GB HD) to a dual 2 MBP (2G RAM, 100 GB HD).

    Switch took less than 2 hours from start to finish. Very smooth transition. Did not even need to reinstall office or photoshop.

    The machine is VERY fast running Apple's Mail program. Safari is quicker, too.

    Word seems to be usable, but it clearly needs a universal binary to be faster.

    So far, all my work apps are fine.

    The latest pinball game from Littlewing works great (Monster Fair). An old favorite, Loony Labyrinth for OS X, is so slow it's unplayable, however.

    The screen is MUCH brighter, the magnetic connector works fine, and the machine is both fast AND quick. It does get hotter than the revA PB17, which seldom even kicks on its fan.

    This is the first Apple laptop I've used since my 400 MHz G3 Lombard (going from a pre-PPC machine to a G3 was a big speed jump) where the speed increase over my previous machine really blew me away.

    I'll send an update after owning this machine for more than 24 hours.
    -SCE "

    (added 3/15/2006)
    "Just wanted to report 2 more cases of random shut downs for the new MacBook Pro.

    Two close friends of mine ordered them right after they were announced. They ordered RAM for them from OWC (1 gig modules).

    In both cases the machines started to randomly shutdown after a couple of days of use. They called Apple Support who recommended removing the additional RAM. They did and the shutdowns stopped. They are now contacting OWC. I do not know the outcome of that communication. But I suspect that OWC will make good. They always do. (since suspect RAM can also cause kernel panics or freezes I asked about that-Mike)
    Neither of these MacBooks experienced any freezing or kernel panics... just the random shutdowns. But they were really fast when they were running....
    The other troubling thing is that OWC RAM is always the best. I never buy RAM anywhere else and send everyone who asks to them. Larry runs a tight ship and has a great crew working for him. That's why I asked if it is happening to other vendors as well. btw... one was a 1.83 ghz and the other the 2 ghz.

    This does pose the question: Do the RAM modules need to be "matched" in some way? Whether size, speed, manufacturer or some combination?
    (if matched pairs (config/size, etc.) installed dual channel memory access is supported, but otherwise as long as the memory is per spec it should be ok. I'd prefer a pair of the same vendor's sodimms though. And over the years there have been cases where some sodimms draw more power than apple's spec/requirement. Years ago I had a pair of crucial 512MB SODIMMs once in my PB G4/800 that did.-Mike)

    Is anyone who is buying these with upgraded RAM from Apple having the same issue? Or from vendors like CDW, who sell RAM upgrades with machines.
    Some food for thought,
    (tidewater area MUG) "

    I didn't think everyone with the problem had 3rd party RAM (although sometimes people do not include all the details like that), but removing addons is one of the first steps in troubleshooting. And good point about those dealers that include 'free' RAM upgrades with systems.

    (added 3/14/2006)
    "I got a 2GB MacBook Pro over the weekend and have been impressed with the computer. I was expecting problems based on various reports, but have yet to run into any major issues that would keep me from using it on a daily basis.

    Applications I didn't expect to work, but did:
    - Microsoft Remote Desktop Application
    - Tribeworks iShell Development software (an Intel version is promised)
    - Retrospect client software (backed up with no problems yet)
    - Photoshop 7 runs, although I haven't spent a lot of time with it
    - Toast 5.2.1

    Applications I had issues with so far:
    - tn3270 3.1.7 (beta version for SSL at the university) crashes when a connection is made to the server.
    - Flash Web Plugin (and I have no idea if it's a ppc plugin running in Safari, it came installed on the computer) has issues with interactive flash apps.

    I also used Office which ran slow but no crashes, installed and ran Internet Explorer fine (for those few sites that just don't work in anything else), Acrobat Pro 7 worked. I am running Sophos' new universal version of their Antivirus for Mac (version 7) and it seems to work with no problems.

    Sites running in Safari that used to give me the spinning color wheel multiple times during browsing (like newegg.com) now work very well. Firefox is slow so I have switched my main browser (yet again) to Safari. I hope the intel version comes out soon.

    It gets hot, but in my opinion more evenly then my Powerbook G4 15in. The G4 got really hot in specific places, the MacBook gets somewhat hot over most of it's bottom and top. I've had no whine yet from the laptop as others have experienced.

