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Firewire Hard Drive Related Articles
Firewire 800 Controller/Hard Drive Tests
Review of OWC's Firewire 800/USB 2.0/1.1 Hard drive and PCI FW800 card. Tests include FW400 vs FW800 with single drives and dual drive RAID (with onboard FW400 and single and dual FW800 PCI Card RAID).
Testing Hitachi's 7200 RPM notebook hard drive
Tests with the Hitachi 60GB 7200 RPM Travelstar notebook hard drive in a portable Firewire case. (Fits ibook and powerbook models.) This is the first 7200 rpm notebook drive generally available.
Hitachi 80GB iBook/PowerBook Hard Drive Tests
Tests with the Hitachi 80GB Travelstar notebook hard drive in a portable Firewire case. (Fits ibook and powerbook models.)
iPod Hard Drive
Performance Tests
Roger Smith sent test results of iPod hard drive performance compared to the PB G4/550, iBook 600 and 8500 (G3 upgrade+PCI FW card+ATA/66 card). He also comments on the $99 SIIG FW/USB PCI card used in the 8500.
OS X 10.1 Issues with Oxford911 based Firewire Drives
(*Update* OS X 10.1.1 should solve the issues many saw with 10.1 and Firewire drives.) Many users of the fast Oxford911 bridge based firewire drives have reported problems with mounting or waking from sleep after updating to OS X 10.1. This article notes my tests, reports from readers (many from the drive database) and notes on OWC and Macway's firmware updates released to fix the problem. (All drives sold by OWC and Macway after 10/19/2001 should have the new firmware installed already.)
OS X vs OS 9.1 Firewire Performance
Using a G4/450 Cube, I tested Firewire drive performance in OS X vs. OS 9.1. I used the fastest portable and AC powered Firewire cases I could find to date - both with the Oxford 911 Firewire/IDE bridge board. The portable drive used a 48GB IBM Travelstar and the AC powered case use a 60GB IBM 75GXP drive.
OWC On-The-Go Portable Firewire Drive
Reader report with comments on Final Cut Pro and other Digital Video experiences with the OWC portable firewire drive.
OWC Fast Firewire Case w/Oxford911 Bridge
Real world and Benchmark tests of the OWC firewire case kit with fast IDE/Firewire bridge vs. my original Clubmac case with both using an IBM 75GXP 60GB drive. Also included are results with my ultraslim VST 12GB portable drives. Systems tested were a Dual G4/500, Powerbook G4/400, Powerbook G3/500 and 9600/350 with PCI Firewire card.
VST Portable Firewire Drive Swap
Photo illustrated article on how I replaced the hard drive in a VST portable firewire case. (These cases are not meant to be opened by end users and this is not recommended.)
TransIntl 12GB Portable
Firewire Drive
Review and performance comparison of's 12GB portable firewire drive compared to the more expensive VST superslim drive.
Lacie's PocketDrive
Portable Firewire/USB Drive
Reader comments, performance tests and photos inside the case of the Lacie portable hard drive with Firewire and USB ports. (Reviews/articles on other portable drives are farther down the page here)
VST SuperSlim 12GB
Kit Built 12GB
Comparing the more expensive 12GB VST bus-powered portable Firewire drive against a 12GB portable drive kit built using Firewire Direct's kit. Tests with onboard Firewire Macs aas well as a dramatic illustration of how your choice of PCI Firewire controller card can affect performance (especially write performance) for older Macs.
Removable Media Drive Related Articles
Iomega Peerless Firewire Drive
Reader comments on tests with a Firewire Iomega Peerless removable media drive.
USB ZIP 250 Firewire Adapter Performance Tests
Rob Bergstrom sent results of tests comparing a USB ZIP 250 drive performance with the Firewire adapter. Also included are comparisons to a USB ZIP 100MB drive and tests with 100MB disks in the 250MB drive. Is the Firewire adapter worth it? Take a look!
Firewire Case Kit Related Articles
ADS Pyro FW Case Kit/24X CDRW Owner Reports
Pyro case kit owner reports/comments on running 24x IDE CDRW drives in the case. (Note: Applies also to some faster than 24x rated drives - like the Lite-On 40x12x48x based on my experience in April 2002 with a 3 FW port model Pyro case.)
Portable Firewire Case Kit w/Oxford911 Bridge
Illustrated build guide on the first Oxford 911 bridge based portable firewire case I've seen. Includes some initial performance test comments also. Tested with a 48GB Travelstar hard drive.
OWC Fast Firewire Case w/Oxford911 Bridge - Photo Guide to Installing a Drive
Photo illustrated guide to installing a hard drive in the OWC $139 Firewire case kit for 3.5" IDE drives that uses the fast Oxford 911 bridge board.
OWC Fast Firewire Case w/Oxford911 Bridge
Performance tests with OWC's $139 Firewire case kit for 3.5" IDE drives that uses the fast Oxford 911 bridge board.
Complete Guide to MacAlly & ADS Pyro Firewire Case Kits.
Reader Paul J. Tetreault, Jr. reviews both the MacAlly and ADS Pyro Firewire Hard Drive Case Kits. A very complete 4 page article that covers installation tips, compatibility issues and much more.
