SoftRaid 5.5 Release Notes, Known bugs and System Requirements
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SoftRAID 5.5 and SoftRAID Lite 5.5 Update
The SoftRAID download page has v5.5 of both full and "Lite" versions. (And a features comparison list.) See below for a complete list of fixes/new features from the release notes in the download.
" System Requirements:
SoftRAID requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later. Support for TRIM commands on SSDs requires 10.7.5 or later. SoftRAID requires a Mac which contains a Core 2 Duo or later processor. It will not work on early Intel Macs with Core Duo processors.

SoftRAID 5.5 Release Notes (Full Version)
The following info is from the Release Notes in the Softraid 5.5 DMG download:
(Many of the items below also apply to the v5.5 Lite version - see PDF in the Lite download.)

    Known Bugs:
  • There is a bug reported in Parallels Desktop 10 software which can cause data corruption in your Windows virtual machines whether running on SoftRAID or AppleRAID volumes. We do not know the status of this issue, so, we do not recommend using Parallels at this time.

  • There is a known bug in Mac OS X which can cause kernel panics with SoftRAID volumes when using disks connected via USB 2.

  • You can't convert a SoftRAID mirror Read-Only-Secondary volume to be part of its original mirror volume.

    New features in version 5.5:
  • SoftRAID can now convert AppleRAID stripe (RAID 0) and mirror (RAID 1) volumes to SoftRAID format. When you convert an AppleRAID volume, all of your files are preserved. You can even convert Apple non-RAID volumes to SoftRAID.

  • SoftRAID can now convert stripe (RAID 0) volumes to RAID 1+0. It can also convert some RAID 0 volumes to RAID 4 (requires a stripe unit size of 16 KB).
    (Feature in full version only.)

  • The SoftRAID application and SoftRAID Monitor are now translated into French, German and Spanish.

  • The user interface now conforms with the look of the Finder in El Capitan, Mac OS X 10.11.

  • The SoftRAID Monitor menu bar indicator is now displayed in grey when the user has selected the "Graphite" appearance in the "General" panel of System Preferences.

  • The SoftRAID application and volume icons are new.

  • The SoftRAID Monitor now detects a bug in Mac OS X which causes disks to be ejected while in use. When this occurs, a dialog is displayed giving the user instructions which can help prevent this bug from reoccurring. (For more info, see FAQ - Disks Ejecting While In Use.)

    Bugs fixed in version 5.5:
  • Fix kernel panic bug which occurs when you remove 2 disks from a RAID 5 volume.

  • SoftRAID now prevents users from removing disks from RAID volumes in situations where it might result in data loss.

  • Fixed a bug which could cause the SoftRAID Monitor to display a dialog indicating that the user was in evaluation mode even when a serial number had been entered.

  • Fixed a bug which caused two warning dialogs to appear the first time SoftRAID is run, both of which say that SoftRAID can be used for 30 days in trial mode. This version only displays one of these dialogs.

  • Fixed a bug which caused some entries in the SoftRAID.log file to be garbled or incomplete. This would occur when two or more entries were being written simultaneously.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented "Uninstall SoftRAID" from deleting the SoftRAID Lite preferences. Using the "Uninstall SoftRAID" menu option in any version of SoftRAID now deletes both the SoftRAID and SoftRAID Lite preferences.

  • Rebuild and validate operations now start instantly regardless of volume optimization setting. They run for the first 15 seconds as if the volume were optimized for workstation before using their actual optimization setting.

  • The "missing disk" string in the volume tile is now blue for RAID 1 volumes which contain at least 1 in-sync secondary disk. If there are no in-sync secondary disks, the string is red.

  • Prevented any disk which has a progress bar from being added to a volume or used to create a new volume.

  • The SoftRAID application no longer deletes the SoftRAID.log file when you select Uninstall SoftRAID from the Utilities menu.

  • Fixed a bug which allowed a user to shrink a volume to a size smaller than that which is displayed in the Resize Volume window.

  • Fixed a bug which caused SoftRAID to display Xsan volumes. SoftRAID would also display an error dialog when it couldn't read from the Xsan volumes.

  • Fixed several bugs which affected installing or uninstalling the SoftRAID driver on volumes other than the startup volume.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the SoftRAID application from automatically updating the driver on bootable volumes other than the current startup volume.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the SoftRAID Monitor and SoftRAID application from connecting to the SoftRAID upgrade server.

  • Removed the help button from all dialogs which are displayed before the user logs in. The Apple help system does not work until the user logs in so these buttons were non- functional.

  • Fixed a bug in the SoftRAID application which caused tiles for AppleRAID volumes to incorrectly indicate that they were missing disks.

  • Fixed a bug which could cause the "Launch SoftRAID" menu item in the SoftRAID Monitor menu to launch the incorrect copy of SoftRAID.

  • Change SoftRAID application so it no longer creates an error entry in the system.log file (the entry was: "Could not find imaged named 'SR_AppHeaderText'.").

  • Fixed a bug which caused the SoftRAID application to stop working if one or more of the volume names included kanji characters.

  • Fixed a bug in the SoftRAID driver which could cause the driver event queue to become full. This happened when many degraded volumes were present and would cause a error dialog to appear which said that the driver event queue was full.

  • All versions of SoftRAID now use the ThunderBay volume icons if all the disks for a given volume are in a ThunderBay enclosure. Icons only change when a volume is first created.

  • Fixed a bug in the SoftRAID Lite application which could cause it to crash when the preferences window was opened if SoftRAID Retail had been run before.

  • Fixed a bug in the SoftRAID Lite application which caused it to overwrite the RAID preferences used by the SoftRAID driver for RAID 4, 5 and 1+0 volumes.

  • Fixed a bug which caused Tech Support Reports to not include crash logs.

  • Disabled serial numbers for purchases which have been refunded or upgraded.

  • Fixed a bug which caused the SoftRAID Monitor to crash at launch or when a new serial number was entered.

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