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Tip for newly installed SSD/HDD not seen in (2012) Mac Mini:
I don't post in Apple's forums but saw a thread on problems a late 2012 Mac mini owner had with his SSD not being recognized internally but was seen/usable in a USB case. My suggestion is to check the connection of the flat sata cable from the SSD at the motherboard. The connector that mates to the motherboard can pop up during reassembly - I had this happen (twice) on a 2012 mini last fall. Even though I was careful each time, after reassembly the drive wasn't recognized. Each time the flat 'tab' like connector at the motherboard had popped up. (When I swapped the SSD out again earlier this year for a faster model, the connector stayed seated.)
   Maybe not that owner's problem, but worth a check based on his reported symptom. (Formatted/OS X on SSD OK via USB, but not seen in DU/ASP when installed in the mini.)

[Update: He later said the cable connection appears ok, but still not seen on either sata connection. The same SSD (256GB Samsung 840 w/OS X 10.8.4) boots/works in a USB case.]

I assume he checked both cable ends (mated/seated correctly, no connector/cable damage, etc) and the same cable worked OK with the OEM Hard Drive.

(BTW: In reply to his problem, someone had thought it was due to needing a special build of 10.8.4 for the late 2012 mini's hardware. I believe they were thinking about earlier OS X 10.8 versions like 10.8.1/10.8.2. The first Late 2012 minis last fall shipped with a special build of OS X 10.8.1 installed (w/support for the new intel chipset) and in Oct and Nov (2012) Apple posted (twice, one was pulled) an OS X 10.8.2 Update/special build just for Late 2012 Macs (mini, retina mbp, iMac). The (2nd) OS X 10.8.2 Update for Late 2012 Macs was on Nov. 29th, 2012 and was a later build (12C3104) than the previous 10.8.2 update for 2012 macs (12C2034) from Oct. 24th, 2012 that was pulled in early Nov. (I suspected the 12C3104 build may have included suppl. update 2.0's keychain fixes.) OS X 10.8.3 and later releases (esp. combos) should already include support for the late 2012 macs.)

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