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Graphics Card/Video Related Articles
Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.10.1 (Yosemite)
(Dec 2014) See post for download of new Nvidia Quadro/Geforce driver 343.01.02f03 for OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite. (Still waiting for an OS X CUDA update that works with the 343.01.02 drivers without user mods/edits to CUDA files.)
Nvidia CUDA Update
for OS X 10.10.x to 10.8.x
(Nov 2014) See post for download of Nvidia CUDA Update for OS X 10.10.x-10.8.x. (Update: See info down that page on manual edit tips for CUDA 6.5.25 to fix the "CUDA Update Required" problem when using the Nvidia Graphics driver update for OS X 10.10.1.)
Nvidia CUDA & Quadro/Geforce Driver Update for OS X 10.9.5
(Sept 2014) See post for download of new Nvidia Quadro/Geforce drivers for OS X 10.9.5 and CUDA 6.5.18 drivers for OS X 10.9.5 compatibility.
Nvidia CUDA & Quadro/Geforce Driver Update for OS X 10.9.4
(July 2014) See post for download and info on new Nvidia Quadro/Geforce drivers for OS X 10.9.4, with supported GPUs/Macs list and download of new OS X CUDA drivers for OS X 10.9.4.
2011 MacBook Pro GPU Problems/Logic Board Replacements
(June 2014) Notes on repeated failures/repairs (logic board replacements) of 2011 MacBook Pros including a reader report on getting a Late 2013 MacBook Pro (retina) replacement after the 3 repairs/4th failure. (Includes link to 400+ 500+ page Apple forum thread from 2011 MacBook Pro owners and Petition to Apple to replace/fix all affected MBPs.)
Nvidia CUDA & Quadro/Geforce Driver Update for OS X 10.9.3
(May 2014) See post for download and info on new Nvidia Quadro/Geforce drivers for OS X 10.9.3, supported GPUs/Macs listing and Notes on new CUDA drivers for OS X.
Nvidia CUDA & Quadro/Geforce Driver Update for OS X 10.9.2
(Apr 2014) See post for download and info on new Nvidia Quadro/Geforce drivers for OS X 10.9.2, supported GPUs/Macs listing and Notes on new CUDA drivers for OS X. Includes link to some problem reports from users of PC (unflashed and flashed) GTX-570/560 owners. (As mentioned before, if you have problems using DisplayPort output in OS X 10.9.2, try DVI port if possible.) FYI: The D/L page changed for "F04" release (4/24/2014).
2007 Mac Pro w/PC Radeon 7970 running OS X Mavericks
(Dec 2013) Reader's notes on his 2007 Mac Pro 2,1 running OS X 10.9 Mavericks via Tiamo's Boot EFI patch with a (PC) Radeon 7970 graphics card. (Using a cable mod for 8-pin aux power.)
New Nvidia Quadro/GeForce Drivers for OS X 10.8.5
(Build 12F45)
(Oct 9, 2013) New Nvidia v313.01.03F02 driver release for OS X 10.8.5 (Build 12F45) that replaces the previous (f01) drivers for OS X 10.8.5 Build 12F37 that were disabled after applying the OS X 10.8.5 Supplemental Update (or the Oct. 3rd reposted 10.8.5 Download updaters) which up the 10.8.5 build number to 12F45. (Also a new CUDA update.)
27" iMac AMD Radeon 6970M
Failures/Replacement Program
(Aug. 16, 2013) Apple notes "some AMD Radeon HD 6970M video cards used in 27inch iMac computers with 3.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 or 3.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processors may fail, causing the computer's display to appear distorted, white or blue with vertical lines, or to turn black..." (see page for full details/info on range of affected models)
EVGA GeForce GTX-680
Mac Edition
(Apr. 4, 2013) Mac GeForce GTX 680 with 2GB GDDR5, PCIe 2.0. See Press release and product page. (My site sponsor now has EVGA GTX 680 Mac Edition listed.)
Nvidia GTX 570 in
Mac Pro (OS X 10.8.1)
w/Benchmarks vs 8800GT
(Sept 11, 2012) Article from a 2008 Mac Pro owner (running OS X 10.8.1 Mountain Lion) on an Nvidia GTX-570 video card upgrade (bought at auction site) that replaced an Nvidia 8800GT card. Report includes benchmarks vs the previous 8800GT card including LuxMark 2.0, smallluxGPU, OpenGL, Cinebench, NovaBench and FPS.
