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News Archive for Monday June 20, 2011:

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Mac Mini (2006-08) CPU Upgrade (Chip Swaps) Reports page updated:
Added another T7600 (2.3GHz) Core 2 Duo upgrade report to the page on (2006-2008) Mac Mini Core 2 Duo CPU Upgrades (Chip Swaps).
MacBook Pro (Nvidia 8600M) GPU Failures/Repairs page updated:
Added 3 recent reports on repairs (logic board repl) to the original page on MacBook Pro (Nvidia 8600M) GPU/Video Failures. That page is huge now (due to number of reports, info on original issue, TS tips, etc) so to save a click here's a copy of the latest 2 reports:
"FYI - just wanted to chime in.
I just got my logic board replaced due to an nVidia failure.
I've never had any issues until last Saturday, when my display started having vertical bar issues. It happened twice within 5 minutes, then returned to normal.
I visited the Genius bar that day and my MBP failed the nVidia test. They replaced the part (logic board) under warranty.
FYI, my MBP was purchased July or August (I can't remember exactly) of 2007, so it is just under the 4 year mark.
-Robert C."

And other recd this morning:

"I am the owner of a 15in MBP 2007 model (2.4 ghz intel) affected by the nvidia chip failure and have found this site tremendously helpful!
My story - my 3 year old MacBook pro just died on me the other day with absolutely zero warning. When i press the power key, I hear the SuperDrive try to eject, the sleep light flashes.... And then nothing.
After all the normal tricks to fix this, I took it in to the genius bar where I was informed the the logic board was dead and that it would cost me $1300 (!?) to fix the computer. "you should just go ahead and buy a new one" I was told...
I came across this site via google and then stumbled upon the apple doc here (this one) describing the extension of the free fix for affected computers. I called apple tech support and was put in touch with a senior person there--once I described the problem she apologized for the genius assessment of the situation, said it sounded like classic symptoms of the nvidia chip failure and arranged for apple to pick up, repair and return my computer to me at no cost. Best of all, she mentioned turn around time of 3-5 business days.

Glad to have found this site which allowed me to speak to the tech support people in an intelligent way about the problem. Even happier that I'm not loosing my machine and don't have to spend $$ to get it fixed or buy a new one.
Hopefully everyone who has this problem gives tech support a call and gets the same helpful people I got. Thanks!

Glad the info helped. Another report recd today (afternoon), this one noting a 2nd repair:

"I just had my 2007 Santa Rosa MBP 17" fail on Friday for the second time. I thought they were still fixing and found the link on the Apple website ( stating that they are now covering this failure from 4 years of original purchase. (That doc (MacBook Pro: Distorted video or no video issues) has been at the top of the MBP/8600M failures/repairs page since it appeared in 2008 and was revised to note a 4 year extension in June 2010. (Originally in Fall 2008 it was 2 years, revised in 2009 for 3 years, and 4 years in 2010.) Doc was revised again earlier this year (2011) but still shows 4 years (as of June 2011) - and still has the note "Apple will continue to evaluate the repair data and will provide further repair extensions as needed."-Mike)
I took it to the Apple store on Saturday morning. They ran the verification diagnostic and said yep it's the NVIDIA GPU failure and it was a no charge repair. They called me back like 6 hours later to say it's ready. The repair would have cost me $948.69, but NVIDIA is paying :)
That is why I buy only Apple laptops.
-Mike W."

Looking for Feedback on OWC Legacy Pro/PATA SSDs:
If you're using or have owned an OWC Legacy Pro (PATA) SSD, let me know your experience (performance, etc.) and if you've seen any mechanical/connector fit issues. TIA. (Had a report on connector fit issues recently (PB G4 owner), but two replies to this from other owners (PB G4, Mac Mini G4) noted no connector/fit problems.)
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