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Feedback on Nvidia 346.01.02f03 driver for OS X 10.10.3
(FYI: On May 21st nvidia posted a later 346.01.02f04 driver)
"Latest from nVidia website (as of 5/20): 346.01.02f03. (D/L page dated May 12th.)
I installed this (f03) version and it made a very much improved interface with my Hackintosh. (i7-4770K 3.5GHz, with EVGA nVidia GT 740 2GB card.)
For once it equals my (default) Apple OS X driver in performance and also has no issues with the BIOS setup (set for PCIe card vs onboard HD4600), which the previous version did. ('incompatible' warning on f02 install.)
Below are my results on the "Heaven" benchmark (1280x1024, 2x FSAA, Medium quality).
(Scores from benchmark screenshots. Onboard Intel HD4600 scored 12.4 FPS.)
  • Using default OS X driver: 32.2 FPS, (Min 14.2/Max 58.7)
  • Using nVidia f03 driver: 32.1 FPS (Min 14.2/Max 59.5)
    (He later wrote about trying the May 21st f04 driver.)
    I installed the latest (f04) version and it plays Heaven at the same rate as "f03".
    -Bill S."
  • I noticed in the Heaven benchmark results screenshot using the default OS X driver had GPU listed as "Nvidia Chip Model (256MB)". (Maybe due to GT 740 not having Mac EFI?) When using Nvidia (f03) driver the benchmark's GPU info shows "Nvidia Geforce GT740 (2047MB)".

    A 2008 Mac Pro owner with older Nvidia GTX-285 card reported problems with f03:

    "Nvidia webdriver 346.01.02f03
    FYI, I am running Yosemite 10.10.3 on a early 2008 MacPro with a Geforce GTX 285 card. After installing the latest Nvidia web driver, most of my applications crash as soon as I go to File->Open to access a file. I did not have this problem before the 10.10.3 update using the f02 driver.
      I know it is the web driver because when I opt for the OS X Default Graphics Driver, it does not happen. I sent a bug report to Nvidia. If and when I hear anything, I will let you know.

    (Can you reinstall the 346.01.02f02 driver? Does new f04 driver help?)
    f04 fixed the problem of crashing when going to File->Open.

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