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OS X 10.7.3 Supplemental Update Released:
(Download page linked)
"About Mac OS X 10.7.3 Supplemental Update (24.55 MB)
This update resolves an issue when restoring a Mac from a Time Machine backup... Recommended for users running 10.7.3 with Time Machine backups."

(2006-08) Mac Mini Core2Duo CPU Upgrade Reports page updated
Added another (short) report on a Core2Duo CPU swap to the page on (2006-08) Mac Mini Core2 Duo CPU Upgrades. (Those models had a socketed CPU.)
Reader Report: Win 8 in Parallels 7 (VM) on Mac Pro:
(Added later notes on Parallels 7 update)
"Windows 8 Consumer Preview running under Parallels 7
Just for grins I succeeded in loading the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Beta into Parallels 7. Using the 64-bit .iso the installation is pretty routine.

I have found one secret with a fresh install is NOT to run Parallel Tools after initial installation is completed. My mouse just seems to work without doing anything with installing Tools. About the only sacrifice at the moment is I cannot drag and drop into Windows desktop.

I am running a MacPro and using the second Ethernet port dedicated to the windows application. That also makes a big difference instead of sharing. The trick there is to get MAC address from Network icon for Ethernet 2 port in Mac OS and then make sure that is the MAC address used by the Parallels program for Windows 8. We have assigned IPs. With right MAC and IP info, ethernet came up with no problems without running Parallel Tools.

There are also several updates that installed automatically and has improved the GUI handling of the interface.

Conversion of an existing Windows XP image seems rather smooth as well. I have tried this on desktop and laptop. On first two tries I had to run Parallel Tools to get Ethernet to work but then mouse would not work on laptop at all, and mouse got stuck inside Windows 8 and I couldn't get out of the program without doing a Quit through the Mac OS Finder. However, I think these might be only minor setbacks.

Installing apps now to see how they run. Looks like Trend Micro Officescan installs and runs with no problem. So far, as a Mac user I am not worried.

(An Update sent late Monday night)
Just noticed an update for my Parallels 7 - Build 7.0.15055, Revision 740667, March 5, 2012. This version now has option for new install that includes Windows 8 Customer Preview.

I advise users to write down authentication code that will appear on screen during initial start of installation. The install program will ask for the code again. Luckily any previous codes from other attempts will work.

Installation process is rather quick. I am wondering if this upgrade includes partial image of Windows 8 customer preview. Install only took about 10 minutes. This is Build 8250.

Ran Parallel Tools and it worked. Sound works and mouse works correctly. Shared ethernet is working with no problems.

Still cannot drop and drag to desktop from Mac to Windows 8. A positive icon appears suggesting action is valid but no file appears on Windows desktop. Maybe the files are going somewhere else.

If it were up to me, the background selection option would definitely be replaced with something else, and the fish has got to go.

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