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How I Reduced Fan Noise in a Quicksilver G4 Tower: Part 2
By Rob Huigsloot
Published: 8/17/2001

Disclaimer/Caution: This article is for entertainment purposes only. The author nor the site publisher assumes any liability for modifications you make to the original system, cooling, wiring etc. which voids the warranty and may affect short or long term reliability. Incorrectly done modifications may cause immediate system damage or injury.

How I Reduced Fan Noise in a Quicksilver G4 Tower Part 2

I felt safer if I could control the temperature in my system again. The original 12cm Delta fan has a heat sensor on it. When the inside of the machine gets too hot the fan will start spinning faster.

With my first mod, whatever temperature the inside of my box was it would allways spin at the same speed. Well, that didn't feel comfy so I went out to the parts-shop again and got me a potmeter, 1 12V in and 2 12V out Molex connectors, a small black box and a different kind of voltage regulator, a small resistor and a knob.


I build the kit, removed the internal speaker which I didn't need anyway because I have a Creative set of speakers connected and installed the voltage regulator knob.

Inside the case

The pictures show you the result. Is this looking "cool" or what? The plate I connected the potmeter on is a slightly modified powerbook-battery-box ;-)
not the cleanest job but it's inside the machine so who cares.

Rotary Switch

Now when I'm playing Quake or run dcnet, the knob is at full speed mode and when I'm just surfin' the knob is turned down to comfy-sound mode.

Btw. in this process I killed another annoying sound, the cracking and hissing the internal speaker does at startup just after open-transport has loaded :o) "

Other Photos:

Front View

Knob closeup

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