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Onkyo RZ Series Receivers Tips, Tricks and Firmware Updates
(These tips moved from the main Audio/Home Theater page.)

Set HDMI Mode | Save/Restore Settings | Switch Speaker Configuration | RZ830/730/630 FW | RZ840/740 FW

Introduction (You can skip this intro by using the Tip links above.)
I used all the tips below on my Onkyo RZ series receiver. I bought my Onkyo RZ830 for $479.99 ("Open Box", actually new) locally in Spring 2019 when they had big discounts on 2018 models. It replaced a Yamaha RX-A3050 (long story, but it didn't fail). The RZ830 drives (used) Klipsch RF-83s (L/R), RC-64 (C), RS-62s (Sides), RS-41s (Rears/Heights), and Synergy S3s (Front Heights). Crossovers on the RF83s is 60Hz, the rest at 80Hz. Subwoofer is a SVS PC13. (I switch speaker configurations between 5.1.4 & 7.1.2 with no speaker wire changes - see tip below.)

I'm very familiar with the problems earlier Onkyo receivers had (I own an NR3007), but all things considered (features, performance, price), I am very pleased with the RZ830 after about a year and a half of use. I use two 120mm adjustable speed USB powered fans (with foam weatherstrip on fan bottom edges), placed on top rear vents of the receiver to help draw hot air off the HDMI board. (I used the same fan setup on previous Yamahas and an older Onkyo NR3007 receiver.) The RZ830 runs much cooler than my NR3007 did. And I have no complaints on its power output with the above speakers. (Sound&Vision's sensitivity tests (1 meter with a 2.83-volt input, grilles on) shows the RF-83 at 94dB, RC-64 94.5dB, and RS-62 at 93.5 dB. The RF-83 and RC-64 both dip below 4 ohms at some frequencies.) The SVS and all the Klipsch speakers were bought used or damaged. (Biggest bargain was the veneer damaged RF-83's for $100 each. The used SVS PC13 needed a Bash Amp repair for a failing Thermistor.)

Although the RZ830 has built-in Chromecast, supports AirPlay®, DTS Play-Fi®, FlareConnectv™, etc, I use it only for physical media (UHDs/Blu-Rays/DVDs/CDs). I don't use its Ethernet or Wifi and update firmware using USB flash drives. (Installed the 9/23/2020 FW update on Oct. 7.) I don't use the AVR's room EQ (some said doing so resulted in some hiss with high sensitivity speakers like mine). I set my own speaker distances and levels using an SPL meter. I fixed a severe mid-bass null (increased sub distance), which made a HUGE difference, not only restoring mid-bass tactile feel, but also benefited subtle sounds like foley effects. (I could not overstate the difference this timing alignment made.)

BTW: Unlike my Sony & LG 4K/UHD Players, the Panasonic UB420 doesn't trigger Onkyo's "Premium Content" Info. (See info below.) It's not a functional issue, but I'd like to know what triggers Onkyo's "Premium Content" message. (I assumed it meant 4K/UHD or HDR content, but that doesn't seem to be the case as the UB420 is sending the same resolution, bit depth, and HDR. And I can even disable HDR on the Sony X800 and the Onkyo still shows "Premium Content".)

  • Onkyo RZ series Receiver HDMI 4K Enhanced Mode Settings Tip
    Hold down the "BD/DVD" button on front panel and press "ON/STANDBY" button to change the HDMI 4K mode - shown on Receiver front panel display. (While holding "BD/DVD" button down, repeatedly pressing "ON/STANDBY" will switch the HDMI 4K mode from Standard to Enhanced.)
    Receiver Display showing Selected HDMI 4K Mode

    When done, release all buttons and within a few seconds the display will go blank and switching is complete.
    (This tip was not in the original user manual.)

    RZ Series 4K HDMI Modes
    Standard vs Enhanced Supported VIdeo Modes

  • How to Backup your Receiver Settings (and Restore if needed)
    Store a backup of your Receiver settings in the AVR, & restore from the backup.

    RZ Series Front Panel Buttons
    Onkyo RZ series Front Panel with Buttons used below highlighted
    (Buttons are under the flip-down front panel below the receiver's display.)

