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News Archive for Thursday June 30, 2011:

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Feedback on (universal) Trim Enabler w/OS X 10.6.8
Reply to my comments in Wednesday's news regarding an updated Trim Enabler for OS X that included a reminder for those that used the original patcher from earlier this year (March) and updated to 10.6.8. (i.e. patch overwritten by 10.6.8 and needs reapplying.)

"Hi Mike - Thanks for the note about Trim Enabler. I do have an SSD and I had forgotten to check on it after the 10.6.8 update; it no longer showed trim support.
I re-applied the patch using the new version, it now shows trim support again.

It's the little bits of useful and interesting news you post that make your site the most useful one I know!
-David C."

Thanks Dave, you're too kind.
(BTW - I have a habit of referring to this patch as for 'non-apple' SSDs (as w/o the patch, only Apple ID SSDs were enabled), but as explained back in the original post in March, it really works with any SSD that supports trim. (You're just neutering the ID check.) That post also included verification that trim was working - not just being reported as such.)

And a later mail from a reader w/Vertex 3 (SATA III) that said he had problems:

"Hi Mike, Just some additional feedback on TRIM Support Enabler 1.2.
I have a MacBookPro 8,3 (17in 2.3GHz Core i7) with 8GB RAM and a Vertex3 SSD.
(Since it's a problem report, for the record asked for the SSD firmware version. And being a SATA 3 (6Gbit) SSD, the question of issues seen w/SATA 3 drives and some MBPs comes to mind - but maybe not a factor if it was reliable for long periods before the patch and ditto afterwards.
BTW - one reader of owc's blog swears the difference in the OK SATA3 MBPs and those w/issues is purely related to the (random almost?) quality of the SATA cable used. He had a new MBP w/SATA 3 drive issues and got another that was OK - then swapped the cable from the OK model into the problematic one - problem solved he said. He thinks the OEM cables are marginal for SATA3 and some samples are ok at the higher rates, others not.-Mike

I installed TRIM Support Enabler 1.2 and then started to get random freezing - 'Beach Balls' for up to 30 seconds & then everything would return to 'normal'!
(Not used it but does that enabler repair permissions after the patch? maybe not related, but when I do manual edites of system plists, etc I always run RP afterwards.
Also curious (but too late now I guess) if the console showed any related/useful messages when the problems occurred.-Mike

I thought it could have been the latest Adobe Flash update, but after uninstalling Flash, the random freezing still persisted, I racked my brain as to what else I have installed recently (everything was working fine before), I tried uninstalling TRIM Support Enabler 1.2 and now no more random freezes.
Just thought I'd pass this on in case anyone else has had a problem.
Cheers, Rob "

This also reminded me of some issues from PC sites on similar (sandforce based) SSDs (Windows BSODs, freezes, etc). Assuming his SSD was troublefree for long periods before the patch, may not be related but since Windows 7 has native trim support (IIRC), maybe that is a factor? (Just guessing - I've not dug into those problem reports and affected drives.)
Some Sandforce SSDs vendors (including OWC) have said their models were not affected by this. Here's some web links (some translated) on the subject from earlier this month. (Just a quick sample)

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