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Carbon Copy Cloner 5.0 Release Notes    [= skip to other news =]
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(Info from August 24th, 2017 CCC v5.0 release notes follows:)
  • New interface for defining task filters:
    • CCC can calculate the amount of space consumed by the files on the source. If you exclude items from the task or add custom filters to exclude items based on patterns, CCC will report the total protected size of each folder (and cumulatively).
    • The task filter can now exclude everything by default, allowing you to specify only what items should be included in the backup task. This is in contrast to the default behavior in which CCC includes everything by default, allowing you to specify what is excluded from the backup task.
    • Filters can be imported and exported. Additionally, when you change the source for your backup task, CCC will now ask you whether you want to reset the task filter (rather than simply resetting it).
    • The effects of custom and global filters are immediately apparent.
    • A QuickLook panel shows a preview of the selected file.
    • Contents can be sorted by name, modification date, or size.
    • You can select an item, then Shift+click on the checkbox for another item within the same parent folder to select/deselect all of the items in between.
    • If you really want to, you can have CCC copy your Trash. There's a checkbox for that now!

  • CCC's SafetyNet pruning settings will now automatically adapt to the amount of data your tasks need to copy. If a backup task runs out of space on the destination, CCC will revisit the pruning of the SafetyNet folder, then resume copying.

  • The SafetyNet pruning feature is now available for Remote Macintosh destinations.

  • The setup procedure for backing up to a remote Macintosh has been greatly simplified.

  • Task filters can be configured for Remote Macintosh source volumes with the same ease as locally-attached volumes.

  • Tasks can be sorted by name, exit status, last run date, next run date, or manually.

  • Tasks cab be placed into groups for organizational purposes, and also to be run collectively as a group.

  • A new Guided Setup feature offers initial task configuration tips for first-time users.

  • Upon detecting that your Mac is booted from a CCC backup volume, CCC will present a new Guided Restore option. In the guided restore, CCC will create a new restore task, select the startup disk as the source, then present coaching tips that guide the user through selecting the destination and (optionally) excluding items from the restore task.

  • Tasks can be scheduled to run once at a particular time in the future. After that run, the tasks will revert to run "only when I click the Clone button".

  • Hourly runtime limits allow the user to limit a task to running only between 5PM and 7AM, for example. Hourly limits will prevent a task from starting if it's outside the specified run time, and if the task runs past the allowed end time, the task will be stopped.

  • CCC's Task History window now offers a trend chart. The trend chart shows how your tasks are performing over time, and how many files/how much data gets copied each time your task runs.

  • The destination selector offers a visual disk usage indicator.

  • You can right-click on a volume (e.g. in the source/destination selectors) to mount or unmount that volume, or to reveal it in the Finder.

  • The source and destination selections can be reset to "Choose a source/destination".

  • The CCC User Agent will now check for updates on the schedule defined in the main application.

  • Some of the the Cloning Coach messages have been aggregated and simplified to seem less daunting to novice users.

  • The "Find and replace corrupted files" setting can now be limited to run once per week or once per month.

  • Tasks can be imported and exported, making it simpler to migrate task settings to a second Mac.
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(Aug, 21st) Apple Support/Troubleshooting/How-To Article Updates:

Page of How-To, Troubleshooting & Tips for Mac/OS X/iOS Users from Airplay to Thunderbolt.

Other News, Software Updates, PR, OT: (later added first)
  • Firefox 55.0.3 release notes (bugfixes)

  • Chrome 60.0.3112.113 stable channel update (google blog)

  • v05.30.01 Update for LG OLED TV model G6P (65", 77")
    (LG US D/L page, update dated 8/21/2017.)
    Change info from page's "Reference" link.
    1. Added notification pop up for when app is no longer supported.
    2. Change in background image of no signal screen.
    3. Change in Amazon HDR Mode (no explanation of change)
    Not mentioned in release notes, but 5.30.x update for C6/E6 models last month had HDR gamers saying it made HDR Game mode much darker/dimmer. (Tone map change to prevent clipping?) I saw a lot of owner complaints on the darker HDR Game mode and noticed LG posted a support article titled Picture too dark in HDR Game Mode suggesting setting Dynamic Contrast to High.

  • 4TB WD My Passport Ultra Review (storagereview)

  • New 8th Gen Intel Core Processors (intel PR)

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  • Benefits of HEVC, HEIF file formats in macOS High Sierra and iOS 11
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  • System requirements for BioShock Remastered on macOS (due Aug 22nd)
  • Firefox web browser for iOS v8.2 (bug fixes, better keyboard support)
  • Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac 15.37.0 Update
  • YouTube TV iOS app v1.06 (iOS 9.1 or later)
  • Vudu Sets Launch Date for Apple TV App
  • Firefox 55.0.2 release notes (bugfixes)
  • Apple Support/How-To Article Updates:
    - What to do if your Mac won't turn on
    - How to reset NVRAM on your Mac
    - List of Startup key combinations for Mac
    - How to set a firmware password on your Mac
    - How to use safe mode to isolate issues with a Mac
    - How to Use FileVault to encrypt the startup disk on your Mac
    - How to use LG UltraFine 5K Display with your Mac
    - Why you may see a progress bar when Mac wakes from sleep
    - If you see error 9, 4005, 4013, or 4014 when you restore your iOS device

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