    I tried running the "Q" emulator (http://www.kberg.ch/q/) mainly because it is a universal app and has potential of running Windows faster then other emulators. I was only able to get it to boot WinXP and Win98se CD, but never complete an install so no luck in testing out speed there.
    That is all for now!
    -Charlie "

    (added 3/14/2006)
    "I have a MacBook Pro 2x2.0Ghz/2GB/100GB. It is really fast, and quite nice, but I have some minor complaints.

    I find that it is so thin it feels somewhat flimsy. It really has to be picked up with both hands at the same time, one hand on the corner seems to introduce too much flex for my taste. Also, the hardware has some weaknesses. My battery seems to have stopped reporting the time correctly. It says "2:26" no matter what, and dies without letting me know it's going to. I am calling about that soon. The trackpad also takes a few movements to wake up correctly. It jumps around or does not respond for the first second or so. Finally, the screen does buzz at lower brightnesses (though I noticed my old Apple 20in Cinema plastic-version did the same thing a few years ago.)

    Some problems, but, it is a really fast machine. Fast enough to play Sim City 4 PPC close to as fast as my G5 played it natively. That game is a monster, and, though almost-unbenchmarkable, it is a great measure of the overall performance of one processor and the GPU in any Mac. That it is translated and works so quickly is impressive.
    -Abe J. "

    (added 3/14/2006)
    "I've been using a 2GHz MacBook Pro with the 7200 RPM 100GB hard drive for a couple of weeks now. I upgraded the RAM to 2GB with 3rd party memory. It's been working very well, though I have noticed a few glitches. Once it spontaneously rebooted while I was playing World of Warcraft; no messages, no warning, no kernel panic, just a sudden black screen and restart. I've also seen a few instances of graphics being garbled in both Safari and Firefox - a jpeg will display with its color palette messed up. This leads me to wonder if there are bugs in the graphics driver or hardware. I doubt this is a MacBook-specific issue.

    I've also found that an old X11 bug (where you bring it to the foreground, but the foreground window doesn't actually come to the foreground) which was fixed a while back has returned - it's not there in the PowerPC version. I'm sure that's not a MacBook-specific issue.

    I've confirmed that the MacBook Pro does work with 802.11a wireless access points, as was speculated.

    I do hear some fan noise once in a while but I seem to be fortunate; mine is not whining. And, as other people have reported, the machine runs quite hot. But it's very, very fast, and despite the few glitches, I'm very happy with it.
    - John R. "

    (added 3/14/2006)
    "We've received our first MacBook Pro and I was very impressed with the machine. I understand that people are having issues with them though every run of computer model will have bad apples. Our overall impression was that this is a fantastic machine.
    Config: Dual 2GHz, 1GB RAM
    Standard install consisted of Office, Mathematica, MacSFTP, Mozilla apps and various utilities. This user didn't require any TeX support though the LaTeX package is Universal.

    The laptop is very fast. We ran 3 shells that were locked in while- loops and Three 3-d renderings in Grapher.app. The machine was obviously slowed but I was a bit surprised that it was still quite responsive in the Finder even with both CPUs firmly pegged. We ran it in this config overnight with no problems.

    The MagSafe power connector is very cool. I figured it would be nice but it couldn't live up to the hype. At this point, I'd suggest it deserves more hype. If I had more budget, I'd upgrade just to ditch the old apple power adapter plug.

    My only complaint is that it does get very hot across the bottom (full width, rear half under the monitor/keyboard) when the cpus are pinned. I'm not at all surprised by this though, the thermal envelope of the CoreDuo is pretty wide and on the high end it puts out a lot more heat than a G4. For normal use, email and such, it's fine.. but I would hope that users don't expect to run hours of 3d rendering with a MacBook when it's sitting on bare legs. If users consider this realistically everyone should be happy. The MacBook has the capacity to run as cool or cooler than the Powerbook but it can also replace your G5 Tower when you set it on the desk.
    -Steven B. "

    A follow-up from the reader that reported World of Warcraft problems yesterday. (Replies to some questions I had -i.e. if the system logs showed anything related to the problem, if he had 3rd party RAM or addons installed, etc.)