Nvidia Quadro K5000
for Mac Pro
(Sept 7, 2012) Link is to Nvidia's product page for the Mac Quadro K5000. (Historically Quadro cards in OS X have often been expensive disappointments as far as performance for the cost.)
More on 15" Mid-2010 MacBook Pro Video Problems and Warranty Repair Extension
(Aug 2012) Report from an affected 15in Mid-2010 MacBook Pro owner on multiple motherboard replacements to fix Video/GPU problems. Includes links/notes on apple's updated article on the topic that (as of 7/31/2012) extends the warranty repair for this problem to 3 years from date of purchase, with a note in the doc on 'extensions as necessary'.
(Also includes links to previous posts here on Mid-2010 MacBook Pro 15" (w/Nvidia GT330M) video problems going back to fall 2011, the evolving apple support document on the problem and apple's previously posted Video/OS updates for 15" 2010 MacBook Pros (OS X Lion & Snow Leopard) which may not fix the problem so they added the extended repair service for affected models.)
2010 MacBook Pro 13" owner notes on Nvidia 320M Problems
(July 2012) Notes/links from owners of MacBook Pros with w/Nvidia GT320M graphics about problems/failures they have seen and/or had repaired. Includes links to threads on this problem with screenshots (checkerboard patterns, etc) and repair/replacement reports. Like some others, a reader was offered a replacement motherboard but is concerned about a repeat of the problem over time. (FYI: See above for info on similar problems with 15in (GT330M) Mid-2010 MacBook Pros which have an apple doc/repair extension program but not seen one for the 13in/320M models so far.)
MacBook Pro (Nvidia 8600M) GPU Failures/Repairs
(Aug 2012-Jul 2008) Our original article from July 2008 (updated 100+ times) on flawed Nvidia GPU/Failures including the 8600M used in some series of MacBook Pros. Includes Apple's doc on the issue that notes affected MacBook Pro model production ranges and a warranty extension, Tips for affected model owners, and many reader reports (good and bad) on their experience with the extended repair program. (FYI: Apple doc on this updated to note the repair program ended Dec. 7th, 2012.)
Nvidia 8800GT Card
Oven-Bake/Solder Reflow
Tip (Feedback)
(Apr 2012) A few more positive reports on the "Oven Bake"/solder reflow fix (example youtube video) for some Nvidia 8800GT card problems in Apple's Mac Pro forums. Some earlier/older threads on Nvidia 8800GT card problems have updated posts (here and here) on the oven-bake fix. As always, YMMV. (Some MP owners had also tried older tips on removing dust buildup, redoing thermal paste, SMCfanControl to boost case fan speeds for better cooling, etc.) I was skeptical when I first heard about it but oven baking posts in Nvidia's forums go back to 2010.
Late 2008 MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.8
(Late Feb 2012) Per Apple's Download page, for Late 2008 15in MacBook Pros and said to fix a graphics issue that may cause internal display flicker.
Nvidia Posts Drivers/CUDA Update for OS X Lion
(Late Feb 2012) Nvidia posted drivers/CUDA update for OS X Lion - said to work with non-Mac ROM cards, including GTX-580. If any reader tries these drivers let me know if you see any pros or cons and your GPU/system details. Thanks. (Note: a reader said 10.7.3 has a later revision but more limited GPU support.)
Reader Feedback on Mac ATI 5870 graphics card
(Dec 2011) Replies to a reader request for Mac 5870 user feedback from longer term use. (i.e. any app or OS issues seen over time, would they buy again, etc). Also includes some owner's notes on flashed models (including 6870s) as well as comparison of 5870 vs 6870 hardware features and clock rates.
Reader Feedback on Flashed Radeon 6870 in Mac Pro (2008)
(Nov 2011) 2008 Mac Pro owner notes on using a flashed PC Radeon 6870 video card in his Mac Pro running OS X Lion. (Using unofficial 64bit EFI rom noted earlier.)
2010 MacBook Pro 15"
Video Driver Update
(to fix intermittent black screen/no video/freezes)
(Oct. 2011) Hopefully a fix for this issue (intermittent freezes/black screen, no video) noted here on 10/13/2011. Initially the updater was only for Lion, but Apple later posted an updater for 10.6.8 users.
