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More Feedback on Apple's ATI X1900XT Replacement/Refund program
"Thanks to the article here (Sept 24th news page post w/apple doc), I decided to exchange my aging card also. Although I had purchased an 8800 a while ago and was running it in place of the X1900, I figured it couldn't hurt to have another GT as a back up in case of failure, plus the price cannot be beat.

I took the X1900 and a printed copy of my Mac Pro's serial number (using screen print), plus a screen print of Apple's exchange page to my local Apple store. They set me up for an appointment within 5 minutes and we took care of the paperwork. They did ask what version of OS I was running and ordered a GT8800. (earlier report said IF a pre-OS X 10.5 version, you get another X1900 card (8800 requires 10.5.2 or later))
Should be within 2 or 3 days I was told. Went home with the old card, to return with it for the exchange a few days later. The entire transaction took around 15 minutes.

Today I called them to see if the card had arrived. Yes, we were planning on calling you later today. Told them I would stop by after work. Walked into the busy store, told the concierge that I was there to pick up my replacement card. He looked over the paperwork and said he would go in back and get the card. 15 minutes go by and he comes back saying I need to bring in my Mac Pro for them to exchange the card and install it. I explained that Apple's website did not ask for this procedure and showed him the copy of Apple's return page for the video card. I also mentioned that I was not about to drag my Mac Pro in from home to do this. He said he would go in the back again and ask someone, this time he also took my video card and paperwork along. 10 more minutes of waiting and he finally returned with the replacement card and papers for me to sign. He apologized for the extra time taken, etc.
Needless to say, if this replacement had not been free, I would not have bothered.
Andy in California"

Previous reader reports on this program are in the Oct. 12th, Sept. 29th and Sept. 27th and news pages. (They'll eventually be combined into one page.)

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