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News Archive for Monday, Nov. 5th, 2012

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Report on DIY Fusion Drive in 2010 iMac:
(from a reader mail, ref: Stein's original article on DIY Fusion Drives)
"DIY Fusion Drive (2010 iMac)
I've had a DIY Fusion Drive for a few days now. Previously, I had my OS/Apps on an OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD 60GB and my user folder on a Hitachi Deskstar 2TB (HDS723020BLA642), in my Mid 2010 i7 27" iMac.
   That's worked well for over a year, but there were a couple of inconveniences to do with the non-standard location of my home folder. The main one was to use FileVault2, I had to login with an empty account, decrypt the Hitachi, then login to my user. (Not normal) I saw this Fusion Drive as a way to get the benefit (and more!) of my two drive setup, and return to a standard layout as far as my home-directory.

To get started, I made sure my time machine backup was in good shape, then booted from a USB drive, then followed the jollyjinx guide. It was really easy. I restored from time machine to the new Fusion Drive partition, and noticed using iostat, that yes, it wrote first to the SSD, then the Hitachi. I enabled FileVault2 and have been using it since.

I can't really say that I notice subjectively better performance, but it isn't worse either. Maybe it will take a while to figure out which files should be on the ssd.
I'm backing up frequently, (time machine and crashplan) but crossing my fingers that nothing goes wrong. (Not sure I'd trust a Fusion drive + FV at this point.)
best, Cedar"

Thanks Cedar.

He included a Disk Utility/Volume Info Screenshot and report but not listed here due to space. I'll add this later to the previous article from a 2010 Mac Pro owner.
(FYI: On Nov. 28th, sponsor OWC posted their Guide to Creating your own Fusion Drive)

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