(BTW: The Apple doc has a note that if symptoms persist after the update, Apple service is reqd. They also note an extended service period (beyond the std warranty) for this issue.)
64-bit EFI ROM
for Radeon 6870
(Aug 2011) Post regarding a 64bit EFI ROM for flashing PC Radeon 6870s for use in Mac Pro 2008 and later. (EFI64 models, Mac Pro 3,1 and later models.)
Report of PC Radeon 6870 working w/OS X 10.6.6 Drivers from 2011 MBP
(Mar 2011) Posts regarding ATI drivers (kext) from early 2011 MacBook Pro's 10.6.6 build's working with reference (std/PC) Radeon 6870 cards (less boot screen). Also said to work with PC/ref 5870s as well.
Apple Exchange/Refund Program for certain S/N Radeon 2600 XT's w/Distorted Video
(Feb 2011) Apple has posted a doc with info on certain S/N ATI 2600 with Distorted Video issues that they're offering to replace with a 'version 2' of the card. (Or provide a refund if you purchased a replacement card due to this defect previously. Per a report the amount was capped at $250.)
(FYI: Apple doc on this was updated Dec. 7th, 2012 to note this repair program has ended.)
Apple replacement/refund program for certain S/N ATI X1900 XT's w/distorted video
(Sept 2010) Apple has posted a doc with info on certain S/N ATI X1900 XT's with Distorted Video issues that they're (finally) offering to replace (with Nvidia 8800GTs reportedly as X1900's are no longer available). The doc also notes a refund is possible if you previously paid for a replacement for one of the affected (S/N) X1900 XTs. (Several readers have sent feedback on the replacement/refund program as well.)
2009 Mac Pro owner running GTX-285 and ATI 4870 Cards (via Aux power Y adapters)
(April 2010) Comments from a 2009 Mac Pro owner on using both an Nvidia GTX-285 and an ATI 4870 graphics card. (By using Y adapters off the Mac Pros 2 Aux Power Connectors, since each card requires 2 power connections.) I know in the past some Mac Pro owners had used ext PS or adapters off the PATA Optical drive connections in pre-09 Mac Pros. And yes, he knows that apple lists 300W Max for the PCIe cards in the manual.
XFX 4870/1GB VRAM flashed for Mac Pro Use
(July 2009) Reader notes/links on flashing a PC XFX brand Radeon 4870/1MB vram for use in his (PCIe 1.0) Mac Pro.
Mac Edition Review

(vs ATI 4870 and GT120)
(June 2009) Review/comparisons of EVGA's Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 Mac edition vs the Mac ATI 4870 and the base Geforce GT120 card, tested in a 2009 Mac Pro 8-core 2.66GHz system. Includes pages on apps/game tests, power (watts) usage, benchmarks and Bootcamp/Vista use. (Including EVGA's Precision utility that supports the Logitech G15 keyboard's LCD display for realtime FPS, GPU temperature and clock speed reporting.)
Review of ATI Radeon HD 3870 Mac/PC Edition
vs Nvidia 8800GT and
ATI Radeon X1900
(June 2008) Review of the ATO Radeon HD 3870 Mac/PC Edition PCI-Express 2.0 card (backward compatible with PCI-Express 1.0 Mac Pro Systems). Includes tests in OS X Leopard and Windows Vista vs Mac Nvida 8800GT and ATI X1900XT cards in a 2008 Mac Pro (PCIe 2.0) as well as previous PCIe 1.0 Mac Pro (2007/2006) models.
EVGA UV16 Plus
USB-to-DVI adapter
Mac Mini owner review of the EVGA UV16 Plus USB-to-DVI adapter to drive a 2nd monitor (or TV) via a Displaylink Mac driver. Also includes link to Feb 2007 report from a Mini owner on the Matrox DualHead2Go.
Feedback on Mac ATI 2600XT Firmware Update
A page of 2008 Mac Pro owner experiences on the Mac ATI 2600XT firmware update (from Mar. 10th, 2008). Most feedback so far was not good - and some that had problems are getting new cards from Apple support...
First report on flashing a PC Nvidia 8800GT with Mac ROM
2008 Mac Pro owner notes/tips/links/info on flashing a PC 8800GT card (with large enough eprom) with the OEM Mac 8800GT ROM. Includes notes/links on making a bootable (DOS) USB flash drive and more.
