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News Archive for Friday May 11th, 2012

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Another 2006 Mac Mini Core 2 Duo CPU/Firmware/Lion Upgrade Report
Added another report (2006 Mini w/Core Duo originally now w/2.33GHz C2D) to our page on (2006-08) Mac Mini C2D Upgrades (Chip Swaps). Includes a note that OS X Lion 10.7.4 didn't restore the supported mac models plist although didn't mention if he updated to 10.7.4 via SU, Delta or Combo Updater. (He later wrote he used Software Update)
And like the previous report, he also updated the EFI firmware/bootrom from mini 1,1 to 2,1. (3GB ram support w/mini 2,1 vs 2GB with mini 1,1.)

Report on Sonnet Tempo Pro eSATA Driver problems after 10.7.4 Update
*Update/More Info*: Kevan G. sent a note that Sonnet has now posted a Support Note on this issue, saying it only affects 32bit mode:

"eSATA drives won't mount after updating to OS X 10.7.4 (May-15-12)
Sonnet has isolated the occurance of drives not mounting in 10.7.4, which occurs only in 32-bit mode with the Tempo SATA E4P, E4i, and Tempo SATA Pro ExpressCard/34. Users running in 64-bit mode will not experience any issue. (To boot in 64-bit, hold down the 6 and 4 keys when the Mac starts up.) Install driver 2.2.9 or greater to fix the 32-bit mode issue. This driver version will be posted by May 17th."

v2.2.9 Update Posted: They didn't make the promised 5/17 release date but when I checked Saturday (5/19) morning the Tempo Pro drivers page v2.2.9 was there. (E4P page linked but same Tempo Pro SATA driver download also at Tempo E4i drivers and Tempo SATA Pro expresscard drivers pages.)

BTW - I need to find the link again to post but some later reports in apple's forums were about a Sonnet AHCI extension (p/o a driver install) that should be removed (not needed with post-10.7.1 versions IIRC). Also some notes about 3rd party utils like SMCfancontrol, iStat's utils, etc causing a lot of console messages related to the new 10.7.4 SMC kernel extension which now logs errors/polling of non-existing sensors/fans, etc in some models. (One suggestion other than the obvious removing the 3rd party app/util was to reinstall the 10.7.3 kext from the 10.7.3 Combo Updater via Pacifist utility.)

(the original post from May 11th follows)

After upgrading to Lion 10.7.4 my volumes attached via a Sonnet (eSATA) Pro Express/34 card no longer mount. I have the current driver from Sonnet v2.2.8. The volumes appear in Disk Utility, AND pass both the disk verify and repair. However, attempts to mount the volumes result in a message from Disk Utility to attempt repairing the disk...

(later post)
Yes, it was working fine under Lion OSX 10.7.3.
Have 16 TB attached to the Sonnet Tempo Pro Expresscard/34 in a port multiplier enclosure. Contacted Sonnet about this and the reply thus far was:

'Our engineers are looking into this right now. Hopefully it's an easy fix to the driver that we'll post quickly to our website.'

My first thought was to try reinstalling the drivers. (The Sonnet "Pro" sata cards are not SI3132 based but this reminded me of past tips on SI3132 driver reinstalls after first upgrading to Snow Leopard and Lion.) He later wrote a driver reinstall didn't help.
Usually if a driver was broken by an update the attached drives would not be accessable at all but from the above comments they do appear in Disk Utility and checked out but just wouldn't mount. (Vol info problem on boot HD?).

(I've also seen some 10.7.4 posts on other old tips for problems after OS updates like disconnecting/reconnecting USB devices to get them recognized again, reinstalling using the Combo updater, etc. helping for some. The #1 tip of course is to have a good backup or clone before applying OS updates.)


Reader FYI on Trim Enabler after OS X 10.7.4 Update
(late posting this reader mail from Wednesday night after 10.7.4 was released)

"Re: OS X 10.7.4 and Trim Enabler
You might want to remind your readers that after the 10.7.4 update they should check Trim Enabler (if they use it). I had to reapply the patch after this update, I haven't had to do that for several of the previous updates.
(I asked for info on SSD used)
I have an OCZ "Agility" drive in a Mac Pro 1,1. I have an OWC SSD in a white MacBook that I let my sons use. I haven't updated that one yet, I'll let you know what happens with TRIM in that one later today. I've never had to use Trim Enabler with my OWC Sandforce drive.
(Update: He later wrote:)
Oops! I had to check the System Report on several machines to get it all straight (I'm the IT guy for my wife's MacBook, my son's MacBook, as well as my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro!). You are correct, OWC drives have their own disk management software built in and don't use trim at all, so the wife's always shows up as "unsupported". It is my son's Intel SSD that is trim supported by Apple; my OCZ SSDs need Trim Enabler and I had to re-apply the patch after the 10.7.4 update.
-David C"

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