    (added 3/14/2006)
    "Hey Mike, I checked the console logs but didn't see anything untoward. I did indeed add an additional 1GB of third party RAM about 2 weeks after I got the machine. Interestingly, I played some this weekend and didn't experience another lockup, after adding the RAM. Could more RAM have helped? I am indeed running the latest WoW (the server enforces this). It is terribly unrepeatable, and I haven't changed graphics settings since I originally clicked to use default values inside the WoW app. I am running the Cosmos UI addon. I am NOT using the ATI graphics control panel, it's not even installed. The system itself is pretty clean, haven't had time to install any OS- level mods besides USB Overdrive and SlimBatteryMonitor. So there are several avenues there: with/without extra RAM, with/without Cosmos, with/without third party OS-level mods. One other thing I did which is questionable: I simply copied the entire WoW app from another machine over to the new one, rather than install from disc and apply the catch-up patch from the server. I don't think this should cause a problem.

    Of note is that I've been playing WoW since early beta, and never experienced this type of lockup. Back when WoW would crash a bit, a crash reporter would come up, but I could simply re-launch the app. In this case, besides the mouse moving, the system is completely unresponsive, and upon rebooting, my character is still initially in the game world, meaning that all communication between my client and the server suddenly ceased, and the server is in a wait state for about 60-120 seconds to see if the client shows up again. I know this because when I relaunch the app and try to connect with the same character, I get a message to the effect of "A character with that name is already in the world". This message shows up now and again, such as if you force quit the app or the server crashes.
    Cheers, Andrew "

    Some readers also mentioned problems with FSAA in WoW:

    (added 3/14/2006)
    "Regarding the user comment from March 13:
    WoW has had an ATI driver-related lockup issue with Intel Macs since before they launched their Universal Binary. Luckily, it involves antialiasing (possibly fullscreen glow as well), and that's dead simple to turn off. Intel users should be advised not to use antialiasing or fullscreen glow until this bug is fixed. You might make it through days of play without lockups, but then you can get several freezes in a row (windowed or fullscreen, it does not matter). WIthout antialiasing or glow, I've never seen it freeze.
    cheers, Michael "

    Another MacBook Pro/WoW user mentioned 3rd party RAM as a culprit:

    (added 3/14/2006)
    "Had to respond to Andrew and his WoW lockups. I have the MacBook Pro 2.0, 1 gig, 120 meg 5400 rpm; one of the first batch to arrive.

    I re-installed all my apps fresh (with the exception of WoW- just copied that folder over). Also added a 1 gig SO-DIMM to take the machine up to 2 gig total, right after receiving the MacBook and had nothing but problems with WoW- crashes, graphic glitches, performance issues, even kernel panics. These were sporadic but frequent enough to be beyond annoying.

    All my problems went away since I removed the additional, non-Apple (OEM) RAM. Everything has been rock solid.
    - Nick "

    (added 3/13/2006)
    "Just bought a 2 gig MacBook Pro. I've owned many powerbooks in the past and this one finally has the "feel" I've been craving. A little slow with partitioning and the system bundle install but once past that a fine fast portable Mac.
    Optimization is on par with my 2.5 gig G5.
    Speakers sound much better than previous models. Came with one gig of memory and I upped it to 1.5, thought 2 would be overkill. Definitely better than one gig although one gig is fine. I think Rosetta pushes for a little more.

    No one ever commented on the double latch. It is more secure than previous.

    Eudora 5.2 finally showed its age , crashed during install but subsequent installs ok.
    Fetch 505 copy over gave a -41 error. Those two are the only install problems I had.

    The airport range is wonderful. Picked up my other neighbors wireless. Never new he had one until the MBP. I'm always on the north side of the home.

    All in all a machine worth buying. Looks good, feels good, runs good.
    take care,
    Detroit, Mi "

    (added 3/13/2006)
    "I've had my shiny, oh so shiny mac book out of the box for appx 24 hours now. I will put some pics up for those who are interested, I shall be brief. I've been told recently I need to be more brief / concise and less wordy.

