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News Archive for Wednesday, Oct. 24th, 2012

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Apple posts answers to 'Fusion Drive' Frequently Asked Questions
Today apple posted a new support doc with frequently asked questions About Fusion Drive, a new feature of the "Late 2012" Mac mini and iMacs.
   Includes answers to questions about partitions, 3rd party utility support, Target Disk Mode, external drives, bootcamp support, troubleshooting and more. (I wondered about support for 3rd party internal drive upgrades, but for now I'd assume not.)

BTW: They also note "The version of Disk Utility that comes with Fusion Drive is unique, Earlier versions of Disk Utility can't be used with a Fusion Drive."
The doc also says the only 'fix' (repair) for a problem drive is erasing it, so current backups are a must. (And that I think is why there's no Fusion drive option for the Server mini. Nor would I want it for that in the current state.)

Update/FYI on Do It Yourself Fusion Drive:
Here's a Readers DIY Fusion Drive in a 2010 Mac Pro with his notes and tests - he's installed 10.8 on it, booted from it, ran updates on it and used OS X 10.8.2's standard Disk Utility version on it. (Which disputes what is said above about unique Disk Utility version.)
   The Nov. 5th news also has a reader's notes on his DIY Fusion Drive in a 2010 iMac.

OS X 10.8.2 Update for 13" Retina Macbook Pro, Late 2012 Minis and 21.5" iMac
Download page linked. [Update: As of Nov 17th, the Download Page for this update had been pulled, BUT on Nov. 29th, Apple reposted it (same page URL, same date on page, same DL size listed the page* but a later build). I had applied the 10.8.2 update on a late 2012 Mini on Oct. 27th and had no problems personally, including no HDMI problems (so far) unlike some other 2012 Mini owners.]
" OS X 10.8.2 Update for 13in Retina MacBook Pro, Late-2012 Mac Mini/iMac (654.49 MB)
This update is recommended for all 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display, 21.5" iMac (Late 2012) and Mac mini (Late 2012) systems.
It includes all features and updates from OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.2 plus system-specific enhancements and fixes for Late 2012 systems.

System Requirements: OS X 10.8.1

(* FYI: The Nov 29th release of this update is a slightly larger download (<1MB larger) and a later build (12C3104) than the original release (12C2034) on Oct. 24th. But I was able to reapply this (Nov. 29th) update (D/L) over my previous 10.8.2 (12C2034) build that also had the Nov 20th 10.8.2 Suppl. Update 2.0 (keychain fixes) already installed. I saw no version changes to the HD4000 drivers/graphics related files I posted in my article on Mac Mini HDMI video issues. I think the (very) slightly larger D/L file size may be because it includes fixes from the 10.8.2 Suppl. Update 2.0. (Suppl Update 2.0 did not appear in SU after I re-installed the the Nov 29th build (12C3104), but then I'd previously installed it after the earlier 10.8.2 build update.)

(info that follows is from the original Oct. 24th posting)
Once installed, the build version of this OS X 10.8.2 is 12C2034. (for Oct. 24th release)
(And per Netkas, the update includes Nvidia drivers v304.10.20f04.)
There's some related Apple docs on the new Macs in today's listing below.
(FYI: If you own one of these new Mac models, remember to update any bootable external drives also, since reportedly previous OS X builds (incl. OS X 10.8.2) won't boot from one of these macs.)

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