Portable Firewire Drive Kit
How-To & Performance Comparisons
Illustrated guide to building your own bus-powered Firewire 2.5" drive using Firewire Direct's kit. Includes installation guide, software install and size/performance comparisons to VST's superslim 12GB drive model. Also included is a dramatic illustration of how your choice of PCI firewire card can affect performance.
Clubmac FireWire Case
A Reader reports on performance with a ClubMac Firewire external hard disk case that has an adapter to use IDE drives.
Firewire, FW/USB PCI Controller Card Related Articles
Geethree Sweet Multiport Kit user reports
User feedback on the Sweet Multiport Kit (PCI FW/USB Hub card + front bay card reader kit for Mac towers)
G5 Owner Reports on Firewire & FW/USB Cards
Powermac G5 system specific reader reports on PCI Firewire, USB and Firewire/USB Combo cards. (Also includes reports on Hubs and other USB or Firewire devices (Scanners, Cameras, card readers, etc.)
Feedback on PCI Firewire, USB and FW/USB combo card Deep Sleep Support
Reader reports on Deep Sleep Support with PCI Firewire, USB and Firewire/USB Combo cards. For PowerMac G5 Specific reports - see the article above.
Firewire 800 Hard Drive Tests using PCI FW800 Cards
Review of OWC's Firewire 800/USB 2.0/1.1 Hard drive and PCI FW800 card. Tests include FW400 vs FW800 with single drives and dual drive RAID (with onboard FW400 and single and dual FW800 PCI Card RAID).
B&W G3 Owners Report PCI Firewire Cards Help Solve Onboard FW Issues
For B&W G3 owners that have seen firewire problems using the onboard FW ports (disconnects, errors, etc.) you might want to read the posts from readers that noted PCI Firewire cards helped. See the reports in the Nov. 20th, 2001 and Nov. 26th, 2001 news pages.
Reports on SIIG Firwire+USB 2.0+Ethernet Combo PCI Card
Reader reports from Legacy Mac owners (8500, 9600 and Beige G3) on the SIIG combo card. Also see a report on the card from a Digital Audio owner on the Deep Sleep reports page.
Sonnet Tango vs Orange Micro Firewire/USB card Real World Tests (including Audio)
A reader with a 9500 Mac sent comments and results of his real world tests between the Orange Micro Firewire/USB 2.0 card and a Sonnet Tango FW/USB 1.0 card.
Faster Controllers
for Audio
Although not a full review, Issue #64 of our Audio Column includes comments on a 9500 owner looking for a faster drive controller for audio use.
Low-Cost Firewire Card
Performance Tests
Performance comparison of a low cost 4-port (3 external, 1 internal) Firewire PCI card against the previous speed champ, the Meltdown Systems Rocketfire Firewire/USB card. Tests used an S900 with CPU upgrade and VST portable hard drive. Also tested with Sony Firewire CDRW drive.
Firewire/USB Cards
Owner Comments
Reader feedback on PCI controllers combining Firewire and USB interfaces. Many reports from owners of older Macs as well as Beige G3 systems that didn't ship with USB or Firewire. The cards are attractive as they combine both interfaces and save a PCI slot compared to separate Firewire and USB PCI cards. (Update: Since this original page has grown so large, I've added separate pages with later reports on more CompUSA combo card owner comments and Powerlogix RapidFire card owner comments also.)
Firewire CDRW/DVD Recorder Related Articles/Info
OWC's Firewire DVD-R/RW Drive
Tests w/PB G4 & iDVD2
OWC's Firewire superdrive (DVD-R/RW, CDR/CDRW) external drive first to ship with an enabler to allow use with iDVD2.1 in OS X. Review includes tests with Powerbook G4 and notes on iTunes3, Toast5, etc. compatibility.
ADS Pyro FW Case Kit/Fast CDRW Owner Reports
Pyro case kit owner reports/comments/tips on running 24x (or faster) IDE CDRW drives in the case.
Formac 12/10/32 Firewire CDRW Review
A review of Formac's unusual bus-powered (on G4 Towers and Cubes) 12/10/32 CDRW drive with Burn-Proof. Includes tests in Toast 4.1.2, Toast 5.01, iTunes 1.1, Disc Burner 1.01 and Digital Audio Extraction.
Formac 16/10/40 Firewire CDRW Review
Reader review of Formac's 16/10/40 Firewire CDRW drive with Burn-Proof.
Lacie Pocketdrive 8/4/32
Firewire CDRW
Reader report on the bus powered portable Lacie 8/4/32 CDRW drive.
Bracket Shorted
On 1/8/2001, a reader provided photos and comments on his new CDRW drive that showed a bracket shorting across the firewire bridge card circuit traces. Previous owner reports didn't note this problem, so I don't know if it was just the fact an insluator was left off on his drive, or if they changed bridge board/case mfrs and didn't spot this.
Misc. Storage Related Articles
Hard Disk Toolkit 4.0 vs
Apple's Drivers
A reader provided graphs of performance tests of FWB's Hard Disk Toolkit 4.0 drivers versus Apple's Drive Setup drivers (OS 9.04 version). The results are surprising and could save you a few $$.
Native PowerPC Code
Disk Drivers Comments
Intech, SoftRaid and Prosoft reply to an claim by FWB (now removed) that they had the only PowerPC native code storage drivers. (After this article was posted, FWB changed the wording from 'only' to 'leading' on their web page).
Disk Cache Size vs. Performance
Effect of Disk Cache size on performance.
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