    The Good: (I shall do detail later)
    Universal apps blow me away. Frighteningly fast, but I expected that when I was playing with them in store.
    Lots of universal apps out there, Cisco has it's VPN client in binary version 4.9, Cheeky firefox build, menu meters...
    Amazingly bright screen, So shiny
    Backlit keyboard - awesome, you can't know this until you've used one
    Migration Assistant - insanely great. I know windows has one and it's great for a big ole lump of files but for settings it falls down a lot. And for heavens sake don't ask the MS one to transfer programs. The apple one, just works. It's shiny
    Two fingered scrolling the best thing i've done two fingers in a while
    Rosetta - one word; seamless.
    MagSafe; unique, simple - seems to work
    Camera quality is amazing for the size of it... hell it's amazing compared to my full size iSight
    Dual cores rock, even down to two graphs in activity monitor or menu meters.
    Did I mention it's shiny?

    The Bad: (Actual flaws in design decisions/ production)
    Battery life is dodge; OK I've not done a calibration yet but the numbers aren't good (I asked for more info on battery runtime-Mike)
    3 hours max and i've been trying to turn everything off. Wi-Fi, BT etc.
    For me being a lowly PC convert, the apple harms me; the track pad is too wide, my little finger keeps straying onto the edge and confusing it. For me it's true of all apple laptop keyboards, it's as if they're slightly out of phase with my hands, I can't hit the A key first time I always end up hitting caps lock
    Front row: Yes it's cool but what is it doing on a laptop. the mac mini needed it but a high end laptop for travelling no point, especially since they took away the s-vid port, you couldn't lay on the bed and watch this insanely bright screen from accross the room... maybe my hotel rooms are just too big!
    Boot time... I expected 27 seconds from some reviews... what happened to mine ?
    Metal case, I know it's shiny... shiny is cool - but metal on my legs with shorts on is cold... then after 20 mins... it's f***ing hot. Not dangerously... but it's certainly lowing my sperm count for the period of use. (not an uncommon complaint with some other notebooks in the past actually.)

    The ugly: (Personal gripes)
    Battery life expectations could get pretty ugly if it doesn't improve after calibration.
    15.4" don't *whistle*; The dude in the store says, yeah it'll fit in a standard 15" case... i think it would be a bit comfy.
    When on mains power and lid closed mode; it seems to get confused easily about sleeping and not sleeping.
    Raised expectation on safari speed... what is all the fuss about?
    Wish the screen would go back further
    I think since apple are embrassing multibuttons the trackpad clicker should be two buttons. Given that apple are finally making mice etc with multiple buttons, it annoys me that it's still not on their laptop range.
    Recently that strange buzzing noise i think has gotten louder. don't get me wrong I'm pleased I bought it but I might speak to them within my 14 day returns policy and ask them about this noise.

    (added 3/13/2006)
    "I ordered a 1.67 GHz, 100 GB 7200 RPM HDD, 1*1GB MacBook Pro on Jan 11th. It was automatically upgraded to 1.83 GHz by Apple. Received March 3rd.
    Random shutdowns occured after 15 seconds to 5 hours. Power Manager reset did not change anything. Same behaviour with/without external power, same behaviour with/without battery.
    Returned to Apple, no information when I get a replacement.
    - Owe E. "

    (added 3/13/2006)
    "Got a Mac Book Pro on March 3 and it had the whine issue as discussed in the Apple Forums (and in some reports below). It was not bad at first but got louder as the days pasted. Adjusting the brightness to full would solve the problem but I am not going to fry my screen and the noise was just not acceptable. I purchased a Mac Book Pro with 2 GB RAM and the 100 GB SATA 5400 RPM drive.

    I am having DHL pick it up tomorrow to ship to Texas for repair. The estimated time was not to exceed 7 days. What a bummer. Luckily I still had my Powerbook 15" 1.67 with 1 GB ram. I backed up the MBP to a firewire drive with Carbon Copy Cloner, no problem. I then took the guts to restore to my PB 1.67. No problems! -Whew!
    -William R. "

    (added 3/13/2006)
    "Just a quick note on World of Warcraft experiences with a new MBP (2GHz, 2GB RAM, 7200 HD). Overall love the machine, but I have had it lock up about 6 times since I got it (2 weeks ago) playing WoW.
    It hasn't had any other problems (occasional graphic glitch rendering web pages that goes away by scrolling the page, displays as one row of text overlaying another row of text in Safari).

