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OS X 10.5.7 and Adaptec SCSI Cards (Problems/Tips revisited)
Not sure how many 10.5.7 users have an Adaptec scsi card installed, but got a mail today from a 29160 owner that it was broken after the 10.5.7 update. He tried reinstalling the drivers but got the (deja-vu) installer script error. I sent him an old tip (workaround) from the past for that. (Tip last spring here on running the adaptec driver installer from a tiger boot HD and installing to the 10.5.x drive.)
Update - got a reply that tip still works:

"THANKS! I booted from a secondary internal 10.4.11 drive, ran the driver installer from there, pointed to the primary 10.5.7 drive and the Adaptec driver loaded without incident. Did two restarts from the 10.5.7 drive and now the SCSI card will run the scanner and the computer will sleep as expected.

BTW - He later replied he used the 1.3beta1 driver (the last update they posted in 2004). And for anyone that no longer has the driver download/installers, here's links to various Adaptec card OS X driver pages.

Most of the drivers are from 2001/2002, with a some betas from 2004.

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More feedback on OS X 10.5.7 and DisplayLink drivers (v1.1 OK)
(Updated notes - issue apparently is only with the 1.1.2 beta drivers, not v.1.1. The Mac drivers page has now been updated to note the 1.1.2 BETA driver is not supported in 10.5.7.)
Reply to a post in yesterday's news from a reader that had problems with the 1.1.2 beta driver after the 10.5.7 update. (He needed the mini monitor support that's currently only in the 1.1.2 beta.)

"USB 2.0 External DVI Video Card [ GUC2020DW6 ]
I installed 10.5.7 on a 17 Macbook Pro and my USB video card from IOGear stopped working. I simply reinstalled the beta drivers (actually reinstalled v1.1, he had beta 1.1.2 installed previously - see reply below) from January and all is good again. Driver can be found at
-Tim N."

I wrote Tim to ask about the "beta" driver comment, as the above link (IOgear page) only shows "V1.1" drivers (not the 1.1.2 Beta the reader used from the Mac drivers page - the v1.1 (non-beta) driver there is dated early Dec. 2008.) Normally I'd suspect IOGear used their drivers but wrote to ask.
Update: Got a reply from Tim - turns out he had the beta 1.1.2 drivers installed prior to 10.5.7 and then installed v1.1 after the 10.5.7 update broke them:

" I found it... I had version 1.1.2 Beta Installed prior to updating OS X to 10.5.7. After update I installed 1.1 (not the 1.1.2beta)
-Tim N."

And as I mentioned earlier, I received a reply from Jamie at OWC that they've not seen any problems with the v1.1 (non-beta) driver and 10.5.7 in tests with their USB Display adapter.

But for those that need mini monitor support that's only in the 1.1.2 beta, I'd avoid 10.5.7 until updated drivers are released, unless you can do without the adapter until then. (Not heard back from Mike R. on trying a beta driver reinstall, but it doesn't look good. He needs the beta driver support for his Nanovision mini monitor.)

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Anyone else have USB 56k modem (Apple) connect issues after 10.5.7 update?
(Update - knock on wood switching to the Apple V.34 script works reliably and although slower than v.92 I'm using it until I can find out if the local modem bank is the issue w/v.92 connects. Maybe just incredible timing this happened right after the 10.5.7 update, but I've since had 4 other readers note the same problem since 10.5.7, although not everyone has. I wonder if it's an issue with some configs or modem banks.)
I hesitated posting this as it may not be related at all to 10.5.7 as I've seen this problem (frequently) in the past but usually after several attempts it connects OK. But nothing near as bad as since updating to 10.5.7 last night. (But I'd be richer than Bill Gates if I had $1 for every uncommon problem after an OS update.)
Only one successful connect in dozens of attempts (over 50 in total today). Checking the Console shows (on every failed attempt) "Did not establish a Modem Reliable Link" and "Disconnect script failed" with "CCLExit: -6019 (Modem error, modem not responding)". System is a (2007) AL iMac, with Apple USB modem (direct connect to iMac ports).
I did all the usual voodoo tips (disconnect/reconnect device, chk cable connections from wall jack to mac, use a different USB port, repair permissions (one USB related prefs repair), a force prebinding from the terminal (and reboot), reset SMC, etc., even updated my TomTom home which has a USB startup item) - but out of more than 50 attempts since last night, I've only connected once since 10.5.7. (No noise on the phone line, DSL still fine.)
I was about to boot from a CCC clone of an earlier OS X install (on a Ministack ext. drive) but tried a non-local ISP number and it worked (once at least), but since my phone company had cancelled my LD pkg deal after seeing I was using a non-local data number last year (only 13 miles away, same area code but "long distance" billing), that's not a real option. Tried the local number again - another dozen failures in a row.
Finally as a test I tried using other modem scripts (V90 and finally V34) instead of the default v92. Finally connected using V.34 script and it's been reliable (5 in a row today vs more than 50 failures since last night using default v.92.) For now I'll stick with the V.34 script, but will call the ISP to inquire about the local access number/modem bank to see if there's been any changes/problems there in the last 24hrs. (Not that they will know anything... or even bother to look into it - blame the end user is standard procedure.)
Anyway, I'm curious if anyone else has seen any similar USB dial-up modem issues after the 10.5.7 update. I know 56k dialup isn't popular anymore, but let me know if you've seen any issues with that and 10.5.7. Thanks.
(FYI - Within the next few days I had 5 replies so far - An AOL user noted no problems, but 4 others noted the same thing I did (problems w/v.92 connects - same log errors/entries). One reader's workaround was using a shared PPC Mini internal modem, others used the v.34 script.)
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Apple Troubleshooting/Support Doc Updates

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OS X 10.5.7 ATI driver update changes/fixes
(Added this to last night's post also, but late adding it so posting today for those that missed it)

"I figured it would be useful to list the main changes in the ATI 3D drivers between 10.5.6 and 10.5.7 for the Radeon HD 2600 and later hardware:

  • support for GL_EXT_gpu_shader4
  • support for GL_EXT_texture_integer
  • support for GL_EXT_bindable_uniform
  • support for GL_EXT_framebuffer_sRGB
  • support for texture fetch in vertex shaders
  • lots of minor performance improvements (5-10%)
  • fixes for many bugs (comment revised by request)

Cheers, chrisb"

And as mentioned yesterday, the "shadow quality bug" (ref: Blizzard WoW post) has been fixed.
FYI to VM Fusion users: - VMware has a Blog post/warning to ATI gpu users on 10.5.7 (posted May 13th) that says 10.5.7 ATI drivers break 3D acceleration. They warn ATI GPU users that rely on Fusion to not upgrade to 10.5.7 until an update to address this is released.

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Other News/Articles, Misc Software Updates
(Some I missed yesterday) - if anyone sees a software update for 10.5.7 or Safari update compat., send a note.

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Recent Articles and Reviews
Listing/links to recent articles and reviews you may have missed.
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