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8800GT owner report on Nvidia posted Lion Drivers:
Reply to post in Tuesday's news on Nvidia's release of Lion drivers. (As noted in that post, the Nvidia D/L was an earlier version than included in 10.7.3, although reported to have more univ GPU support.)
"Re: Nvidia Lion Driver Report:
I got your link from the bottom of this (Apple forums) discussion - Black Screens & Crash of MP Early 2008 Nvdia 8800...

I'm am delighted to find newly released driver(s) for my Mac Pro 3,1 with nVidia GF 8800GT running OS X 10.7.3. There has been the frustrating 2.5 weeks of troubleshooting.
   After replacing the graphics card I figured it had to be software related. Reinstalling Lion provided the best 'fix' but crashing came a couple days, or just hours later. Going to sleep always resulted in a crash.

  Now, I have tested my screen saver working, set my display going to sleep, and even my computer took a nap. THEN it all wakes back up. (I assume after using Nvidia D/L)
Of course this is all within a few hours of installing the new drivers. I'll let you know if it all crashes later!
-Michael E."

Thanks for the report and hope the problems won't reappear. (But for those not having any problems, I'd follow the old 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' rule.)

More Feedback on Late 2008 MacBook Pro EFI Update (Display Flicker Fix)
(More reader feedback on the update released on Tuesday)
"RE: (Late 2008) MacBook Pro EFI Update 2.8 (display flicker fix)
  My concern in applying the update was that it might kick me back down to the original maximum of 4GB of RAM. After the update however, all 8GB of my RAM continues to be recognized.

Over the years Apple has often listed 'max' RAM limits that are less than actuals. (In some cases IMHO just not tested w/later denser/higher cap dimms.) Sponsor OWC has a page with their MAXram Testing results by Mac Model covering Intel-based Macs and some PowerPC G3/G4 models.
   Brian didn't note if he had the display flicker issue previously, but Wednesday's news had a report from a reader that did saying the update fixed that.
Update - Brian later sent a note about that:

"I didn't have any problem with flickering until January when Apple replaced my screen. Immediately afterwards I began experiencing screen flicker. Apple then replaced my logic board which solved the problem. This was before the update came out.

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