    MacBook Pro's are definitely hotter than my old 1.5GHz G4 PowerBook, but I don't think the lock-ups are heat-related as I reboot the machine immediately and the lock-up typically doesn't recur. (maybe check the system/console logs to see if it caught anything related. Also asked if he had added any RAM, etc. to the mix.-Mike)

    I also use the machine in a consistent environment and sometimes I'll play 6 hours and it won't lock up, and other times I'll play for an hour and it will lock up. I'd be curious of other new MBP users having WoW lock-ups, but I haven't seen anyone else have this problem. Granted I play a lot, but it is still frustrating. When it locks up the mouse still moves, but I can't force quit or get the machine to respond in any other way. Reminds me of the lock-ups I used to get in OS X 10.3 where the machine would lock up but the mouse would continue to move. This problem was never addressed that I know of in 10.3 patches and was easy to recreate. Message boards seemed to indicate the problem was somehow network-thread-contention-related.
    For what it's worth. Cheers,
    Andrew "

    (See above for Andrew's later follow-up report). There was a Lookupd issue that someone did a (non-apple) workaround/fix (unlockupd?) IIRC. (Mentioned in the news last year.) Activity monitor could be used to track that.

    (added 3/13/2006)
    "Received my stock 1.83 Macbook Pro two days ago. Speakers sounded good, There is a whine when the system is idle that stops when the iSight is active. It is not loud enough to send it back.
    Also it didn't recognize Movie DVD till a reboot.

    It is going back though for the trackpad. there is a 1/4 inch strip vertically about 1/2 inch from the left side that doesn't register input. The rest of the trackpad starts to act whacky after a while. So I called applecare, let him know I did all the normal troubleshooting things, reset power management, nvram, booted off of the install DVD and the problem is still there. They are sending a box. Hope it comes back fixed.
    -Charles Z."

    (added 3/13/2006 in reply to post below)
    "I also experience the sporadic shutdown problem mentioned in a recent user report (3/10/2006).
    My shutdown problems happened to two new 2.0 GHz Macbooks we purchased for our studio. The problems occurred after we upgraded the 512 MB ram to 2 GB. Once we removed the ram, the problem went away. We sent the ram back a replacement. I'll let you know it new ram solves the problem.
    -Alan B. "

    (added 3/10/2006 - from 3/1 email)
    " I ordered a 1.83 GHz, 100 GB 7200 RPM HDD, 2x512MB MacBook Pro on Jan 19th. It was automatically upgraded to 2.0 GHz by Apple and I subsequently upgraded again to 2.16 GHz. It arrived Feb 27th. I almost immediately knew it was going to be a problem. I booted with the battery then after 5 minutes or so, plugged in the power adapter. Within another 5 minutes it spontaneously shut itself down without warning. The shutdowns continued randomly throughout the day despite my attempts to fix it. I went to Apple's MacBook Pro troubleshooting page and ran all the steps there to no avail. There was no pattern to these shutdowns. It happened on boot, while sleeping, under high CPU load, running on battery or running on the power adapter.

    It went back on the 28th and Apple is sending a replacement. There was some talk of having engineering "capture" the computer but ultimately engineering didn't want it. They also would have repaired it instead of a complete replacement at my option but they couldn't promise that they had the parts in stock. So I opted to get a new machine. The sales support person said that I could expect it to ship within 48 hours of Apple receiving my RMA'd MacBook.
    -Jim B. "

    Cinebench 9.5 Scores from MacBook Pro 2.16GHz

    "Thought your audience might be interested in Cinebench 9.5 scores for my MacBook Pro 2.16GHz with the 7200 RPM 100 GB HD:

    Tester : Jeremy Young
    Processor : MacBook Pro 2.16
    MHz : 2160
    Number of CPUs : 2
    Operating System : Mac OS X 10.4.5
    Graphics Card : ATI Radeon x1600 256MB
    Resolution : 1440 x 900
    Color Depth : 32bit

    Rendering (Single CPU): 330 CB-CPU
    Rendering (Multiple CPU): 610 CB-CPU
    Multiprocessor Speedup: 1.85

