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Reader Feedback/Notes/Tips about OS X Yosemite
Here's a reader mail (Mac Pro/Nvidia card/Yosemite user) that recently installed the Nvidia driver update and has some some notes on his Yosemite upgrades:

Date: 10/20/2014 11:21 AM
Subject: Yosemite Anomalies
I installed Yosemite over the weekend and found a few problems with OS software. I guess this is nothing new.

1) My NVIDIA GeForce GT120 512MB card started reporting that it needed an update. I have the CUDA Driver Version: 6.5.18 and the GPU Driver Version: 10.0.19 (310.90.10.05b12).
(The Oct. 18th Nvidia graphics driver update is 343.01.01f01. An Oct. 27th release was f02.-M)

I've got an older Mac Pro 2008 and my card is an older card, so not surprised that these updates don't really like my older system. Maybe a newer graphics card would have better results. Hate to put a new video card into an older computer that basically has great video (1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz), although 32bit. I have seldom seen amazing results from newer more expensive cards in older Macs.

My 2012 MacBook Pro 15" (non-retina) upgraded fine. It's also got the Samsung SSD 1TB drive in it with 8GB RAM and it flies. Seems to love this updated OS.

2) Ambrosia Snapz Pro (link, last update v2.5.4, 10/30/2013?) will not capture audio properly due to audio drivers needing to be updated. No updates are available. It's aggravating considering that development for these OS updates start really early and Ambrosia should know what is coming and supply appropriate drivers.
(Oct. 29th Update: Reply to a support ticket said a Snapz Pro update is in the works, but no ETA.)

3) Logic Pro had some problems recognizing 3rd party plug-ins (particularly WAVES), but once I reinstalled the WAVES plug-ins from the downloaded MAC version plug-in manager, everything became recognized. WAVES wrote this morning (Oct. 20th):

Thank you for contacting Waves technical support.
Unfortunately there is nothing to do in your case, since Mac OSX 10.10 is not qualified with Waves at this time.

We will announce official support for "Yosemite" when we've had enough time to perform all our tests and make the necessary changes. Stay tuned to our newsletter and website where we will announce support for Mac OS 10.10 "Yosemite" when it's available.

We might have something that might work, go to Applications > Waves > Applications folder, and move the WLC file to the desktop, please make sure that you didn't create a shortcut but you actually moved the file from that folder to your desktop. Remove the WLC file from the Applications > Waves > Applications folder. You can try Activating your licenses onto a USB key on another computer, with Mac OSX Mavericks, or even a Windows computer, connect it to your Mac 10.10 and see if the plug-ins work in your DAW.

Please go to Applications > Waves > Waveshells and run the Waves AU Reg Utility 9.3.

Once this is done, launch Logic, go to Logic > Preferences > Audio Units Manager. Make sure that the Waves Plug-ins are checked under the Logic column, if it is no, highlight the Waves Plug-ins listings and click on Reset & Rescan Selection. Open a new session and see if everything is working properly.
I hope this works out. Have a great day.
If you need further assistance feel free to contact us or visit
(Update: John later sent info on a WAVES Plugin/License Center Update compatible with OS X 10.10 available for download at

That's my Yosemite Update.

(he later wrote)
I did the update (Nvidia driver 343.01.01) and I think that fixed the problem. I thought I had updated yesterday to the latest GPU Driver Version, but apparently, I didn't. Thank you for your website...
-John K."

Thanks John. After seeing a recent Apple forum thread (here), I asked if his Nvidia CUDA Prefs Panel shows "Update Required" in red. (Although nothing later than 6.5.18 seen to date and it's the version listed in the 10/18/2014 dated Nvidia Yosemite GPU drivers D/L page.)
Update: John replied that Yes, (if using Nvidia driver 343.01.01f01) he is also seeing the "Update Required" in CUDA prefs but no update available. For now he's switched to the standard OS X graphics driver (via Nvidia Driver manager prefs) until an update is available.

Nvidia Driver Manager Settings

(Does that disable the CUDA driver?) Asked John if there were any useful messages in the Console. (Driver not loading/some issue with signing or yosemite kext security?)

And an earlier comment on upgrading to Yosemite from reader w/2011 MacBook Pro.

"Just installed Yosemite on my 2011 17-inch MacBook Pro w/Samsung 830 EVO SSD, 12 Megs Ram and it is really snappy!!!!! Much better than Mavericks.

I had been doing the Public Beta via Thunderbolt on an SSD and was concerned about its performance but no more. This is really nice and I would rate it up there with Snow Leopard.
Regards, Wil N."

Thanks Wil, glad to hear it. I've not upgraded to Yosemite on anything yet. (Might eventually on a 2012 Mini with Mavericks that's rarely used.)

Other News, Troubleshooting, Tips and PR:

  • Nvidia CUDA Prefs Panel says "Update Required", but none available (Mac Pro forum)
    Nvidia posted a Yosemite drivers update on Saturday but as of Tuesday Thursday morning, CUDA v6.5.18 for OS X (from Sept. 19th release/10.9.5 compat.) is still the latest CUDA for OS X seen for D/L at Nvidia. And it was the version listed on the Nvidia Yosemite/OS X 10.10.0 (14A389) Graphics Driver Update 343.01.01f01 page, but more reports it isn't working and Nvidia's CUDA prefs panel shows (in red) "Update Required" (but none available). Asked if anything useful seen in console messages, could yosemite kext security be a factor or v6.5.18 just not compatible, despite being the version Nvidia listed (w/DL) on the Yosemite graphics driver update page.

    And now the CUDA 6.5.18 page says it supports OS X 10.10.0 (not just 10.9.x-10.8.x). So is the root problem the CUDA driver or something else? (installer or graphics driver code?)

    BTW: One reader (John, report below) said he switched to the Default OS X graphics driver (using Nvidia Driver manager prefs) and no longer gets the CUDA update required, but I don't know if the CUDA drivers are working that way.
    (Also added notes on this problem under the original news post on the driver.)

  • OWC's Late 2014 Mac mini with Fusion Drive Teardown and iFixit's Late 2014 Mac Mini Teardown show it's even less DIY friendly than expected from earlier notes on soldered-in ram, etc. (3 tiny TR6 Torx Security screws on bottom cover. At least it's not glued on.)

  • Prosoft's press release on Data Rescue 4.1 notes "includes a proprietary new BootWell™ technology that can boot and recover files from Macs running OS X 10.7.5 or newer".

  • Businessweek has a story on a 1976 Apple 1 Up for Auction with some photos, a bit of history, and link to 1999 interview with Steve Jobs (PBS video). (Reportedly sold for $905K.)

  • OWC Blog: iMac with 5K Retina Display Teardown & External Drive Noise Reduction

  • Aspyr FAQ and PR on Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Coming to Mac & Linux.

  • Feral's PR on Total War™: SHOGUN 2 - Fall of the Samurai coming to Mac

  • Apple Support Article Updates: (Oct. 21st)

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