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News Archive for Friday August 5, 2011:

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Cheap (under $20) AirDrop Compatible card (Broadcom BCM94322MC):
Another reply to recent posts (yestrday and monday) on AirDrop compatible cards and swaps.

"In addition to my newer Mac Pro and my MBP, I have a 2009 2.93GHz Quad Core Mac Pro that still pulls heavy duty around here. Unfortunately, the card that Apple installed in it didn't support Air Drop, so I poked around and bought one of these on eBay for $16.99!

(Broadcom) BCM94322MC Mini PCI-e Card 487330-001
(Same card a reader w/2007 mac pro noted in monday's post. As far as I know, 2006-2010 Mac Pros, intel-based iMacs, MBPs and pre-2009 (intel-based) Mini's used a Mini-PCIe airport card.)

Popped it in and Air Drop now works!

(I asked Paul what model card was in his Mac Pro and if it shipped with one (or was added later), since Apple's Lion Specs page AirDrop compatible Mac listing includes the 2009 Mac Pro w/Airport extreme card. But as usual they didn't include any info on card model(s). Yesterday's post had a list.)
    I believe it was what it shipped with, although I have a dim memory of no card shipping with one machine and me adding one later. I don't think that was *this* Mac Pro.
the card that I pulled says: Model No.: BCM94321MC. The Broadcom chip on it says: BCM4321FBG - the last three characters were a little hard to read.

As for the new one (BCM94322MC), the guy still has 10 left (as of 9PM ET Friday. $16.99 + shipping, listed as $5 to USA, $7 Int'l).
Best, Paul"
(Update: A few hours after posting that link, the original 15 sold out. Early Sat. he added another listing (15) which sold out again and by 7PM Sat listed another batch that also sold out on Sunday.)

The Airport card is easy to get to in the 2009/2010 Mac Pros - just remove the CPU tray. (I posted a pix of the Airport card/location down the page on the 2009 Mac Pro from spring 09.)

Another (2006-2008) Mac Mini Core2Duo (2.33GHz) CPU Upgrade
Added another (short) report to the page on (2006-2008) Mac Mini Core 2 Duo CPU Upgrades (Chip Swaps). Here's a copy to save you a click.

"Upgraded my 2007 Mac Mini 2.0Ghz (T7200) with an 2.33GHz (T7600) yesterday. Bought T7600 at ebay and the seller included a "special" tool to prevent break off the brittle, springed nylon locks holding the heatsink in place against the CPU.
Overall I'm very happy, though it was a small jump :)
Lars AH, Norway"

Asked if he planned on trying Lion to report back. (Using earlier posted tip - i.e. install lion on drive connected to supported mac, then deleting "/System/Library/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist" file.)

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