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Nvidia posts CUDA 6.5.25 for OS X 10.10.x-10.8.x:
Although at post time the Nvidia graphics driver update for OS X 10.10.1 page from yesterday (see below) still has CUDA v6.5.18 in the text, they have posted a new Nvidia CUDA 6.5.25 for Mac OS X (10.10.x to 10.8.x) that hopefully solves the "CUDA Update required" issue with v6.5.18 when using Nvidia Graphics drivers for OS X Yosemite. (I don't have a Mac with Yosemite and Nvidia card to test this.)

FYI: The first post on this update in a previous thread on the CUDA problem (2009 MacPro w/Quadro 4000 card running OS X 10.10.1) said he's still seeing the "CUDA Update Required" message after installing both the 6.5.25 CUDA update and 343.01.02f01 graphics driver update.
A reply from the author of the earlier editing the CUDA Info.plist tip for a matching driver version key said that CUDA 6.5.25 has a key for the previous driver (343.01.01), but not 343.01.02.
(With that dependency, Nvidia needs to better sync their graphics driver & CUDA updates.)

BTW: Saw a later post in that forum thread where someone added a "343.01.02" key (editing the /Library/Frameworks/CUDA.framework/Versions/A/Resources/info.plist file) which prevented the "CUDA Update Required" message but resulted in a "CUDA not found!" alert. If it's not a permissions issue with the edit, instead of adding a new key, try editing the existing 343.01.01 key to read 343.01.02. (I don't have a mac w/Nvidia card running OS X Yosemite to try this.)
Update/Tip on CUDA Editing:
In reply to the user that tried just editing the CUDA info.plist for the .02 driver key (post linked above), the author of that tip posted a follow-up on also copying two CUDA library files for the .01 driver version to .02 filenames. (Edit for the .02 driver key alone doesn't work.)
Not sure if renaming the 01 lib files instead of copying would have worked. But again, things like this should not be required if Nvidia would sync their CUDA and Graphics driver releases. (They posted CUDA 6.5.25 on Nov 19th, a day after the Yosemite .02 graphics driver update that is not compatible with it. And still no update to OS X CUDA that works with the .02 Yosemite graphics driver released the day before.)

(Nvidia graphics driver update info from Tuesday follows)
Nvidia Graphics Driver Update 343.01.02f01 for OS X 10.10.1 (Yosemite)
Here's the download page for Nvidia's 343.01.02f01 driver update for OS X 10.10.1 (14B25). (D/L page dated Nov. 18th. Should also be available via the Nvidia control panel update check for users that had previous versions installed.)
(As of Nov. 18th 20th, that driver page still lists the Sept. 19th CUDA 6.5.18 for OS X that users of previous driver versions 343.01.01f01-f03 said showed "CUDA Update required" if using the Nvidia graphics driver vs the OS X Default graphics driver.)
CUDA Update: See above info on Nov. 19th posted CUDA 6.5.25 for OS X.

(A Nov 24th post in apple's forum had notes on editing the CUDA Info.plist for a NVDAResmanVersions Key value to prevent the "CUDA Update Required" message. For users of the new graphics driver, the key would be 343.01.02. But if a matching Key is required, why hasn't Nvidia done that with an update or as part of a new driver install.)

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