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News Archive for Monday, November 12th, 2012

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Updates on My Tests with 2012 Mac Mini HDMI Video (Monitor, HDTV, AVR)
I've updated/added to my previous comments from Oct. 29th on what I've seen with a 2012 Mac Mini using HDMI Video. Previously tested with an older Samsung LCD Display and over the weekend used it with a current model LG HDTV with a direct HDMI-HDMI connection and passing HDMI video through an AVR to the TV. (Unlike many other owners, to date I've not seen any HDMI video dropouts/flicker, etc. although I did have 1 occurance of audio stutter/loss of audio using DVD Player. No loss of video though and not repeated since.)
   Includes notes on HDTV settings/aspect ratio, colorsync profile used and recap on config. (Farther up the page are previous notes/links to Apple forum threads on HDMI video problems, Intel's forum thread/tip on HD4000 flicker and more.)

BTW: I've known about the HDMI video flicker/dropout problem since the beginning and have always watched for it after seeing many reports from other owners. During this weekend's tests, I kept an eye on the screen almost constantly with minimal interruptions, including hours of Movie/Video playback (with max concentration/focus on the screen) - but of course nobody can spend 100% of the time all day focused only on the display.
   Some affected owners have said they saw the problem almost once an hour, others rarely (once a day or so). Some have said they noticed the problem the first day (again) with replacement / exchanged systems. I would think by now I'd have seen something but I watch for it closely with every use. However the mini is not the primary work machine. (And since the config/setup is not typical, I've listed specifics on that as well in case that's a factor.)

[I'd forgotten how much I liked this show until last weekend's DVD tests, but if you can find "Worst Week: The complete series" (cancelled after 1 season) for $3 at Big Lots as I did - Buy it. Without a doubt the most laughs (out loud) I've had even for 10 times the price.]

Aperture 3.4.3 Update (bugfixes for S/N prompts and quits)
(download page linked)
"About Aperture 3.4.3 (550.73 MB)
Addresses an issue that could cause a licensed copy of Aperture to prompt for a serial number with each launch."

The 3.4.3 Release Notes also say: "Addresses an installer issue that could cause the Mac App Store version of Aperture 3.4.2 to quit unexpectedly when you open it."

Problems reported after Mid-2012 MacBook Pro/MacBook Air Update 2.0
(reply to post in Friday's news w/Apple forum comments/problems after the update)
"A note on the (Mid-2012) MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Update 2.0:
It seems that if you've used pmset to disable "safe sleep" (writing the contents of RAM to disk before sleep), this update will not respect that and write the file regardless.

A solution is here (create unchangeable 0-byte sleepimage file):
Unable to disable hibernatemode since update 2.0 (apple forums)

Many others later noted repeated keychain access prompts, authentication problems in Mail or Safari and some unable to eject a disc after that update as well.
BTW: Speaking of Hibernate, I had also noticed if a late 2012 Mini is left in sleep mode for more than a hour or so it seems to hibernate/power off with default PM settings. (Here's an apple forum thread on that - Mini hibernates despite pmset saying it shouldn't)
   Although the Mini is a 'desktop', that behavior reminded me of an Apple support article Mac notebooks: About standby mode.

[FYI (Update Pulled): As of Nov 17th, The Download/page for the "Mid-2012 MacBook Pro/Air 2.0 update" had been pulled. There were other Apple forum threads/posts on problems from users and I assume those were verifed/common enough for Apple to pull it.]

Update (Nov. 20th): Apple posted OS X 10.8.2 Supplemental Update 2.0 that says it fixes Keychain problems so hopefully it will fix problems seen by those that installed the MBP/MBA 2.0 update.First reports in MacBook Pro forums said it seems to hvae fixed that problem.


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