    Shading (CINEMA 4D) : 371 CB-GFX
    Shading (OpenGL Software Lighting) : 830 CB-GFX
    Shading (OpenGL Hardware Lighting) : 1422 CB-GFX
    OpenGL Speedup: 3.84

    I asked him how much RAM was installed just for the record (one reader previously said the Intel Macs support dual channel if 2 dimms installed) and how he liked the MacBook:

    "Hi. Love the machine. It seems to have a couple hiccups with Front Row but I expected a couple-- this *is* first generation hardware after all. However, the speed is very quick and I am 110% satisfied with the purchase. If there's other standard benchmarks I could provide for your readership, let me know.
    I only have the standard 1GB Ram stick, but plan to put in another 1GB stick soon.
    - Jeremy"

    Previous scores from other Macs (Intel CPU models, G5s, G4s) are in the Feb 17th news and Feb. 16th news.

    More MacBook Pro owner reports (Speaker Hum, Airport reception, more) (from 3/1/2006 news page)

    " Mike, Just wanted to let you know that I also received a dead OOB MacBook Pro (1.83GHz, 1GB RAM) today.
    Same problem as someone else has described on your site. No chime, black screen, just the light on the lid button comes on. Slight fan noise from the inside. Reacts to nothing (doesn't suck in DVDs, etc.)
    I'll be getting a new one, but apparently that will take quite some time. What a bummer.
    Andreas Varga
    senior programmer
    www.rockstarvienna.com "

    " MacBook Pro report. Only problem I have is that when the backlight is not at full strength, the right speaker will hum. It is 100% because of the backlight as it modulates with each level and disappears when fully bright or completely off.
    Also the whine of the HD comes through just a tad on the left speaker too but that's far less annoying than this issue which I've been in contact with Apple about.

    Other than that it's an exceptional machine except for the speakers. They've been pretty poor since the PowerBooks ditched the G3.
    -Stephen "

    Some other owners mentioned a similar noise, but not everyone did.

    " Recieved my MBP last tuesday (2.0,7200 rpm 100 gig HD) and no problems to report, not even this "Humm". The only oddity I've noticed is a "wave" or wrinkle about a third of the way up the screen when scrolling quickly in Safari. Runs WoW quite nicely so far.
    -John D "

    " I've been running the thing (too much) since I recieved it the 22nd. Its a 2Ghz machine with 2GB of ram and a 100GB 7200 RPM drive. When its very quiet I can hear the hard drive more so than I could hear 5400 rpm drives, but its not an issue. Everything else on it is great. I've tried to test for any problems I've read about, and none seem to be happening on my machine. I love this thing.

    I will say people complaining about Rosetta need more RAM. I ran some rosetta apps with 1GB of ram and it was a noticable difference than with 2GB of ram.
    -D. "

    " MacBook Pro 2.0GHz, stock 100 Meg drive. Added 1 gig from OWC.
    Runs great. No problems. AP reception fantastic. Screen 1% below thermoNUcular. Snappy all around.
    I get the screen hiss, too. Odd fix: open up any app that uses the iSite preview and the hiss magically goes away... I swear I am not making this up.
    -Dave "

    " I got my stock Macbook Pro 1.83ghz last night, put in a 1gb stick I ordered from New Egg (and received a couple weeks ago...) and fired it up. So far the only problem was with iChat and Photo Booth locking up, perhaps a conflict over the iSight?
    (does the system or console log show anything useful on this? I'd also try removing any 3rd party ram to see if that matters-Mike) Overall, I am really happy with it. It's like a work of art, fit and finish are fantastic. It's a sweet upgrade from my iBook G4! Now if VMWare would just port their software over, life would be really good.
    -William H. "

    " Received MBP 2 GHz on Feb 22- no problems in a week of heavy usage
    -John S. "

    " I received my MBP (2.0 GHz, 7200 rpm HDD) on Friday and have been using it since. I fed it another GB of third party RAM and it loves it!
    I've had no problems at all. It whines to itself very quietly under low processor load, but only on battery power at reduced brightness. Even then, it's not enough to bug me.
    It's very fast and compares favourably to my G5 2 x 2.5 GHz tower when it's running universal binaries. Rosetta also performs better than I'd expected, with Excel and photoshop CS1 comparable to my 15" non-HD video 1.67 powerbook.
    Cheers, Calvin "

    Some other Adobe apps users (under Rosetta) noted performance in timed tasks that were comparable to sub-1GHz Powerbook G4. (Jamie at OWC also noted in the post of MacBook Pro benchmarks he was sticking with his PB G4 1.67GHz due to much better Photoshop performance on filter tests. That will change of course when Adobe releases a Universal version of their CS Apps.)