Feedback on Mac ATI X1900 XT Firmware Update
Mac Pro/X1900 XT owner feedback on the Oct. 16th, 2007 release of an ATI X1900 XT firmware update (and EFI driver update). Includes notes/links to examples of issues not fixed some readers said (such as display artifacts - although some said it helped.) Also includes links to previous articles on X1900 XT cooling mods, tips, overheating/display artifact issues, etc.
ATI X1900 XT Artifacts/Overheating Notes/Tips
More reader notes, tips, screenshots, etc on ATI X1900 XT display artifacts (from overheating). Included are more comments on card cooler swaps, using SMCfancontrol to increase Mac Pro bay fan speeds and card revisions.
Overheating X1900 XT due to Dust Clogging Heatsink Fins
ATI X1900 XT display artifacts (from overheating) caused by clogged heatsink fins on the card. Worth checking if you've used one of these cards for any period of time, especially in a dusty enviroment.
PPC Mac Mini user comments on Matrox DualHead2Go
Mac Mini owner notes on using Matrox DualHead2Go to run dual (analog) monitors with a Mac Mini under OS X. (We're still looking for OS X tweak to enable dual monitors on Mini w/DVI Splitter cable only - it works in Windows XP on intel-cpu Minis)
Mac Pro/X1900XT (stock+OC'd) UT2004 & Quake 4 FPS Tests
Mac Pro owner's Unreal Tournament 2004 (flyby and botmatch) and Quake4 performance tests his Mac ATI X1900 XT at stock clock speeds and overclocked. (Game tests at various quality settings, SMP enabled/disabled, etc.)
Quake 4 FPS tests with 7300GT vs Mac X1900XT (stock and overclocked)
Mac Pro owner Quake4 performance tests of his original OEM 7300GT card vs a Mac ATI X1900 XT at stock clock speeds and overclocked.
Article on iBook G3 Video Repair (may not be a permanent fix)
April 24th, 2006 news page item on iBook G3 graphics problem repair (where BGA chip solder joints break). Includes notes it may not be a permanent repair.
ATI Radeon 9600 Mac/PC Edition Compatibility
(No Video at boot w/some Macs)
Notes/Info from OWC and ATI on the new tech note from April 2006 that no longer lists the Digital Audio and Quicksilver models as compatible with the card. (Includes links to past posts on the no video at startup issue with some macs.)
Tiger Core Image Support w/PCI Nvidia FX5200 card in B&W G3
Notes, photos and screenshots on a Flashed PC Nvidia FX5200 PCI card in a B&W G3 showing OS X Tiger core image and quartz extreme support without any hacks.
Mac 7800GT PCI-Express card owner report on "Missing Features" in 10.4.3
Comments and screenshots on Mac 7800 GT PCI Express card OpenGL feature support. (And question on only 4 texture units and no multisample AA support listed in 10.4.3)
Mods to G5 Nvidia FX5200 card for G4 Tower Use
Reader article with photos on mods to an OEM G5 Nvidia Geforce FX5200 card to enable it to be used in a 4x AGP tower (Digital Audio, QS, etc.)
Mac Radeon X800 XT Owner Feedback
Owner reports from users of the ATI Mac X800 XT graphics cards. (Includes reports from some LCD display owners on video corruption on wake from sleep and how to sign up for a beta test program.)
ATI Radeon X800 XT Mac Edition Review
Detailed review of the X800 XT graphics card for G5s. Review compares the X800 to an ATI 9800 Pro and Nvidia 6800 Ultra DDL in the same G5 tower. Includes pages on 2d/video, 3d, games and the ATI control panel features.
Mac Nvidia 6800 card owner feedback/tips
Mac 6800 owners reports, issues and tips on the Nvidia Geforce 6800 Ultra DDL card. (Notes on fan noise, tips for making system/boot CDs to address the kernal panic issue when booting from disks with pre-10.3.5 OS installed and more.)
Mac Nvidia 6800 Ultra DDL Review
Review includes photos, install info, 2D/Video (Motion, DVD, Image quality, resolutions list, etc.) and 3D/Game tests. Test system is a Dual 2GHz G5 with comparisons to the OEM ATI 9800 Pro card.
G5 Dual 2.5GHz 6800 Ultra Performance Tests
Dual 2.5GHz G5 w/6800 Ultra card owner report including performance tests and some comparisons to a Dual 2GHz G5 w/OEM 9800 Pro 128MB graphics card. (Not the 9800XT model.)
