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News Archive for Monday June 11th, 2012

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iPhoto 9.3 and Aperture 3.3 Updates (Info/Downloads):

"What's New in iPhoto 9.3:

  • iPhoto can now open libraries from Aperture 3.3 or later
  • AVCHD video is now supported
  • The Description field now automatically expands as needed when entering text
  • You can now flag a photo in Magnify (1-up) view by clicking a Flag icon displayed in the upper left corner of the photo
  • Keywords and titles are now preserved when exporting files with embedded GPS location data
  • A new Export option allows you to automatically organize exported photos into subfolders by event

The update is recommended for all users of iPhoto '11.
System Requirements: OS X Lion 10.7.4 or later"

Here's the download page for Aperture 3.3. I posted the release notes earlier today in the updated Apple docs listing below. (Today's list also has several related to these updates.)


iTunes 10.6.3 (Security/Bug Fixes and 10.8 Support)
(As usual download button goes to

"About iTunes 10.6.3
iTunes 10.6.3 includes support for OS X Mountain Lion and addresses a number of important issues:

  • Addresses a problem where iTunes may become unresponsive when syncing an iPad (1st generation) that contains an iBooks textbook
  • Fixes a problem where photos synced to a device may appear in an unexpected order
  • Resolves an issue where iTunes may unexpectedly delete playlists created on a device
  • Fixes issues where iTunes may unexpectedly delete apps on a device
  • Improves overall performance and

For information on the security content of this update, please visit:

SHA1 - (Mac) e673e5cbd2955130efbc92a788fff178e66bd155
SHA1 - (Win) 2618f701f1d1a853e33138a57bec193bcd08438e"

Here's the doc with details about the security content of iTunes 10.6.3.


FCP X, Motion 5, Compressor 4 Updates w/support for Retina Display MBP (& more)
Don't own these Pro Apps but saw info on the updates today:

Final Cut Pro X version 10.0.5 improves overall stability and is enhanced for the MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012).
This update also addresses the following issues:

  • Fixes an issue in which changes were not properly saved when working off a SAN.
  • Improves performance when switching between projects on a SAN.
  • Fixes an issue which could lead to Multicam Clips losing their Roles after relaunching Final Cut Pro X.
  • Allows for YouTube uploads longer than 15 minutes.
  • Correctly marks in and out points for spanned clips imported using the Sony Camera Import Plug-in PDZK-LT2.

Info on changes in Motion 5.0.4:

"Motion version 5.0.4 improves overall stability and is enhanced for the MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012).
This update also resolves issues in FxPlug 2 where some images were returned at half height or upside down. "

And also a download of Motion 5 Content v.1.1.

"About Motion 5 Content v1.1
This update includes the following Motion 5 content enhanced for the Macbook Pro with Retina display:

  • Motion Templates: A variety of professionally-designed, customizable templates.
  • Motion Library Content: Animated vector graphics, backgrounds, template media, sample Motion projects, and royalty-free still images.

This update is recommended for all users of Motion 5."

Here's changes listed for Compressor 4.0.4:

Compressor version 4.0.4 improves overall stability and performance including:
  • Enhancements to Share Monitor for MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012).
  • Resolves a stability issue that could occur when selecting the Publish to YouTube job action from the Inspector

  • An Apple doc notes that these Pro App updates require OS X v10.6.8 or v10.7.4.
    *Update:* On Tuesday (6/12) Apple posted iMovie 9.0.6 update w/Retina support as well.

    (FYI: See Apple Docs listing today for other related/updated docs.)


    New MacBook Pros/Airs, iOS 6/MLion at WWDC (Mac Pro gets CPU speed bump)
    Links to updated product pages/info from today's WWDC Keynote. Lots of changes although not all rumors were true.

    The Apple Store is back online (w/updates).

    (Mid-2012) Mac Pro gets a CPU Speed Bump:
    Although not mentioned in the Keynote, the Apple store's "New to the Store" list (a "New" tag was later removed) included the Mac Pro, which had a CPU speed bump ($2499 entry Quad-Core is now 3.2GHz, w/6GB ram) but no major design changes that I can see.
    (We hoped for a new motherboard w/Thunderbolt, New CPUs, PCIe 3.0, SATA III, USB 3.0 and some new Graphics cards - but maybe next year.)

    Other New Apple Items:
    Here's a few other new items/accessories added at the Apple Store:

    In "new to the store" column they also list an iPad smart case that covers front and back. (See below for Apple software/utility updates to support the new Express base, T'Bolt Ethernet adapter and Software Update for Mid-2012 MacBook Pros.)


    More 2006 Mac Mini and iMac CPU (Core2 Duo) Upgrade Reports:
    Added 2 more reports (Thanks Alex and Travis) to our page on 2006-08 Mac Mini CPU/EFI/Lion Upgrades. One report notes the Combo OS X 10.7.4 update did restore the supported macs plist file. (The delta 10.7.4 update didn't per previous reports).
    Also added to that page is a 2006 iMac owner's notes on swapping in a Core2Duo CPU. (Like the 2006-08 Mini, early Intel-based iMacs also had a socketed CPU.)

    (Freeware VM) Virtualbox Feedback page updated:
    Added a friend's v4.1.6 problem report to the Mac owner reports on VirtualBox.
    (If anyone has a tip/suggestion send a note - TIA.)

    Apple/products related News/WWDC Keynote Video/Updates:
    (Airport Utility updates add support for new Express base.)

    New/Updated Apple Support/How-To/Troubleshooting Articles:

    Other News/Articles/Reviews/OT:

    Recent Articles/Tips/Tweaks/Reviews:
    Listing/links to updates, articles, tips and reviews you may have missed.

    Previous News Pages:
    For links to older news pages, see the Archives.
    (Saturday pages have previous week's summary/links.)


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