    "Just got my MBP today and it is a real gem!! The only weird thing that happened to me was that when I downloaded some new universal binary versions of software I had from my old Powerbook, the icon on the desktop was still indicating that it was an incomplete one when Safari was showing that it was finished. I went to preferences and changed the download location to documents folder and then back to desktop and all is well. (I suspect this is related to the Finder cache-Mike)
    So far, I am very impressed; great sound, quick (even Rosetta seems faster than my old PB!!) and the screen is gorgeous! It is unbelievably thin. I am considering ditching my Powermac G5 and going totally mobile.
    -Scott "

    (reports from 2/28/2006 follow)
    Until yesterday I'd not had anyone report a real problem with their new MacBook Pro (most raved about them), but yesterday I received 2 reader mails on problems (one battery related, the other no video at startup) and asked if anyone else had a problem with theirs. Most replies to the post didn't note any problems although a few did. (IIRC the industry standard for defects is around 3%.)

    " After about a month and a half of waiting, I finally recieved my Macbook Pro 1.83 dual-core machine today. It is a beautiful machine, but unfortunately has given me quite the headache.

    First of all, the Superdrive is not detected by OSX. Either it's not correctly connected to the motherboard, or the motherboard is faulty. Big disappointment, plus I now have my FCP install disc stuck inside the machine.

    Additionally, there are some very strange graphical glitches happening on the system. When certain applications in the iLife family are launched, the onscreen graphics sometimes scramble, resembling something akin to the faulty load screens on old NES systems. At this point, the computer seems to lock up, but I was still able to take a screen snapshot of the glitch.

    Needless to say, I am very disappointed so far. I love Macs, and am getting this one taken care of as soon as I can, but we live in New Orleans and have no Apple Store around closer than Texas, so we'll just have to ship it back.

    I hope other stories are better than this one. Happy Mardi Gras!
    -Justin M."

    " I don't know if this counts or not, but my MacBook Pro (2.0Ghz 120 Meg HD) lasted long enough to get through the Migration Assistant. After about 2-3 hours of transferring my data from the old system to the MacBook Pro (and teasing me by giving me about 10 minutes to play with it) it shut down completely. It was like somebody cut power to it, no screen, fans, hard disk activity, nothing. Sent it in for repair the day after I received it. Apple says it is repaired and on it's way back. It will be interesting to see what they replaced.

    I was offered the choice of having them send me a replacement, or fixing it. I choose to fix it since they said a replacement would take 6-8 weeks. There was also the possibility they wouldn't have replacement parts, but it was fixed within a day. I hope it doesn't turn out to be a lemon, but I guess I have a years worth of warrantee. I'll be pushing it pretty hard to make sure it's trustworthy.
    -Steve "

    "MBPRO 15/2.0 CTO
    With the following configuration:
    Processor 0656458 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo/256MB
    Memory 0656107 2GB 667 DDR2 2x1GB SODIMMs
    Hard Drive 0656105 120GB Serial ATA Drive@5400rpm
    Optical Drive 0656096 SuperDrive (DVDRW/CDRW)
    Modem 0656279 Apple USB Modem
    Apple Software Solutions 0656200 None
    Keyboard/Mac OS Language 0656461 BkLit Keyboard/Mac OS
    Country Kit/AEX 0656102 Airport Extreme Card and BT

    OOB less than 2 hrs:
    Inserted the 2nd disk (looking for Xcode) - optical drive wasn't recognized. Did all the usual troubleshooting (power-up with this or that key, terminal, reset PRAM) to no avail.

    1st call to tech support netted me an individual who said, "I'm not familiar with the MacBook Pro." Instead of handing me off to someone who did - he proceeded to read out loud from his manual and interrupt me each time I tried to ask for someone with more experience, all the while chewing his gum in my ear. I informed him he was an idiot.