    To save all your receiver settings on the Onkyo RZ series receiver:

      To Save Settings
    1. Press and HOLD the "Setup" button (at left of Center Ring).
      (Hold Setup Button down until Completed.)
    2. Press and release the "Enter" button (button in Center Ring).
    3. Display will show "Save Settings?" - press Enter button.
    4. After the Display shows Completed, release Setup Button.
    Here's how to restore your saved settings:
      To Restore Saved Settings
    1. Press and HOLD the "Setup" button.
      (Hold Setup Button down until Completed.)
    2. Press and release the "Return" button (on right of Center Ring).
    3. Display will show "Recall Settings?" - press Return again.
    4. After Display shows Completed, release Setup Button.

  • Onkyo RZ series Receiver Switch Speaker Configuration Tip (with no wiring changes)
    (For models with 9 channel Amps that use the same speaker connections for Rear Surround/Rear Heights.)

    A feature I missed from a previous Yamaha receiver was the ability to have two speaker configurations. (On the Yamaha I used one for "Heights" and the other for "Overhead" settings.) I did find a way with my RZ830 to easily switch between two different Speaker Configurations, using only the remote control. The Yamaha had a more complete set of dual configuration options, but the nice thing about the Onkyo RZ830 is that the same speaker outputs are used for Rear Surround and Rear Heights, so switching between 7.1.2 and 5.1.4 requires no wiring changes. (The RZ830 has pre-outs and supports adding 2 more speakers for 7.1.4, using an external 2-channel amp.)

    I have a 9 speaker setup with Klipsch RS (Wide Dispersion Surround Technology) rear speakers up higher than normal, although not as high as recommended for Atmos/DTX rear heights. (It's a compromise, but I'm happy with it for now.) I really like the Klipsch RS (WDST) speakers (RS small picture) for this location. (My Recliner is at the ideal 38% of the room length from a wall. See topic down the page at this article.)

    I first setup the speakers as 7.1.2 (L/R/C/Surround/Surround Back + Front Heights) and set their distance and trim levels. I then selected a 5.1.4 configuration with Rear Heights (instead of Surround Backs), and set the Rear Heights distance & trim. (Again, the RZ830 uses the same receiver powered outputs for Surround Back and Rear Heights.) With that done, using the Receiver's Setup menu > Speaker > Configuration menu I can easily change from 7.1.2 to 5.1.4 (or vice versa) speaker configurations with no wiring changes, and verified the settings are retained for each configuration.

    This tip allows me to easily switch between having 4 height speakers (5.1.4) or rear surround with front heights (7.1.2). I use the 7.1.2 setting most often, but sometimes want to listen with front and rear heights for some Atmos or DTS:X movies. (Or when using Dolby Surround or DTS Neural:X upmix receiver options.)

    BTW: I wish there were separate indicators on the RZ receiver display for the Rear Heights, but there's only Left & Right Height LEDs ("HL" and HR"), used for both Front and Rear Heights. (See Receiver's Speaker Configuration Display below.)

    RZ830 Speaker Display LEDs
    RZ830 Display's Speaker Indicators
    (Only Left & Right Height Speaker LEDs,
    used for both Front and Rear Heights)

    Firmware Updates for TX-RZ630, RZ730, RZ830, NR787 and TX-RZ740, RZ840, NR797
    (Newer updates are listed first. Previous updates listed for reference.)

  • (Sept. 23, 2020) Firmware Update for Onkyo TX-RZ630, RZ730, RZ830, NR787
    Firmware Version 1081-1000-1060-0011 lists these changes/improvements:
    1. Improve reception capability in certain TuneIn Radio stations.
    2. Fix the issue of Bluetooth connection with certain devices.
    3. Fix the issue that start tuning operation when pressing UP/DOWN cursor at TUNER selector.
    4. Improve the stability of operation when returning from Network Standby.

    Updating via USB is recommended, although updates are available via network/internet.
    Firmware update downloads & instructions at https://www.onkyousa.com/downloads/.
    (Under "A/V Receivers & Processors", and then the Receiver model number.)

