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More Mac Pro CPU Upgrade reports:
(A few recent mails on these upgrades. Some previously posted reports include article/video guide links and download to correct cpu ID in some cases.)

"CPU Upgrade report Mac Pro Early 2008
Here is my upgrade from a single 2.8 GHz CPU Mac Pro 3,1 Early 2008. I ordered an E5462 SLANT Intel CPU (prices between $200 to 300) and an extra heat sink (part number: 076-1303), downloaded the Mac Pro Service Source Apple_Mac_Pro_(Early_2008) and carefully followed the instructions starting from page 48, 71 and 87.

Some observations:
You need a hexagon 3 mm (Allen) key wrench about 20 cm long. Bondhus has one with order number 15356. (Previous reports also noted similar long ("T" handle) hex wrenches available cheaply ($4 IIRC) at hardware stores like ACE.)

I didn't use thermal grease but instead covered the mounted CPU with a silicone thermal heat conductive pad cut to size (35x35 mm). This isn't messy at all like using grease but the pads are difficult to find. I found some pads used for cooling these fancy new LED light bulbs.

When installing the heat sink, the screws should be tightened until they will no longer turn easily. This should represent approximately 6-8 inch-pounds of torque [from the Intel manual].

Once the CPU upgrade was OK, I replaced the optical drives with BluRay capable drives. These use SATA cables and Apple, in all their wisdom, already provided for two connectors on the motherboard. (Although 2006-2008 Mac Pros use PATA Optical drives from the factory, many owners have used the 2 spare SATA Ports on the motherboard for SATA drives. Or for eSATA use as shown in the old article here on Using the Mac Pro's 2 spare onboard SATA Ports for eSATA.-Mike) They are easily found with their labels ODD_SATA. You will need two S-ATA cables, each left and right angled (50 cm) and two 5.25" Molex to S-ATA power adapter cables (10 cm). I took apart the old IDE cable in order to use the power cable again. Instructions for dismantling the IDE cable are in the Service Source starting at page 122.

I mounted an LG Electronic BH10LS30 (BD rewriter) in the upper bay and an LG Electronic CH10LS20 (BD reader) in the lower bay. Both worked flawlessly first time without having to install anything.

I also installed ZDNet Clock and over clocked the 2,8 GHz CPUs to 3,1 GHz. No problem with that.
(I'd almost forgotten about that ZDnet OC tool. Some early feedback on it in the June 27th, 2008 news. Linked on the Macs page also.-Mike)
Temperature checking is easy with Bresink's Temperature Monitor (freeware).

Finally, I upgraded my internet connection from 15Mb down/2Mb up to 40Mb/2Mb.

Overall, I would give this upgrade a score of 9. Most effort goes into finding and ordering the different parts and reading the Mac Pro Service Source. The whole upgrade itself takes no more than an hour.
- Jos G., Belgium"

" Mac Pro 1,1 (Dual 2.0Ghz dual-core 5130), Upgraded with E5340 2.4 Ghz, 1066 Fsb, 8M L2. (Engineering Samples)

This upgrade was to change the 2 x Dual core 5130 Xeon's (quad core mac) to 2 x Quad core E5240 Xeon's (8 Core mac).
I was lucky enough to get a matched pair of E5340 Engineering Samples, HH80563KH0568M, QQYH. These are the 2.4Ghz, 1066fsb, 8M L2. These were bought from eBay for $180 for the pair.

I decided not to do the BSEL mod straight away and would just let them run at 1066.
I used "ArctiClean Thermal Material Remover and Surface Purifier - 60ml Kit" to clean the cpu and the heatsink, then using Arctic silver 5 thermal compound, and followed instructions for Arctic Silver compound, which involved 'tinning' the heatsink and cpu before applying the final amount of artic silver 5.

Everything went according to plan and I now have an 8-core mac pro running at 2.4Ghz, 1066 fsb, which has just returned a Geekbench score of 11516.

Was it worth it? YES, the mac is now much faster and more responsive. When I need a bit more from it I will remove the cpu's and do the BSEL mod on them taking the fsb up to 1333.
-Mark H."

" I've completed two Mac Pro upgrades: a macpro1,1 w/two 2.66Ghz dual-core cpus to dual quad-core 2.66GHz CPUs and a macpro3,1 w/single quad-core 2.8GHz to a dual quad-core 2.8GHz.
I bought the cpu's from and the second heatsink for the macpro3,1 from
More than doubled the power fractal score on each system!

Reader report on Radeon 2600 Refund (for previous replacement purchase)
Previous reports on the program were on getting replacement cards ("version 2" 2600s) - here's a report on a refund for a previously purchased replacement.

"My Radeon 2600 graphics card died in November and it cost me $300 for repair. (Card was $175, labor $125 - fixed through an Apple dealer.) I called Apple today and they agreed to a refund, but only up to a max of $250.

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