    2nd call netted a pleasant tech who had to hand me off to someone when he realized the CTO aspect. Second tier tech said she would "escalate" my case # to the engineering department despite my insistence that I was not interested in repair. Said to email her if I hadn't heard from her by MON.

    The next day (FRI) I called tech support again and spoke to another second tier tech who insinuated that the advantage to going through the Engineering department was replacement (new computer NOT repair) turn-around (3-6 days as opposed to 3-4 weeks). He said to call him on TUES if I hadn't heard anything.

    MON produced several heated rounds with tech support (turns out a phone call to engineering could have occurred on the 1st day with an RMA assigned) before ending up with Customer Service. Got the RMA, drove to FedEx drop-off center and called Apple (to confirm drop off) only to learn the last tech had ordered a 2.0GHz replacement instead of the 2.16GHz. The tech corrected the order and listened to what I was thinking about Apple and their customer/tech support.

    Once home - the estimated delivery of the replacement computer is 3 April. I called Apple back to vent some more to no avail. My replacement computer supposedly has "front of the line" status but it will not get here for my birthday tomorrow (my 50th - so it is kind of special).

    Probably more than you wanted to here - but it is the tale of another OOB DOA MacBook Pro with an sad commentary on the current state of Apple customer support.

    " You asked. :)
    No problems to report. Ordered mine on 2/14, arrived on 2/21. I bought the 2Ghz model, only CTO option was a 7200rpm HD, and I added a Crucial 1GB DIMM to bring it up to 2GB.
    I hear the quiet modulating hum from the upper left of the case that others have reported, but it's minor and not an inconvenience.
    Absolutely loving this thing to death (moved up from an iBook G3/800, which didn't have little things like USB 2.0, 802.11g, or Bluetooth).
    - Joshua O. "

    If anyone else has just gotten a new MacBook Pro, let me know if you've seen any OOB problems or not. (Over the weekend when I can get some free time, I'll post a page with all MacBook Pro owner reports so far - the vast majority of which are positive.)

    (from 2/27/2006 news page) Several readers had gotten MacBook Pros last week and didn't note any problems out of the box, but 2 readers today sent word about initial problems with theirs.

    " Can you ask your readers a question? I received my (2GHz) Macbook Pro on Friday, it was defective and now I have to play a waiting game to get a replacement...in the mean time I am still in possession of the useless Macbook....have any readers had defect issues with the Macbooks and how has apple been in dealing with them?
    (I asked him for more details on the problem he saw-Mike)

    Well essentially, when it booted up it had an X on the battery icon, it would not boot from battery or even see the battery as inserted...yet if I pulled the powercord..it would run off battery.... just no indication of charge or anything....
    The apple rep i spoke to told me there was a "known" issue but would not elaborate and told me I had to take it to a genius to handle the RMA. (I asked if he was told to try any troubleshooting like resetting the pwr mgr, etc.-Mike)
    Power manager reset nothing else. Reset PM..no effect..even went to apple store and tried it with one of their batteries...no go...same results..definitely the Macbook.
    As of this moment, I am waiting on a Fedex waybill from Apple to send the defective one back and as soon as they have updated tracking they claim they will send a replacement out immediately.
    Richard C. "

    There's always a chance of getting a bad one (with anything) but I decided to post this after getting another mail within a few hours of the first:

    " I'm just wondering if any readers have encountered problems with dead/non-booting MacBook Pros yet?

    I finally received my Core-Duo 2.0Ghz custom-ordered model this morning (7200RPM 100GB drive and 2 512MB DIMMS), and upon powering it up, I got no chime or video display. I could hear the hard drive spin up and I think the cooling fan, but nothing else except a white light on the button you press to open the lid.

    I tried all of the recommended tips, including resetting the PMU and PRAM to no avail. (The keyboard didn't even appear to be responding, since the light never came on when I pressed on the CAPS-LOCK key.)

    I even tried re-seating the DIMMs, as well as removing one at a time and trying to boot with only one, and then the other one installed. Nothing!

    I ended up having to request an RMA and shipped it back to Apple via FedEx this afternoon. How disappointing!
    - Tom "

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