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Odd problem with Verify Boot Disk after OS X 10.9 upgrade (verify never shows complete)
Not sure if anyone else has seen this but after a uneventful upgrade of OS X 10.9.0 over 10.8.5 on this late 2012 Mac Mini with Intel 520 series (480GB) SSD (no 3rd party addons/plugins), I noticed that Disk Utility "Verify Disk" never showed the normal (green text) message that the HD was ok or that it completed at all. (No error messages were seen, nothing unusual in console, just seemed to finish without any message it had finished the check.) A Verify on the 2nd (non-boot) HDD showed the normal disk is ok message/completed normally.
   I'd already started/shut down the mini several times since noticing this and had asked a reader early on if he saw it also but never got a reply back and had almost forgotten about it, as I rarely use the mini anyway. I had the mini connected to an AVR (for surround sound) after answering a reader's question on that subject a couple weeks back and had put off booting into safe mode as I'd been using a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard (w/trackpad) in that setup so shift key at boot with it wasn't recognized. I connected a usb keyboard and booted into Safe mode (shift key at boot, runs fsck and clears caches iirc) and that fixed the problem - Verify on the boot SSD now shows the usual disk OK message when it completes.
Feedback on OS X 10.9 Mail Update:
I don't use mail on OS X 10.9 (yet at least), but saw a (growing) thread in Apple's mavericks forum where some users reported the Mail update for Mavericks made things worse - BBOD, Exchange account sync problems and one user said he couldn't revert back using TM. (I'd try a Safe Boot and reinstall using the Download Updater.)
Still some Gen 1 Apple TV Hard Drive Upgrades (and Video card mods) being done:
(from a recent reader mail. Apparently still some Generation 1 Apple TV users out there.)
"Greetings, I just wanted to pass along the news that I was able to upgrade my original Apple TV (Silver 40GB Gen1) to a 320GB hard disk. I used information from your site for the teardown instructions (Ref: Gen 1 AppleTV Hard Drive Upgrade Guide - A Better Way-M.) and used this site's ( instructions for using ATVCloner 2.0. (After my HD swap article was posted, the Cloner source site/info I linked to went MIA but a mirror for the files was later added.-M.)

It should be noted that this was done with Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) on a MacBook Pro (15" Late 2008). No problems at all and I even installed the CrystalHD card in place of the AirPort card. (Airport card slot CrystalHD (BCM70015) Video Card swap for higher res support (XBMC/Crystalbuntu). Lost my links to XBMC forum posts on this mod years ago, but here's a more recent thread.-M)
The new 320GB drive is up and running.

Glad the article helped. (I've not used that Apple TV much after that mod, but stil have it here.)

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