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Unity 2.6 released and non-Pro version now free
(Clips from Unity's news page and press release today)

"Today at the Unite Conference, Unity Technologies, the leading provider of the multi-platform game development platform for Web, PC, Mac, Wii and iPhone, announced that version 2.6 of its Unity Platform is available and that the feature-packed Unity (formerly known as Unity Indie and priced at $199) is now available at no cost at to make it possible for all developers to get access to the best development platform available. (Unity Pro will continue to be priced at $1,499 per license.)

The number of new features and optimizations are too numerous to mention here, so be sure to check out the what's new page to hear all about the performance profiler, animation editor, threaded streaming, and much much more! Oh, and one more thing, Unity is now free!

  • What's new in Unity 2.6
  • Download Unity 2.6
  • Read the Press Release "
  • Unity 2.6 for OS X is 291MB D/L (but says includes 30 day trial Unity Pro version also). System requirement link not working tonight though.
    Here's the Unity License Comparison page (features, etc.) and Unity documentation page w/Tutorials, reference/user manuals, example projects, video tutorials, scripting reference and forums.

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    Reports on Wireless Mouse Software Update for Snow Leopard (Benefits with any BT mouse)
    (Updated w/more reports) I was curious if there were any benefits (fixes/improvements, etc.) in last night's Wireless Mouse Software updates for owners of older mice (not just new Magic Mouse). I forgot to include a reply email link in yesterday's post (have now) but here's several replies from OS X 10.6.1 users saying they've seen a benefit to the update using other BT mice.

    "OSX 10.6.1 / Wireless Mouse software update 1.0
    Before I updated the software my old type wireless mouse use to hang after a start-up. (I have seen talk of finder hanging.)
    Now Better than with Leopard.
    This might explain why the Snow Leopard mouse update is about twice the size of the Leopard one.
    -John W."

    The D/L page for the Snow leopard update says 63.92MB vs 36.22MB for 10.5.8's update. (And the 10.5.8 update is universal/includes PPC code.)
    Here's a later reply from a Microsoft BT mouse user:

    "OS X 10.6.1 on a black Macbook (4.1) 2.4ghz.
    Wireless update fixed an issue where my bluetooth mouse would take about 20-30 seconds to "re-connect" after a computer sleep. Now it instantly connects after a computer sleep.
    Guess what? My mouse is a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000!
    update helps all BT mice, I think.

    And other replies to this post (also positive) from the following day:

    "After reading of the results other got on your site, I installed the snow leopard wireless update - and Yes, it does improve the connect time. Mine went from around 30 seconds to about 3 seconds after wakeup.
    I am running OS X 10.6.1 and using a Logitech bluetooth notebook mouse.

    "I can also add to your list of success stories with the latest Apple Wireless Mouse Software Update for Snow Leopard. It didn't show up in Software Update, so per your website, downloaded separately. (here) Installed. Rebooted.
    And, I kid you not... my white laser Bluetooth Mighty Mouse feels like a USB-connected mouse now. It's been almost 24 hours since I installed the update and have yet to lose connection while using the MM. (Losing connection would happen at least once per session previously, whether on OS X 10.5 or 10.6.)
    It feels like a USB-connected mouse now. Lightning-fast, and upon waking up the MM connects in 5 seconds or less.
    Using this laser Bluetooth Mighty Mouse on a MacBook Pro 13in (2.26GHz C2D/4GB ram, OS X 01.6.1).
    -Michael S."

    If anyone else using a BT mouse (not a Magic Mouse) finds any benefit from the update, send a note (please include OS X version used and Mouse info. Thanks.)

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    Looking for feedback from PCI-e G5 Tower users on SATA Cards
    I had a mail from a reader that the RocketRaid 2310 PCIe SATA card is no longer supported with G5 towers (PCIe models of course) - including a quote from his discussion with Highpoint support saying "This (RR 2310) card is not recommended for G5 systems - some may not recognize the card, while others may experience strange CPU usage if one is installed". (Highpoint no longer has the 2310 listed on their G5 PCIe compatible cards page.)
    I remember back when OS X 10.5 was first released (fall 2007) there were several posts here on problems w/various RocketRaid cards at that time especially from PPC mac owners. (But card/driver problems are common after a new OS release with vendors playing catchup - ditto for Snow Leopard with some PCIe/expresscards.)
    Anyway, his mail made me decide to call for some later feedback. So if you're using an SATA card (any brand/model) in a G5 tower running OS X 10.5.x (preferably 10.5.8), let me know the details and if you've seen any problems or not. Please include notes on drivers and external cases/bridge boards used (if using eSATA - as mentioned repeatedly over the years, ext cases/bridge board also can play a factor in problems). Thanks.

    (So far tonight I've gotten a thumbs up from G5 tower/10.5.8 owners using CalDigit FASTA-2e 2 port card (w/OWC EliteAL Pro ext cased drives), Sonnet E4P (didn't note enclosure used) and a (PCI-X however) SeriTek/1V4 w/internal drives. Firmtek's current PCIe SATA cards are the 4-port SeriTek/2ME4-E and 2-port SeriTek/2SE2-E. Both note G5 PCIe model compatibility per their product pages.)

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    PowerMac G5 Coolant Leaks/Repairs page updated
    I've still not completely caught up but added a few more reports to the original page here on PowerMac G5 Coolant Leaks/Repairs.
    As most (but not all) have reported since posting that page/warning, etc. in Aug. 2007 generally repairs were covered out of warranty but sometimes requiring repeated calls/pressing the matter. (I'm still waiting for reports back from a couple owners that didn't comment on talks with apple support regarding leak repairs.)
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    Apple Bluetooth Update 1.0 for Windows/Bootcamp (for late 2009 iMacs)
    FYI to new iMac users running Bootcamp/Windows (released today):

    "Bluetooth Update 1.0 for Windows
    This update improves the performance of the Apple Bluetooth devices when running Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista on a Mac computer using Boot Camp.
    For more information about this update, please visit this website: ("About Bluetooth Update 1.0 for Windows" - that doc only lists "iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2009), iMac (27-inch, Late 2009)" in the affected models.-Mike)
    For more information about Boot Camp, please visit this website:"

    Apple's also updated some related support docs (see below) to mention this update.
    BTW - This reminded me about an update I saw during the last MS "patch tuesday" - I saw an (Apple) Broadcom Bluetooth Update appear in Windows Update on an 09 Mac Pro running Vista. (I commented on that here in the other news item FYI on MS windows updates.)
    FYI - around midnight tonight (Wed.) I booted to Vista 64 on the Mac Pro and Windows Update had several updates including a "Platform Update" for Vista (Windows Graphics, Imaging, and XPS Library, Automation API and Portable Devices Platform) which included a DirectX update. (Installed OK and DXdiag now reports DX11 and shows no errors (32bit and 64bit tests) - quick check some directX games showed no problems on this system.)

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    (Updated during the day, later added items first)

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