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More reader feedback on Apple's X1900 XT replacement/refund program
(more feedback on the Apple replacement/refund program for certain S/N X1900 XT cards.)

A follow-up from Julian to his post in Monday's news - noting he did get the correct 8800GT for his EFI32 Mac Pro. (Late posting these mails from yesterday.)

"I got my replacement card today (Tuesday) and am happy to report that it is the correct one for my first gen Mac Pro.
-Julian "

And a reader comments on his experience trying to get a refund for the cost of previous replacement:

" Hey Mike, I made a genius appointment in SF today (Tuesday) to get a refund for the X1900 card I bought in '08 to replace the glitched out *V6Z* in my 10/06 Mac Pro.
Turns out these transactions are handled at the register, no appointment required. Yay.
Unfortunately, it was there I was informed I would have to call Applecare to get a refund for the replacement X1900. I'll let you know what happens.

And another report on trying to get a replacement (still has the original card):

" Mike, I guess I'm one of the few people who still have a 2006 Mac Pro with the original x1900 in it. I've been having pretty serious graphical distortions for over a year but have just lived with it because the upgrade options weren't very appealing. I was close to ordering one of the new 5770s but stumbled on the quasi-recall and jumped on it.

On Monday I went down to the local Apple Store that just opened on Saturday with my x1900 card and Mac Pro serial number. The genius was nice but quickly went into the back to consult with the more experienced geniuses that were brought in from other parts of the country. He returned after a couple minutes and explained that I would have to bring in my entire Mac Pro and leave it overnight so they could verify that graphical distortions were occurring. I very patiently explained that the Knowledge Base only told me to bring the card and serial number of the computer. After getting nowhere I asked to speak with the manager who came out and repeatedly told me that there was no possible way for an Apple retail store to ever replace a part without bringing the entire machine in for verification. After going around and around I decided to go home and bring my Mac Pro to the store so they could run the verification test.

While at home I called the AppleCare 800 number and spoke with someone that said I only need to bring the card and Mac Pro serial number. I also called two other Apple Stores in the another part of the state and they to said just bring the card and computer serial number. I returned to the store with the Mac Pro and again expressed my frustration in having to prove that I was having an issue despite the very clear instructions in the knowledge base article.

Today (Tuesday) I called to check on the status of the repair and was told that the machine failed the graphics test and the card would be replaced with an 8800GT. Now I have to wait for the card to come in and for the techs to install it. (Hopefully won't be long - Julian got his within a couple days.-Mike) This ordeal was a good example of how the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing at Apple, completely conflicting information from retail and corporate. The manager was completely unwilling to consider the possibility that Apple was making a special exception here and told me he received a note about the x1900 program in his daily updates but there was no mention about just bringing the bad card in.
I'll let you know if any further issues arise.

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