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News Archive for Wednesday July 6, 2011:

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Any readers using a Matrox DualHead2Go DP (DisplayPort) w/new MacBook Pro?
(from a reader mail - there were some notes on an older version in a Feb 15, 2007 post here, but nothing more recent.)

" Hi Mike, I wonder if you or any of the readers are using a Macbook Pro with a Matrox "Dualhead2go DP" (DisplayPort) - especially with two screens in 2048x1152 pixels resolution.
Since I have never had problems with running two screens in this resolution, even on my old G5 graphics card, I am hoping this works (in clamshall mode, maybe ?) - even though Matrox is listing this resolution only for PCs. (see note)
Best regards, Wolfgang"

Probably a longshot, but may be worth asking if Matrox has tested with a new (2011) MacBook Pro. But if any reader has used a DualHead2Go DP (DisplayPort model) with a new MBP, send a note on your experience with it - and if 2048x1152 is an available rez. TIA.

(Regarding his comment that Matrox only supports (dual) 2048x1152 w/PCs - this page notes Maximum DisplayPort Resolution is 3840x1200 (2x 1920x1200), with a footnote "Maximum resolution is system, monitor type, GXM model and operating system dependent." That page links to a list of supported resolutions that has "4096 x 1152 (2x 2048 x 1152)" but with a footnote (5) that says "These modes are not available under any Mac OS X operating system."
That page also links to the required PowerDesk for Mac software.)

Software Updates/News:

  • MacGo Blu-ray Player for Mac
    FYI: Per their FAQ, the player requires an internet connection:
    Q: Can I use the Mac Blu-ray Player offline?
    A: Sorry. Because of technical reasons, the Mac Blu-ray Player must be used while connected to the Internet.

    That is a deal-breaker for me. I didn't download the trial but didn't see a list of requirements (OS version, graphics card,) there. (Maybe I missed it but looked at the FAQ, features page, etc.)

    Update (Sept 24th, 2011): I checked their FAQ again in late Sept. (after a reader w/Lion noted problems) and they had added mac system requirements in a FAQ item titled "What kind of Mac computer can play blu-ray movies" - says OS X 10.5+, Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz or higher - no info on GPU rqmts as of late Sept. 2011.
    I have no interest in trying this for reasons noted above, but if any other readers w/OS X Lion have used it, let me know. I ask as a reader in late Sept. wrote it had problems w/Lion and he's been unable to play any QT movs (with any player) since installing it. (If removing/uninstalling the software didn't help (assume not), check the default app for QT/Mov files and if it's their player (I assume so), then set it back to the apple player. (I.E. Select a Qt/mov file, Get Info and then change the "Open With" app (if it shows their player) to Apple's - then "Change all".)
    If you still have problems after that default player change, then maybe try a reinstall of the Lion 10.7.1 update (download updater). Worst case, perform a restore from a backup.)

  • AirFoil 4.5 for Snow Leopard (see release notes for chgs)
  • OnyX 2.4.0b1
  • JailbreakMe highlights just how vulnerable iOS users are

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