    BTW: Although I don't use any of the features related to the fixes, I applied this update (via USB) on Oct. 7th to my RZ830 (which had the previous Feb. 2020 update). The 1081-1000-1060-0011 update install completed in under 4 minutes. (As before, only some of the firmware files have been updated. This time 4 of the 10 files were changed since the previous update. Updated files were dated 6/30/2020 10:23AM.)

  • (Aug. 4, 2020) Firmware Update for Onkyo TX-RZ740, RZ840, NR797
    Firmware Version R117-0506-1131-0028 lists these changes/improvements:
    1. Support "Critical Listening mode of DTS Play-Fi".
    2. Unlock IP/Serial/IR/Front Panel volume controls if using Sonos "Volume Pass-Through" feature.
    3. Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.
    Updating via USB is recommended, although updates are available via network/internet.
    Firmware update downloads & instructions at https://www.onkyousa.com/downloads/.
    (Under "A/V Receivers & Processors", and then the Receiver model number.)

  • (Mar. 12, 2020) Firmware Update for Onkyo TX-RZ740, RZ840, NR797
    (See above for a later firmware update.)
    Firmware Version R115-0405-1131-0028 listed these changes/improvements:
    1. Support "Volume Pass Through" function, please refer to link below.
    2. Update Chromecast built-in version to 1.40.
    3. Improve the list viewing for "Albums/ Artists/ Songs" in My Music of Amazon Music.
    4. Fix the issue of Bluetooth connection with certain iOS devices.

  • (Feb. 6, 2020) Firmware Update for Onkyo TX-RZ630, RZ730, RZ830, NR787
    (See above for a later firmware update.)
    Firmware Version 1071-0000-1060-0011 listed these changes/improvements:
    1. Improve the list viewing for "Albums/ Artists/ Songs" in My Music of Amazon Music.
        *Service of Amazon Music may vary by country.
    2. Correct "the unstable elapsed time" and "no album art" when playback through Music Server or USB.
    (Same changes also in an update for previous models like RZ920/RZ820/RZ720/RZ620.)

    BTW: Updating an RZ830 via USB I noticed that after "89% complete", the front panel display went dark for a second and then continued with 90% (to Completed) at high brightness. (It had been set to Dim mode.) Update completed OK and all seems normal (display back at dim mode). I'm guessing the blanking/high brightness happened during an update of the display related firmware.

  • (Nov. 14, 2019) Firmware Update for Onkyo TX-RZ630, RZ730, RZ830, NR787
    (See above for a later firmware updates.)
    Firmware Version 1070-9000-1060-0011 listed these changes/improvements:
    1. Update Chromecast built-in to version 1.36.
    2. Improve search performance of music server.
    3. Improve playback stability for FLAC files.
    (The same changes also in an update for previous models like the RZ920/RZ820/RZ720/RZ620.)

    Panasonic UB420 doesn't trigger Onkyo AVR's "Premium Content" Info
    Not sure why, but unlike the other 4K/UHD Players (like the Sony X800 and LG UP970), playing 4K/UHD HDR Discs in the Panasonic UB420 (with HDR Optimizer Off or On), DOES NOT show "Premium Content" on the Onkyo RZ830's video display info. (Pressing "i" button twice on RZ830 remote shows detail Video Info.) With HDR discs played on the Sony X800 or LG UP970, "Premium Content" (text) appears below the Video details, but not when using the Panasonic UB420. (I don't have the more expensive UB820 or UB9000 models to try.)

    The 4K HDR disc playback details shown for UHD Resolution, Chroma (4:4:4), 12-bit or 10-bit, and framerate are the exact same with all players, and the OLED TV does show the "HDR is On" Popup every time, so the TV is getting HDR video. (The RZ830 still shows "Premium Content" even if I disabled HDR in the Sony X800 player settings.)

    All tests used the same (premium certified) Cable, same AVR Input Port, same 4K/HDR discs, same output settings. (And like the other players, UHD 60fps discs are reliable with the UB420.) Not sure what triggers the "Premium Content" on the Onkyo RZ830, but it must be something in the HDMI input signal. (The UB420 tested with firmware 1.60, still the current USA Firmware as Sept. 2020. I retested after updating to firmware 1.66 - no change.)

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