ATIcellerator II - ATI Overclocking Utility
Reports on using the ATIcellerator II dynamic (on the fly) Overclocking utility from owners of Desktop and Powerbook/iBook ATI onboard graphics users. Some reports include performance tests of stock GPU/memory clock speeds vs OC'd speeds.
iBook (Radeon)/eMac (ATI)/iMac G4/G5 - Dual Monitor Support Firmware Mod
Reader reports on a firmware mod (unsupported by apple) to enable dual display support for (powerPC) iBooks w/Radeon Mobility chip, eMacs w/ATI graphics and iMac G4/G5s. (Does not work with Mac Mini and some other later models, nor older iBook/iMac models that had older graphics chips.)
Mac Radeon 9200 PCI Game Tests/Notes on Hi-Performance PCI & Versavision settings
First reader feedback/tests on the 128MB Mac Radeon 9200 PCI Card. Includes tests with Call of Duty, Quake3, Jedi Knight II and Halo.
ATI 9800 Pro vs 8500 card in Quicksilver 2002
A Quicksilver 2002 Dual 1GHz owner sent a few test comparisons of the 9800 Pro vs 8500 AGP cards.
Retail Radeon 9800
BTO/OEM 9800

(tests in Dual G5 system)
Performance tests comparing the Retail ATI 9800 Pro to the BTO/OEM 9800 Pro card in a Dual G5 System. (See below for a previous article with 9600 vs 9800 tests.)
Dual G5 2GHz w/Radeon 9600 vs 9800 vs MDD G4 Dual 1.25GHz w/9800
First tests with a Dual G5 2GHz system with 9600 Radeon vs 9800 Radeon (retail) graphics card vs a Mirror Drive Door Dual G4/1.25GHz with Radeon 9800 card. Includes game tests (UT2003, Quake3, RTCW, UT X PR3) and a few apps tests and benchmarks. Also includes notes on installing the retail 9800 Pro card in a G5.
Mac ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
Performance Tests

(vs Geforce 4Ti, Geforce 3, Radeon 9000, Radeon 8500)
My first tests with the OEM ATI Radeon 9700 Pro graphics card tested in a MDD dual 1GHz G4. Comparison tests vs. the ATI Radeon 9000, 8500, Nvidia Geforce 4Ti and Geforce 3 cards.
G4 Cube Mods for
8500 Radeon Card
Reader Photos/Info on how he modified his Cube (moving the Power Supply board) to be able to install a Radeon 8500 AGP card. (Note - 80mm case fan also installed for cooling.)
Mac Voodoo5 5500 PCI Review
Read the detailed review of the first official Mac retail 3dfx card - the dual chip, 64MB Voodoo5 5500 PCI graphics card. Includes tests in 2d, 3d, games and pages on software controls and the card design/features.
Mac Voodoo4 4500 PCI Review
Reader Mark Anthony reviews the single chip/32MB version of the Voodoo5, which retails for about $180. Includes tests in 2d, 3d, games and pages on software controls.

Mac Voodoo3 2000 PCI
First Review

Compare the Voodoo3 2000 PCI (with Mac beta drivers) against the Voodoo2 (single card and SLI mode), Game Rocket and Rage128 Orion in games like Quake2, Q3test, Unreal and Falcon 4. Performance results, compatibility info and tests in Macbench 5, Lightwave 3D OpenGL as well.

AppleTV/Media Players/Capture Cards/TV Tuner & Scanner Related Articles
Tips for Unable to Restore an Apple TV using iTunes
(2013) Info from Apple with USB cable tips for restoring an Apple TV that has Problems/Errors or doesn't appear in iTunes.
AppleTV 320GB Hard Drive Upgrade Guide - A Better Way (IMHO)
(Mar 2010) After years of putting it off, I finally did my own AppleTV Hard Drive Upgrade, using a better method (IMHO) that avoids ripping off the entire bottom rubber cover. See the linked guide for info/pictures, ATVcloner freeware, take-apart notes and more.
Encoding Speed Tests w/Elgato Turbo.264 Hardware Encoder
Reader tests of ElGato's Turbo.264 USB 2.0 Hardware Encoder vs standard Quicktime H.264 export speed with an iBook G4, Quad G5, Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro and iMac Core Duo.
