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(We were down from Sunday evening to Monday Morning due to a severe storm that knocked out power here for much longer than my UPS could last. Storms like this have been very frequent this year.)

Another Mac Mini Core2 Duo (2.33GHz) CPU Upgrade
Added another report to the page on (2006-08) Mac Mini Core 2 Duo CPU Upgrades. (Those Mini's have a socketed CPU.) Here's a copy to save you a click.

"2006 Mac Mini Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz upgraded to Core 2 Duo 2.33GHz T7600 SL9SD.
Already upgraded the memory to 2GB a while ago and then decided to upgrade to a bigger Hard Drive. Whilst browsing for info, I noticed that a cpu upgrade was also possible - so I did that too.
Used the OWC video (at their DIY Videos page) to remind myself how to pull it apart and then the video on this page to remove the motherboard.

Got the cpu and a packet of nylon nuts and bolts from eBay and some thermal paste from the local computer shop. Everything went smoothly and I even managed not to break or damage the original pins that secure the heatsink.
I supported the head of the pin with the flat end of a lead pencil, pressed on the spring and squeezed the flared edges of the pin with a small pair of needle nose pliers. If you then release pressure on the spring slowly whilst still squeezing the flared ends, the pin will then pop gently through the board without flying off into your room somewhere.

Very happy with the results. Mini is much more responsive with no noticeable increase in heat or fan noise - just as quiet as it ever was!

All up cost was about $150 AUS (not including the HD). Could have done it for much cheaper using a T7200 2GHz but couldn't resist the T7600 when one came up.
-Guy H.

For any CD Mini owner that upgraded their CPU (to a Core2Duo), if you later decide to upgrade to OS X Lion please report back. (Using earlier posted tip - i.e. install lion on drive connected to supported mac, then deleting "/System/Library/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist" file.)

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New Pricing Lows on OWC RAM w/Lifetime Warranty. A year ago 8GB was a good deal at $220 - now 16GB is as low as $138. RAM is about the easiest way to enhance an existing Mac and each OS has gotten better at taking advantage of available memory. 10.7 Lion being no exception.
  • MacBook / MacBook Pro and Mac mini - up to 16GB Maximum (vs. 8GB factory). 4GB from $35.88, 8GB from $71.99. (12GB & 16GB 'Power user' now $499.99 and $929.99 - for 2011 models only)

  • iMac - up to 32GB Maximum (vs. 16GB Factory). 4GB from $35.88, 8GB from $71.99, 16GB now from $137.99. (24GB & 32GB now $999.97 and $1847.99 - 2010 & 2011 iMac models only)

  • Mac Pro - up to 96GB Maximum (vs. 64GB Factory). 16GB Kits from $169.99, 32GB Kits from $329.99

These prices are a huge savings vs. Apple factory installed options + fully OWC Tested and certified correct for the Apple models listed, Lifetime Warranty backed. See our full 'MaxRam' certified chart of support for beyond original 'maximum' supported memory levels. Click here for more info about the OWC Test Lab and the largest collection of Macs outside of Apple for the purpose of ongoing testing and certification. (We also have RAM for Xserves and PPC/Legacy Macs - see down the page here.)

*Note:* Customers can use the Amazon Checkout option for savings up to $50 instantly + another 5% rebated to the payment method by Amazon. This 'bonus' saving won't be around much longer but can make a big difference for those who act fast.

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