EyeTV 250 Review
EyeTV 200 comparison (vs EyeTV 200) with encoding tests (G5 tower and iBook), notes on exporting to iDVD, iMovie and more.
Display/Monitor Related Articles
Apple Thunderbolt Display Firmware Update v1.2 Info/Download/Tips:
(Nov 2014) Per Apple download page "This update improves reliability when connecting devices to the Apple Thunderbolt Display, and addresses a rare issue that may cause the display to go black." (Updated post with info on install/actual display firmware version(s) after the update and settings tip that may help with the display 'blackout'/flicker problem.)
Tips for HDCP Errors/Problems playing iTunes HD Video
(2014) Notes and Tips to try if you're seeing HDCP errors or purchased HD video playback problems despite your display being HDCP compatible. Some OS X software/settings can trigger HDCP problems like screen sharing and some screen capture software. (Includes a note to check sharing status after upgrading to OS X Yosemite.)
Mac Radeon 7950 user notes on Triple Displays
Info and notes from a Mac Sapphire Radeon 7950 owner on reported resolution problems with his three connected Dell displays.
Radeon 7950 ROM Switch Tip/Fix for DisplayPort Problems in OS X 10.9.2
(Mar 2014) Some Sapphire Radeon 7950 owners said after the OS X 10.9.2 update the card's Displayports were not working (although DVI port was OK). A 7950 owner posted a tip - ensure the card's rom switch was set to the EFI (not UEFI/PC) position. Apparently some had never checked/changed the switch position and only after the 10.9.2 update was there a problem. (Updated with more info including notes on possible reversed switches and reports of no difference in either switch setting.)
Late 2012 Mac Mini HDMI Video Problems/Notes/Tips
(Mar 2013-Oct 2012) Coverage of Late 2012 Mac Mini HDMI display dropouts/intermittent black screens/video noise ("snow") and info from Intel's own forum on HD4000 'intermittent flicker' issues. [Includes Info on Apple's EFI Update to fix HDMI Flicker and notes on OS X 10.8.3.] Also has my own tests with a Late 2012 Mac Mini using an HDMI Samsung LCD Monitor (1920x1200) and an LG LM7600 (1080P) HDTV tested with a direct HDMI connection and via an A/V Receiver. Unlike many others, no HDMI/video issues so far. (Tested OK w/MDP 27in Cinema Display too.)   Included are tips for common problems like washed-out displays, an EDID patch script to force RGB mode on ext. displays and notes on HDCP issues. (Also updated to include info on DIY Shielding of 2012 Mini's internal Bluetooth module to reduce interference from USB 3.0 devices and other issues related to late-2012 mac mini.)
DVD Decoders/DVD Player/DVD Software Related Articles
Playing Blu-Rays in OS X
(using VLC and MakeMKV)
(Jan. 2010) Notes on using freeware VLC player & MakeMKV to playback BR movies in OS X.
Encoding Speed Tests w/Elgato Turbo.264 Hardware Encoder
Reader tests of ElGato's Turbo.264 USB 2.0 Hardware Encoder vs standard Quicktime H.264 export speed with an iBook G4, Quad G5, Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro and iMac Core Duo.
Cooling, Tips & Tweaking Articles
(for older video cards)
Nvidia 8800GT w/Accelero S1 rev2 cooler
Short article w/photos from a Mac Pro owner on using an Accelero S1 Rev 2 cooler (passive) on his 8800GT. (Updated with temperature tests (Fanless) vs stock cooler and notes on adding a fan to this cooler.)
Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 / Revoltec Graphics Freezer Pro (for ATI X1900 XT)
Comments, Notes and Photos from a Mac Pro owner on quieting his X1900 XT card using an Arctic Cooling Accelero S1. (Includes notes on fit problems with the Revoltec Graphics Freezer Pro in the Mac Pro, although he's using it in a PC on a X1950 card.)
Accelero S1 Rev 2 on ATI X800 (in G5 Tower)
Short article w/photos from a G5 Tower owner on using an Accelero S1 Rev 2 cooler (passive) on his ATI X800 card - with mods to G5 tower's air deflector required to clear the S1 R2's heatsink.
ATIcellerator II - ATI Overclocking Utility
Reports on using the ATIcellerator II dynamic (on the fly) Overclocking utility from owners of Desktop and Powerbook/iBook ATI onboard graphics users. Some reports include performance tests of stock GPU/memory clock speeds vs OC'd speeds.

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